Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sometimes People Surprise Me

This happened on Monday, and I'm writing on Monday (I know, cheating, but again I'm writing while things are still fresh in my head) but because I knew everyone was more interested in the therapy I would put that first and then write a whole other post for this.

My dad asked me something today that kind of surprised me. He asked me if I would be okay with him taking contract work that meant he wouldn't be in the house as much, and would actually have to stay overnight. I wasn't aware of just how aware he was of my problems, and how much more comfortable I am having him in the house. I won't deny that the prospect of him not being around scares me, but I think this is the best option for everyone right now. Hell it even gives me more responsibility because even though I feed the small tabby cat, my dad takes care of feeding the big ginger one. So without him around I'll have to feed both. It will also help me be a bit more independent. I actually don't like how dependent I am sometimes. I can feed and clean myself don't worry, but I tend to leave the cleaning to him.

The main reason I said he should do it though is actually the money. He said to me that they will pay him in a day what he is currently earning in a week. I can joke saying I want the high life, but even someone like me can tell that things aren't so good for the house. My mum is behind on the rent at her house, and it's not like my dad can afford to pay her rent for her (Which is something that at one time or another he has done for everyone in the family). My dad owns the house we live in, so it's not like he can fall behind on rent, but he could have had some trouble with bills and such.

This also eases some off the pressure on me. Knowing how tough things can be sometimes for my dad it really pressured me in to wanting to get a job even though it was really bad for me mentally, and wanting to get that book out there as quick as I can. If my dad is earning more money then I can relax a little, and take the time I need.

I'm going to miss having my dad around, I really am, and the thought of him being gone is bringing me close to tears, but this is for the best, and he'll still be around a lot. Maybe he can even get me a job there. Who doesn't love nepotism?

I wonder how long it's going to take until I buy a gun for personal protection. Fuck I'd buy some swords if I could afford them. I have a wooden one but nothing says "I'll cut your fucking face off if you don't get out the house" like a metal sword.

I'll be fine guys, really. I just didn't know how much my dad cared. We spend a lot of time together on Wednesdays and he said that if he was going to have to stay out overnight, he wants to work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I didn't realise too how much those times might have meant to him too.


  1. The relationship between you and your dad sounds really sweet.

  2. You'll definitely be fine Mark, like Cricketfreak says your relationship with your father is sweet and in all honesty I'm jealous that you guys are so tight. For him to actually ask if you'd be okay when it comes to taking this extra work is incredibly kind and considerate. I can see only benefits to this though like you say, it will take a lot of pressure away from you and get you used to being more independent, it sounds like win win to me.

  3. Even if your dad is away from the house, modern technology means you can be in touch in a moment.

    Eventually we all have to leave the nest, this is an easy way for you to become more independant.
    Once you enjoy it, just think how great it will be for you to show your dad that you can not only cope but can provide him a lovely home to come home to

  4. That was very kind of your dad. He sounds like quite a gentleman. I don't know about having metal swords around though. I always thought sharks with laser beams attached to their heads were much more efficient.

  5. Yeah, that's the deal with parents. They are so easy to take for granted, and sometimes even hard to read, that they end up surprising you with stuff life this.
    And don't worry, he'll still be around. Just a little bit less is all.

    Also since when is owning guns legal in the UK? (Also swords are cool but burglars are the kind of folks who won't hesitate to bring a gun to a swordfight.)
    You're making a right choice though. Guns are for killing, while swords are for protecting. MARK, THE HERO.

  6. A good parent is attuned to what their children are feeling. When you get older, we just pretend not to notice as much so you don't feel like we're hovering, but we know.

    This is a bit of good new though Mark-more money will make things so much better for you. And being alone a bit might be tough at first, but it's a good way for you to make progress in your long-term goals regarding your fears.

  7. Your close relationship with your father is great---my own relationship with my dad (if you can even call it that) is awful, and that's an understatement. But knowing that there are in fact good fathers out there restores my faith in humanity just a little bit. :) you're lucky!

  8. Anne is exactly right. We notice we just try not to smother you and baby you to much so you'll be ready to leave the nest one day. Your dad being gone will allow you to appreciate the time he isn't even more. I never realized just how close you two are!

  9. wait, you're actually writing a book? how do writers even get money in the first place like before they sell a single book. that makes me wonder.

  10. I have a feeling that everything is going to be just fine. It's wonderful how intune he is with you.

  11. Although parents raise their kids to eventually become independent, it can be hard on the parents, too.

  12. I didn't think you could easily buy guns in the UK


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