Thursday, 15 November 2012

No Podcast But I DO Have An Excuse

I'm a little bit ill and so that's why there was no podcast this week. I woke up on Wednesday feeling like Hell and after having a busy day, I didn't end it feeling too much better. So instead I am going to present you with a few updates on my life because that may have been all I may have spoken about would have been a short update on my life, so yeah, writing one instead.

Today is going to be a stressful day for me because I'm going to go to A4E today, the government scheme that pushed me over the edge last time I was there. I think it's going to take some time to put me on a work placement, or at least I hope so. I'm also hoping by then I'll have a job of my own, so I won't have to do their schemes. I wonder if there's still any bad blood between us too. Everyone needs an arch nemesis really. Mine might as well be a government affiliated organisation.

My brother has himself a new motorbike. He passed his full bike test a few days ago and he got himself a new bike. It's eight times as powerful as his old one, so I really hope he doesn't do anything stupid on it. This also means that he'll probably be home less too as well. Which is both good and bad really. I actually miss the guy when he's gone.

I was able to do a lot of productive stuff this week, before I got ill. I cleaned up a good portion of the kitchen, and I did a fair bit of psych work and even some writing. Right now I've read enough of my textbook to start my second assignment, so when I'm feeling up to it, away I go. The best part of that news though is of course that I actually got some writing done. I was able to push the total word count of Immortal Space to 30k too. It feels like quite a good milestone to reach. Wikipedia defines a novel as having 40k words, and so that's the minimum I want.

I have therapy tomorrow thanks to A4E making me push it back a day. Rather than make you guys wait half a week to see what happened, I'm going to have a late post tomorrow. Rather late even because I'm going to write tomorrow's post after I'm done with therapy and that's not until midday. So, you're going to have a post around 2-3ish, though seeing how that's GMT so I don't know what that really means to you.

I think that's enough writing too. Plus I'm running out of things that have happened to me.


  1. Don't worry about the podcast although I wish you the best for today buddy. I'm currently involved with a similar scheme just with a Northern Irish twist and like I said recently it's sending me to college next week which I'm pretty nervous about. That's cool about your brother getting a new bike though, I bet he's going to end up really loving it.

  2. For fun you could tally up the full number of words in your blog and then (as Principal Skinner on the Simpsons would say)..."Try to break that record!"

  3. Well, if there's any nemesis to be had, A4E sounds like the perfect foe. Amazingly, we have no American equivalent here. When people are unemployed, they don't even have to submit jobs that they looked for. It just goes on the honor system.

    Also, a motorcycle 8 times as powerful? No thank you. I don't even want a motorcycle 1 times as powerful. Too dangerous for me.

    I'm so hungry for more man ;D

    Also, by default, everyone's arch nemesis is the government. No questions asked.
    Good luck with the therapy tomorrow, looking forward to hear what great leaps you'll have made.

  5. I'm unfamiliar with A4E. I'm assuming it might be some government controlled employment agency? Is it a way of working while on unemployment? If so, that's dumb. How will you have time to thoroughly look for a job when you're working. I'm probably wrong about the whole process though, aren't I?

    Anyway, it's like that famous quote by that person I'm too lazy to look up: "The scariest thing one might hear is 'I'm from the government, and I'm hear to help.'"

  6. Don't worry Mark, I'm feeling a little shitty myself!


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