Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Will, Grace, Mark, And Jessica (And Cats)

Jessica was here last night and she got incredibly drunk. She's going through some rough times and it was good to see her having a good time, and she's been an alcoholic before so she knows not to become dependent so I can let it slide. Besides she did have a ton of fun. I got a little drunk myself but as always it never lasted really. We were drinking shots from the whiskey bottle lid and she had a lot more than me, and she also had some lager.

So, other than the crippling drunkenness that saw her asleep by 10 pm (we're normally up until about 1 or 2 in the morning) she brought down season two of Will and Grace. We saw season one together last time she was here and I never got around to seeing season two on my own. It's better than season one in my opinion but overall the show is pretty great.

When I was younger I had mixed feelings on the show because of the character Jack who is essentially a gay stereotype, but when Jessica told me that the actor is gay too, and that a majority of gay men really do live the gay stereotype I decided to give it a chance and yeah, it's pretty damn great. Jack is actually one of my favourite characters now, he's just so funny. He has some really special moments too, especially in season two like when he goes back to a school he hated because he was being bullied, and there was a gay kid being bullied and Jack helped him come to terms with himself and be happy. The episode where he comes out to his mother as being gay is also incredibly beautiful and emotional.

The show may get some criticism for its depiction of gay people, but gay people were part of the show behind the scenes as well as in front of it, and if you actually watch it, you can see how good it was for the gay community. Jessica says it actually helped her come to terms with who she was, and happily accept herself. It's a damn funny show, with some sweet and touching moments too.


  1. I'm glad to hear that you and Jessica had such a good night last night and had your fair share of drinks which is always good fun. I've never watched Will and Grace in detail but my mum loved it and I vaguely remember the woman, I think her name's Karen being hilarious at times. Debra Messing who plays Grace is such a wonderfully underrated actress too.

  2. Always fun to get together with a mate and get a little tipsy.
    There are always going to be stereotypes in TV. Sadly that is the way things seem to be

  3. My lovely son is just as fabulous as Jack and we love the show!

  4. A night of heavy drinking and watching "Will and Grace" is certainly some hard partying... but I am glad that our American television programs are bringing you some happiness.

  5. At first I was like "the sneaky bastard is probably not going to bring up his own drunkenness" but then "ah okay there we go~"
    You never fail to please, now do you?


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