Sunday, 25 November 2012

Movies Make The Day Go By

As you might be aware I wasn't very well yesterday and so I spent most of the day in bed. Pretty much all of the day except managing to go out for dinner really. While I was in bed I watched some things on my computer, including two movies. I watched A Goofy Movie, and Scarface. It was the first time I'd actually seen Scarface and I have to say it's a pretty damn awesome movie. Even though it was two hours and fourty five minutes long (it was essentially two movies, both his rise to power, and his fall from grace) it kept my attention and I was able to watch it all the way through. That's quite good for me really because I do have a shitty attention span. Anyway, both of those movies had some pretty epic soundtracks, so here's a glimpse in to my day yesterday with a look at the music from the movies I was watching.

Last time I was this ill I actually watched Pirates of The Carribean one, two, and three in a row. Now that was a miracle of my attention span. See, that's how good it is, I just totally changed the subject.

This is the song Stand Out from the Goofy movie. I like to put it on to feel pumped, and I've been listening to it a lot really.

This is the song Push It To The Limit from Scarface, another song to really get you pumped up actually. So you can consider today also a look into music to really get your blood going.


  1. Talk about two totally opposite ends of the movie spectrum!! When I'm not feeling good, watching movies in bed it one of my favorite ways to pass the time too!

    Now, Scarface. Yes, it was a great movie (and I do love me a good gangster movie) and maybe this is the girl in me, but I couldn't wait until he died!

  2. 'The Goofy Movie' and 'Scarface'? Talk about a combination. Just thinking about what THAT would look like makes me giggle.
    Which really disturbs the family.

  3. "Garsh, Max, say hello to my little friend. Eyuk"

  4. Awww yes Mark, Push It To The Limit is absolutely amazing, really good as a gym song or just as a general song to listen to regardless, great tunes as usual.

  5. I hope you feel better soon. I've not seen Pirates of the Caribbean in a looong time, They're normally on TV this time of year, along with Narnia. :) x

  6. Some movies are just Pirates of Caribbean !
    I've watched all of its parts so many times...
    whenever it is getting telecast in some channel I just watch it...

  7. Scarface is an awesome movie! I heard a rumour the other day... According to the Wikipedia page:

    "Universal announced in 2011 that the studio is developing a new version of Scarface. The studio claims that the new film is neither a sequel nor a remake, but will take elements from both this version and its 1932 predecessor, including the basic premise: a man who becomes a kingpin in his quest for the American Dream..."

    I am extremely doubtful a new version will come close to De Palma's!!

  8. a new version of scarface? why ? i bet it would be gay as fuck if they remade it.

  9. Sorry to hear you were feeling sick, Mark. I watch movies too when I'm not feeling well. I lean more towards comedies. Scarface is a classic! I thought of the same line Al did, "Say hello to my little friend!" I can also see him burying his face in all that cocaine. Great flick!

  10. I've never seen Scarface though my one friend was always quoting lines from the movie. I should probably get it on Netflix, as well as your other recommendations.


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