Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I Changed The Title, Wonder Which One Shows Up On Reader

I'm kind of cheating by writing this after my therapy session (and my dinner too, but I've basically been home for only an hour) because, well, it's just fresher in my mind then. I had a very rough start to the day. I woke up on time at least (which is still late by everyone's standards) and was out of the house in time. I had to sign on at the job centre before I went to the doctors and so I got there early and hoped to be able to get out early too.

I have never, and would never, try and put my cat on a leash. Poor kitty :( Why do I keep laughing at it though?
I was there for over half an hour and I finally saw someone 10 minutes before my appointment. I explained to the person there I had an appointment at the doctors and so she was super nice and let me get away quickly and thankfully the doctors is just up the road and around the corner. When I got there I found out that I made it at about exactly twelve o'clock, which was when the appointment was. I didn't need to worry too much though because I didn't get in to the therapy session itself for about another ten minutes. I'm not really complaining though. It had been four months, I could wait another ten minutes. Plus I am a huge advocate of the NHS, no matter the waiting lists and amount of time things can take.

Anyway, we're finally at the therapy session. My therapist is absolutely amazing. For a start she's a woman, and I find it much easier to talk to a woman, and also she did ask me some excellent questions. She was able to get things out of me and we talked about a lot of things I wasn't expecting to talk about, such as my sex life. Have you ever discussed masturbation with an older woman? That was kind of surreal. She asked me about things like the reasons I don't talk to my family, and even why I blog. I didn't really think about it much but it's social psychiatry to me too. The main blogs I follow are dealing with their personal lives, and I have actually played psychiatrist to a few of you guys.

There was one thing that never really came up. She asked me about my relationships and I said that I have had two significant ones. She only asked me about my second one, the one I've told you guys about. When I was 17 and had that girlfriend in college. The more important relationship is the first one though. She didn't ask me about it, and I didn't really see a chance to bring it up. It's the story I won't tell you guys. Although I did set up a second blog just to tell that story, so I'll probably do it eventually.

Anyway, she booked me in again for next Thursday, and I'm hoping that it goes just as well. She said that the assessment wasn't totally over, so maybe that first relationship will come up. She wrote about a full pages worth of notes on me. I almost wish I got a chance to read it. I was open with her though, and honest, and I surprised myself with how open I was. I hope I can keep this up.

Oh and a funny side story from the doctors. While I was in the waiting room I saw a box that had free chlamydia tests. Even though I'm not sexually active, and can not have chlamydia, I was tempted to take a test. I don't know a man who can resist peeing on a pregnancy test, I mean, you get two. One might as well go to the man.  I sadly did not in fact take the chlamydia test. So, for all I know, I may in fact have chlamydia. 


  1. I love this Mark, I'm so glad that the therapist you got was the right one for you and was nice and tolerant, it reminds me of my therapist who I love a lot, she's done so much for me and she's just perfect for me, best of luck with everything else buddy, hope it continues to go well.

  2. I am so excited and happy for you, Mark! This is such wonderful news! She sounds like she could really help you. If, for some reason, the relationship doesn't come up - bring it up yourself. It sounds like it's something you need to talk about so get it out there while you have the opportunity.

    And, next time, grab the test LMAO!!!

  3. You should've left the original title man. 'twas much better. (This one shows up in the feed, though the old one is still on your Twitter. ;D)

    "I made it at about exactly twelve o'clock"
    "about exactly"

    Sounds like you had a pretty productive session though. Good of you to open up like that, good of her to get you to do that so easily, and fabulous you didn't come out crying and stuff. (Who knows what she's planning though... ): )

  4. Dood, next time an older woman asks you if you've ever talked about masturbation with an older woman, look her right in the eye, crook your smile and say, No, but I've thought fantasized about doing just that...
    Ladies love confidence and I hate to say it, but you may have blown your chances with her, bro.

    Don't feel too bad though, she might have chlamydia.

  5. It's important to like your therapist so that is good news! The bad news is you may in fact have chlamydia! Next time, grab the test!

  6. Well, lets just hope you don't have chlamydia! Glad it was going well! :) x

  7. Free chlamydia tests?! I had to spend $200 to get tested!

    Anyway, that's good to hear that the therapy session went well. I hope the next one is even more successful. I also find talking to an older female a lot easier than talking to a man when it comes to emotions.

  8. I'm really happy that your therapy session went well, Mark :) It's great that you decided to go.

  9. How wonderful it all went so well for you.
    I am really glad you didn't decide against it

  10. You are really building up the suspense for the second blog and making me want to follow when it comes out. Throw in a free chlamydia test, and you'll have a new follower for life.


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