Friday, 23 November 2012

Look At Me Being All Productive

Yesterday turned out to be rather a productive day for me. Not so much for my blog, I got comments in the single digits. In fact in the very low end of the single digits. But it's cool, it was Thanksgiving, and today is Black Friday so I'll probably draw the same numbers. Although I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a good one, and if you must participate in Black Friday, I hope you got out alive more than I hope you got a good deal. I'd hope for both but to hope for both might dilute the initial hope.

As for being productive, well I finally managed to write my university essay, and not a day too soon. As I noted on Twitter it turns out that the cut off date was actually tomorrow. I thought I still had next week. I really dodged a bullet there and I hope to never cut it that close again. I also managed to do my exercises. Needless to say, I was quite tired by the end of the day.

The only downside is that the only writing I did was the psychology essay. I was also in a rush so I sent in my initial draft, I'm not even sure it's spellchecked properly. I'll live though, I'm pretty fucking epic so it's not like I could do bad. Right? Why it sucks that all I wrote was that essay is that I still haven't written an Immortal Space update this week but I'm hoping to get that done today. I know how things are going to go, it's just a matter of putting pixels to word document.

I am feeling quite good about the essay, even if I am now questioning the quality of it. It's about how being a part of a group can impact us in positive and negative ways. Actually not once did I use the words "peer pressure". I'm a failure as a psychologist huh? I was too busy writing about all the cool stuff to remember the obvious things though. I think that's another thing that turned me off when it came to doing this essay, it was something I already knew a lot about. Let's face it, a lot of people know how being a part of a group can be a good thing, and a bad thing.

Well, either way, there's one productive day down, and here's to having another one. I bloody hope.


  1. Hey, you got it done at least. If I had a nickel for every last minute paper I did in college, I'd have a shit-load of nickels.

  2. Well done on getting the essay done, it always feels so good to have a productive day
    Sorry I haven't been around much this week. Been a tough one for me and although I have been reading, I haven't really been commenting anywhere

  3. It's good to being productive Mark and I hope that this continues for a long time, you're going great with the Psychology work! I hate the concept of Black Friday with a passion myself, it's just crazy the people who get injured doing their shopping!

  4. But should you really give any shits about numbers? (Spoiler: NO)

    Not using the word peer pressure when it was needed is pretty stupid, but if you could replace it with another word of similar topic then it wasn't all that needed, now was it? G'job for getting stuff done. I have much to learn from you.

  5. Being productive feels so damn good :D also, you shouldn't care about the numbers of comments you get, because who are you writing for - us or yourself?

  6. That was lucky you did it yesterday, huh?! Shame about forgetting to include peer-pressure but I'm sure the rest of it was great :) I look forward to the next part of Immortal Space :D x

  7. Let's drink a cool frosty mug of Dr. Pepper to your high productivity. I would like to read your psychology essay. I don't think you posted it in here, did you?? Well, forgive me if you did, I had to work Black Friday IN RETAIL!

  8. good job mark, you deserve a hero cookie.


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