Monday, 1 October 2012

Not A Round Up, But A Preview

Well there's no real need for much of a round up. Last week was terribly depressing and the only things that are really of interest are Thursday's podcast, and Friday's post where I tell you to challenge me and come up with some ideas for me. Yes I'm so lazy I won't even come up with my own ideas.

Okay, so as you should know by now I won't be reading blogs this week. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to be writing them. The main reason I'm not reading is because I'm removing all distractions while I work on writing a series of short stories. I plan on being published by the end of the year. The sooner the better, and if all goes well I could even be done with a collection by the end of the week. So, to help show you what I'm doing, I want to give you a preview of the preface I wrote for the book. I'm giving this my all, and so I hope you'll be kind to me, support me, and most of all, help and understand me. I love you all, which is why I went and wrote a weeks worth of updates before disappearing for a week. I couldn't leave you beautiful people behind. If you really need to contact me, feel free to do so at If that's wrong, the real one is on the contact page. Okay, preview time!

When I learned the difference between a preface and a foreword, which by the way is that a preface is written by the author and a foreword is written by someone else, I knew just what it was I would have to write. That is, I knew I would be writing either a preface or a foreword. First of all I would like to say that all the stories in this book are of course complete fiction. While some factors may be based upon actual experiences, I find that to be true for most fiction. The situations themselves, and all characters, are fiction. I would also like to state something about the story A Conversation With God. I am not claiming to understand how God works, these are just the answers I was able to come up with as to why suffering exists, and why people seem to be born just to die. I do personally believe in God, but don't belong to any particular religion, and I mean no disrespect or offence to anyone.

The story of how I started writing, and how this all came about, is itself probably worthy of a short story, but let us leave something for the autobiography shall we? For now I would just like to say that this is for all the people who said I could do it, and supported me, as well as for the people who made me feel like I amounted to nothing. I can do something, as long as it is something that I enjoy and believe in. To those who said I couldn't make it, my response to you is the following stories. Works that I am proud of, and spent quite some time producing.

I hope you enjoy reading them, because writing them was an experience I won't soon forget. 

ALSO! I have a super cool preview for you of the cover image for the book I have so far. I might change it but with how much time it took to do this, I don't think I will. At the most I may change the font of the writing.
I found the image in the public domain, and edited it using Paint.Net (Fuck you Photoshop!)

 One last little thing, the list of thanks that's going at the start. If you feel like I've missed anyone (IE you) then let me know, and I'll add you.
Thanks go to Jessica, Mark, Anne, Megan, Bryan, Brandon, Caleb, Greg, Trish, Damien, Matthew, Henry, Melanie, Karan, Eli, Leah, Tayla, Kathy, Althea, Lizzy and everyone else who has supported me and helped make this possible.
I also used real names. I was kind of surprised how many of you guys I know the real names to. 
P.S I'm not thanking myself, one of my favouritist bloggers of all time shares my name. They're also in no order but because I told him he was second we have to pretend that second place means something important.


  1. I love the preface Mark, especially the last bit about how you'll not soon forget writing about them. I love the cover except for the font but it's positioning is perfect and everything else about it is awesome! Thanks for the thanks as well haha, I'm going to make sure I have the money for this book when the time comes around!

  2. The cover looks great and I love feeling the excitement in your words.
    Can't wait to see it when you get it finished and published.

  3. That's a great preface, and no need to thank us! We're always happy to help. That's a killer cover, and I'm stoked to see the final product. BTW, I was slammed this weekend, so I just barely saw your tweet, but in case it hasn't been answered yet, yes, Kindle changes everything for you. In fact, all e-readers do that, so no matter what device you put it on, the device will convert it to its own font/sizing that it has programmed into it. So, sorry if you really want your book to be in Comic Sans size 36. :)

  4. I love it, Mark! I'm so thrilled for you and I'm proud of you too. I love your cover and your "fuck you" to Photoshop, that was great. I can't wait to see the final product.

  5. I squealed a little at that last part. <3

    So you really are going to be proper-publishing this then, eh? No offense, but the cover doesn't seem up to par then. The image is lovely, nothing to add there, but the way the text on it is done isn't exactly the prettiest. Also, "A collection by Mark Noyce" doesn't seem right, I think it should be "A collection of stories by Mark Noyce", otherwise it sounds like you just put it together and made it a collection.

    Good luck, young writer, may your adventure bring you pleasure!

    1. Forgot to add, if you want, I could see what I can accomplish for the cover?

  6. I love the cover and thanks for adding me in your thanks! I look forward to it! :D x

  7. That is good to get your nose to the grind stone, and remove all distractions. I am trying to do the same thing. I am really bearing down now, and trying to pull my life out of the crapper once and for all. Anyway, good luck. Don't let anything discourage you. In the words of the immortal Casey Kasem, "Keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars."

  8. good luck with the writing. I know it takes a lot to sit down consistently and write. I like the cover.

  9. You want a hand editing, feel free to shoot me an email.


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