Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekly Round Up 16-21 October

Well as you probably know today I'll be going to the doctors to see about some therapy. I'm not sure what's going to happen today really. I went there four months ago and asked for therapy and now I'm being summoned back to the doctor's by the people who run the therapy. So, I actually don't have any idea what's going to go down but I will let you know about it. Assuming they don't put me straight in to the mental home. They won't take me alive either so yeah, there won't be many updates if that happens. Well anyway let's just get on with the round up for now.

Tuesday was about the problems I face when it comes to writing. The two biggest ones were sentence fragments and rushing things. I don't do well with going back after some time and adding to things or taking away. I also sometimes don't do too good when it comes to writing full flowing sentences, especially with action scenes. Oh well.

Wednesday I discussed niche subjects. Specific subjects really, and why I don't really go in to them much. The main reason being that I don't really want to have people feel left out because they don't know, or don't like, the subject at hand. I do think though that when I do things like that, my writing style does mean that I can still include everyone. I can relate things to my life, or to other things, and then it just brings in other people too. So, whether or not I'll do it, remains to be seen.

Thursday there wasn't any podcast. Instead there was the usual for when there's no podcast. Me being depressed. Mostly about the situation involving my sick kitty. I've taken to being even more careful with her. I clean her bowl more now, and she eats more of her food because of it. So I hope she is feeling better.

Friday was a post that's probably already out of date. It was about the kind of therapy I would be getting, and what it's likely to do to me. It sounded pretty bad, and I was getting scared, so I guess we'll see what happens. Fuck it though I've waited too long to not give it my all now.

Saturday was the latest IS update. I need to update the IS page too. Dammit I'm lazy though. I should get in to programming so I can write a program for it to auto update but the amount of effort involved in doing that would actually be more than just updating the page, so it's not really worth it in terms of saving time with updates.

Sunday I made a post about one of my favouritist instruments ever, the piano. I think I have small hands and can't play one. Which kinda sucks really. They're the right size to manipulate a computer keyboard quickly just fine, but not a musical one.

Shit sucks.

Welp that's it for now. Enjoy your day folks, I'll try to get through mine.


  1. Best of luck today at the doctors buddy. Just remember that these people are just trying to help you and hopefully that will allow you to be okay. I've got a lot of faith in you and hopefully things will work out, great round-up as usual too man.

  2. Good luck today, Mark. I think you're going to do just fine and if you get to a place where you feel you can't talk, imagine Jessica is in the room with you.

  3. So you've just looped back to the people you started with? Things sure are organized well in the mental healthcare sector.
    (Also do the chlamydia test thing man ;D)

  4. Hang in there, man. I have a tough time with doctors, myself, but I know they're just there to help. Hopefully all goes well. Also, I didn't know hands could be too small to play a piano. My hands aren't very big, but I can play the keyboard decently. Then again, I'm at more of a "chopsticks" level than, say, a "Beethoven."

  5. I hope that everything goes well with your therapy. I was really scared the first time I started my sessions. Sometimes I would get so anxious before my visits that I wanted to flake and not go to them. I'm glad I ended up going because I would feel so much better after each session.

  6. All the best Mark. You'll do great.
    This is the first thing I read on your blog.
    I am moved.
    I started with mine just recently. Please do visit & follow. I hope you'll like it.
    I'll follow you too :)

  7. week in review posts make it seem that time flies by very fast

  8. Good luck with the Doctors

  9. this post of yours makes me realized I've been reading your post daily.

    Good luck with the doctors :)


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