Thursday, 29 November 2012

Podcasting Once More

Hey guys I finally got a podcast recorded. Despite not being 100% yesterday I had a pretty productive day that involved writing not one, but two Immortal Space updates, and ended with me recording a podcast. Now, it's not very long, and I get a little weird (I always get weird though lets not deny that) but it's something and so I'm happy I got it done. The main topic is the day I had, and what lead up to it. Anyway, enjoy the listen.



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  1. Great podcast Mark, I'm glad to hear that you decided to just forget about your inhibitions and just go straight to writing, I can't wait to read the next part of Immortal Space. Get well soon too buddy, I think that I can kind of hear it in your voice that your ill. Don't worry that you didn't write a third either, if you wrote it today and had updates sorted for the next three weeks that would be cool though.

  2. Yess he's doing better and had a good day!
    You sound a bit happier as well, whee~
    It's usually the combinations, stacks of shit that make it all so terrible. ):
    "Fok it, let's write today!"
    Dude the wait's already killing meeeeee
    For IS that is.
    Oh, we get laughs? Cool! Stop teasing me though ):
    Did I hear a ringtone?
    Aww dude, you feel that bad over the small amount of comments? ): You shouldn't and you know it. But eh, can't stop you from feeling bad over it.
    Yeah, effort should grow fruits, but if it doesn't than that doesn't mean your soil isn't fertilized. ..or something
    Video games = productivity. No truer words have ever been spoken. Except these: I'm not even being sarcastic.
    More ringtones.
    You have a pretty average voice, a tad lower at times, but a tad higher at others.
    Whimsical Mark~
    If there's anything you ain't got it's denial. Yup.
    Wake up wel tomorrow~
    You'll talk about your talking lacking topic.
    Wow it even ended in 24 seconds~

  3. Hey, writing 1000-1500 words a week is nothing to sneeze at. It's all about quality over quantity. Meanwhile, NaNoWriMo is in full swing, and people are writing 1500 words a day... but most of it's all crap. Sounds like you've got a good writing schedule.

  4. I had been super tired all week also. I know what it is too. It's because I ate a lot during the holidays, and that usually makes me feel sleepy and slothful. But maybe that's just me. I also do what you do, and hope to get some comments or some traffic or something, to cheer me up, to inspire me to do more. I really need to stop doing that though, because there will always be things in life that make you feel like ya wanna be down in the dumps. The key is to try to keep a positive attitude as much as possible, to keep productivity up. I haven't really mastered that yet though, OBVIOUSLY.

  5. If the writing helps so much you have got to go for it, you're saying all the right things!

  6. wooo hoo quick read and now i get to listen.

  7. Holy crap, I have never listened to one of your podcasts. You have an accent. I never knew.

  8. First time listeining to this...nice :)
    It must be kind of enjoying stuff as well...right!


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