Saturday, 10 November 2012

I'm Getting Tired Of Making Excuses

Hey guys, as you might have guessed from the title I don't have an update for you this week, and to me it's getting kind of ridiculous. The reason I decided to post an update a week is so that I could keep on top of it and make sure that I got something written every week, and yet I keep not doing anything with the story. I can say I've had a pretty hectic week, and that would be true, but it's also true that I had plenty of opportunities to write I just didn't take. I can say that I've been having problems writing lately, which is also true because I blogged about it, but that also just feels like another sorry excuse.

I think I managed to update last week, at least I certainly hope so. It was the update full of homoerotic subtext if I remember right. Then again that's also something that happens a lot in my writing. Homoerotic subtexts are best subtexts. Yet I also started romances with the both of them. I'm going to have to work hard if I want to keep that subtext. Then again I introduced the romance so that I could kind of get away from the subtext. I wonder how many times I'm going to be able to say subtext.

Well anyway, I will really try and have something for you next time, but I know if I try to force it it's just going to suck and be terrible. This, much like the relationship between a man and a man who's on the fence about the whole gay thing, can't be forced.

God only knows how this post ended up being about homo-eroticism and the gays. Even if they are two subjects dear to my heart, I guess. Heh, I said homo. I want to call someone a filthy homosapian and see how badly they react, having not realised what I've actually called them.

Try it some time, it's fun.


  1. I'm with you buddy, homo-eroticism always makes for the best subtexts haha. I agree with all your points on homosexuals in general in fact. It's okay that you don't have an update for us, I can't wait to read where Immortal Space is going next though, the time between chapters is just building up the suspense so it'll be even better, seriously man don't worry about it.

  2. Hope you get back to writing soon! Autumn is very pretty, I love all the falling leaves. xxx

  3. Yeah you should totally smell a random stranger and then call them a filthy homosapian. Shit'd be hilarious!

    Anyway, as you said, you shouldn't force it. And you don't need to, either. I mean, okay, I really want to read the next chapter, but letting down your fanbase is what every great artist does every now and then. It's unavoidable. Just roll with whatever feels right, so you can end up with the world's best story with gay subtexts and whatnot.

  4. lol i know dat feel. its alrite. no need to make excuses on the internet.

  5. It's ok, man. We still dig what you do.


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