Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I Wasn't Even Going To Mention This

First of all, why is my comment section utterly dead? Where is everyone?

Second of all, if you're an American then I hope you voted. If you didn't, go put your computer to sleep and then go vote. I can wait. Did you go vote? Good. Let's continue.

Okay so like I said in the title of the post, and like I think I mentioned yesterday, I wasn't really going to post about this but then I realised I didn't have much else to post about really so why not? The thing is I did something super cool and proved that I meant it when I said "You're my best friend, I'd do anything for you" because to make a short story short Jessica was in some financial troubles and I bailed her out. Not literally, she wasn't in court or anything, but I gave her my money. Because of that I'll not get to make any personal, or even impersonal, purchases for a while, but it was worth it to make her happy. I would have sold my old laptop, and I almost did, but we were able to work it out. I just owe my dad a reasonable amount of money but he's a reasonable man, so it's all okay. Like I said I just won't get to buy anything for a while and my Netflix subscription is probably going to be gone and my Podbean one too. Huh. I hope I get to keep the space they've already given me until I can get it going again. That's all I was paying them for, the extra space to store my old episodes. Really seeing how I don't get any advertising money from them (another perk of paying for the service) I don't need to pay them at all because I keep all the original files on my computer.

Well, anyway, the reason I didn't want to mention it is because I didn't really do it for any kind of praise or recognition. In fact what I asked for in return was a meal cooked by her mum. And I was serious. That was all I wanted. I'd feel just as bad asking for my money back as she would taking my money so I let her pay it back, it just means she'll be buying the booze and pizza when we get together a few times. Even then I'll feel really bad about the whole thing. She's my best friend, and I couldn't ask for anything in return from her.

Nothing she could legally provide me with anyway.

I am a decent human being, and I'll bash in the kneecaps of anyone who says I'm not while their children watch and cry. If they don't have children I'll make them adopt, I'm not waiting around for nine months for them to give birth, and then a while longer for the thing to become fully aware. I have far too many people to kneecap.


  1. The last paragraph really made me laugh Mark, hilarious stuff man. As for the comments section being dead this is the way things seem to go during the weekend although I have no idea why it was so quiet yesterday too, maybe everybody's away voting or something. What you did for Jessica was awesome too, I've financially helped Ryan a whole lot of times so I know how much she must mean as a friend to you because I wouldn't have helped just anybody, you're very kind.

  2. It really does feel good to help a friend and I am curious to find out what dinner is going to be.

  3. You can just reupload the podbean files once you get the subscription going again, right?

    Anyway, that's a really cool thing of you to do, Mark. You should stop feeling bad over taking a meal and some booze and pizza in return though. You're way too god a guy ;D

  4. Hey Mark, you know you're my best friend, right? Remember those crazy days in Swindon, those are memories that only best friends share.

    Anyway, could you lend me a fiver?

  5. My comment section is not as active as it once was as well. Of course I don't always follow proper blog etiquette either!

    I sure hope I don't get kneecapped! I work for a living and I need the knees to get my job done!

    Mighty cool thing you did, helping out a friend!

  6. The last paragraph was so painfully funny.
    A friend in need, is a friend indeed so cheers! :)

  7. I got my vote out there!

    But that's awesome! That was incredibly generous of you, even if she is your best friend. But, sorry I was MIA for a bit, I was trying to get my other blog together and failing miserably at it, but I'm taking a short break from it for now.

  8. I think a lot of people lose interest in blogging, then they stop commenting, and/or blogging completely. So to keep your comments section always bustling, you would have to keep finding new bloggers to network with (most of whom will probably get bored and discontinue their blogs eventually anyway), to replace the ones who lose interest. Personally, I don't think it's a very good use of one's time, since I know that these bloggers are eventually going to get bored and abandon me, so now, I just do my thing, and if people comment that's great. Otherwise I just keep chugging along, and hope something good comes of all my efforts.

    P.S. Why don't you do a vlog on youtube instead of podcasting on podbean, since it's free?

  9. instead of booze and pizza in return, I recommend booze and sexual favors. Much more satisfying.

  10. We've discussed this before man. Bloggers come and go and if you want more comments, you need to visit more blogs. I've been having the same problem but schoolwork is preventing me from doing as many rounds as I'd like. :(

  11. I have to agree with DWei, when my assignments are due in my blog is dead unfortunately, but this post was nice to read. Your friend must've been really happy that you helped her, that was sweet. xxx


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