Monday, 26 November 2012

A Weekly Round Up

I'm writing this at 2AM listening to David Hasselhoff songs. Don't judge, they're surprisingly awesome. I also just watched The Godfather. Pretty good movie, and I'm keeping up the theme lately of gangster movies after watching Scarface Saturday and then Godfather on Sunday. I'm also amazed I was able to watch movies that long, they were 2 hours 45 minutes, both of them. Though I watched Godfather with Jessica which did help, she came around last night. It wasn't all fun in the sun because she's having some problems but we did have some fun, especially when we put on the Hasselhoff tunes. Don't hassle The Hoff. Anyway, here's a quick round up for you. I'm supposed to have therapy today but I still haven't been feeling well, hope I don't have to cancel. I can barely talk, let alone walk half a mile to the doctors.

Tuesday was a post about how I finally snapped and went to therapy in the first place. The short story is that I liked a girl and when it became apparent that she didn't like me back, I lost that last little piece of my mind that was holding all the crap in there together.

Wednesday was an amalgamation of things that came about because Jessica came to stop on Tuesday and I didn't have anything prepared so was, basically, once again writing at 2AM with no idea what to say. It was mostly just little updates on my life.

Thursday wasn't a podcast, and I do hope to get one recorded this week. It was also a look into some of the other aspects involved in the podcasts. Such as how my dull, monotonal voice is caused by the stress involved with making a podcast causing me to just shut down emotionally and assume a state that I guess is total apathy. No feelings. Not happy, but not exactly sad.

Friday was about how I managed to have a day of a lot of productiveness including finishing my university essay and getting it sent off which was most helpful because I was two days away from the deadline. It felt good to finally get it finished, especially because I had been putting it off for so long.

Saturday I posted that essay because I didn't have an Immortal Space update and Jimmy Fungus asked me if I could post it. I'm going to be posting my first essay some time this week too. Either tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on if I have my therapy. It was about how being part of a group can influence a person in positive and negative ways.

Sunday I posted two songs from the movies I had been watching on Saturday when I was laid up in bed feeling ill. It was an odd mix of movies to be sure because it was Scarface, as previously mentioned, and A Goofy Movie. I loved that movie as a kid and felt like watching it again, and it was just as great as I remembered, which was pretty cool. I very rarely watch something that is appropriate for both my age and gender, sometimes I occasionally watch something that's one of them, but rarely both.

Welp there you have it, another week down.


  1. I am sorry you still arent feeling the best and i really hope you do manage to get to therapy becasue you do seem to be getting a lot out of it.
    I can't judge the Hoff, I have a huge number of even daggier music on my ipod

  2. Hasselhoff is great man so I'm glad to hear that you and Jessica enjoyed his music. Scarface is also equally as great too, you guys have got a great taste in films. Hopefully you get down to therapy alright like Mynx says, you're improving leaps and bounds already!

  3. The Hoff can sing. And it could be way worse...and I'm glad you can pick some good out of your week too. This is a tough time of KNOW that I know! You know where to find me if you need someone to vent to!

    Here's to an amazing week! And have you seen Goodfellas? Great mob movie!

  4. Oh, we all have our guilty pleasure music. I bet I have some that's much worse than the Hoff (who I refuse to hassle).

    Also, I very rarely find a movie that was as good now as it was when I was a kid. Most times, I saw it as a kid, loved it, and then 20 years later I watch it and think... what the hell was I thinking? This is absolutely retarded. I had bad taste as a kid, apparently.

  5. amalgamation - Love that word!!! As my dad would say, "That's a .25 cent word"

    Anyway, I will keep my eyes peeled for your essay.

    I feel like I need to post another snippet of my book to keep up with your gangster mode. Nah, maybe not. After watching such classics, you'll be expecting way to much. ha ha ha!

  6. I've never actually seen Godfather. Everyone always hassles me (not like the Hoff) about it, but I just never got around to seeing it.

    And I must've seen A Goofy Movie over a hundred times. It was definitely one of my favorite childhood films. I have the movie, but it's on cassette and my VHS player is broken unfortunately. Though, I'm sure I can buy one for 10 cents at a yard sale.

  7. I made one of them, and can have a look-see back at the essay. Your 'don't hassle the hoff' made me chortle.

  8. The Hoff has contributed much to society. Dont' forget about Knight Rider. Well, if you don't know what Knight Rider is, you should look into it.


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