Monday, 15 October 2012

Weekly Round Up 8-15 October

I couldn't think of a title so I just did what I should have probably always done and just gave the dates of the posts I'm rounding up. I would have done that before, and would stick to always doing that, but I hate being repetitive. Repetitiveness is something I really can't stand. I am not a repetitive person. A repetitive person I am not.

Okay so that got old fast. Much like my back. My body is in far worse condition than it should be at my age. Outside I imagine I look younger than I am but inside I appear to be a total wreck. I guess on the plus side it's preparing me for old age. If I make it that far. If not then I've received the "old man" experience.

So, to get on with the show, at long last, we shall begin. Monday I announced that my writing had been a success, and the book was currently in the hands of an editor who was, well, editing it. I'm expecting a release some time this week. I'm really hoping for Thursday so I can announce it then. I think it would be best to announce it on a Monday or Thursday, when I have the most traffic and I'm willing to hold it off until one of those days. I think once I submit it to Amazon it takes about a day to go through properly, so we'll see if I can get it done this Thursday.

Tuesday I announced that I have plans. Plans to buy a motorcycle with the money from this book. Like most plans I make it tended to get big and ambitious and then a few hours later, I really consider the implications. I'm not entirely sure that I'm going to go through with this particular plan, but I do hope to use the money to better my life in some way. Maybe I can hire a ghostwriter. That could be fun.

Wednesday was a good old fashioned rant, complete with a Pokemon reference actually. There are people calling for certain breeds of dogs to be banned because of people using them for fights and breeding them to be aggressive and as you might expect, I did not take too well to that. Someone compared it to a racism argument. I was going to do that, but I didn't want to go quite that far.

Thursday was my 500th post. Which didn't amount to a great deal really. It was a podcast where I only realised that it was the 500th post about half way through, and then didn't dedicate much time to it. I just didn't see it as all that major a thing. Owing to the fact that I was posting every day. Normally the 500th of something is a sign that you've been doing something a long time. Like the 500th chapter of a manga, or an anime episode, would mean that you've been doing that one thing for about 9 and a half years.

Friday was the 501st post. Which I did turn in to kind of a big deal. It was more like two posts though. I probably could have split it up but the second part wouldn't have made much sense without the first. I actually had to go double check the second half. It was about how I hoped to work my writing, and other aspects of my life, around blog checking. I can probably actually write a whole post on that. No sense giving it all away in a condensed sentence.

Hey, when you've written 500 posts you basically find them everywhere you can. If I'd allow myself to talk about the games I'm playing then geez, I'd probably have a lot of posts. Sticking to a category or a niche can get you some views but I'd feel bad if some of you fell out of the loop because I was talking about something you didn't really know or get.

Well, there goes the whole concept of not giving out potential posts as just one paragraph. Then again, I'm good, I bet I could pull it off.

Saturday was of course an Immortal Space update. I wasn't too sure how this one would be taken, but everyone enjoyed it. It kinda felt like I was returning Geoff to his base values and undoing all the character development, but what I actually did was develop him further, and give reasons for him acting the way he does. If anything, I validated his character, and explored it further, rather than hit the reset button when I realised he was being a douche.

Sunday I was sharing some clips of the Simpsons. Which sadly is still running. I feel dirty saying that. Don't get me wrong, I love the Simpsons, and they sure as hell cheered me up after an abysmal Saturday night, but they've gone on far too long. We need the show to end so we can look back on the good old days.

Well, that's that for now. Now I need to get back to doing my university work. I still haven't had any feedback for my first essay. Bah. I think I handed that in about two or three weeks ago and I didn't do any work on it last week because I was waiting for that. I can't keep waiting. If I have to redo something I can just do it.

EDIT: I got an email from the editor today. More from that on another time, but a release is maybe not so soon. Of course, I'll let you guys know first of all when it's all done. 


  1. I hate being repetitive too man because repetitive can get boring after all. Great round-up as usual and congratulations on what is now your 504th post. You're right about it being a shame that the Simpsons are still running too, they're well past their sell by date by now, I mean how many more episodes are they going to churn out?

  2. Quality is more important than a rush release so we definitely understand if the book won't be released yet. Make sure it's perfect before you get it out there.

    Also, I watched an episode of the Simpsons the other day just to see if it had happened to get any better. It really, really didn't, and it basically crushed me right in the childhood to see it so horrendously unfunny.

  3. I agree, put an end to the Simpsons. Their time has passed!

    Agree with ABFTS as well...don't rush the book! I'd rather read a quality book than one with with errors and hastily put together just to have it published.

    Motorcycles will still be around when the funds are sufficient!

  4. You are so right when you say you find posts wherever you can. For instance, after laughing at myself over leaving the cereal in the fridge, I thought I'd share my absent-mindedness with all of you.
    Ooh, now that I thinking of it, I'd better get the dog out of the freezer.

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