Saturday, 27 October 2012

*Le Sigh*

As you might have noticed I haven't been too productive this week. Due in part to my really shitty sleeping schedule this week. As a result I haven't been able to do much in the way of writing that wasn't blogs. And by not much, I mean none, at all. I'm beginning to think that I should always write two updates in one so I can fall back if I need to. At least whenever I do miss a week I don't do it during the middle of the action. I want to cry when I'm reading a manga and there's a message that says there won't be an issue next week and it's something I really want the conclusion to.

I guess I can always fall back on my ability to spend forever saying I don't really have anything but I think that's one well I should go to too often or I'll be running everyone off. I'm just glad I was able to get some university work done at least. That was pretty good. I'm hoping to really be able to get some writing done next week. Or maybe even this week. I really need to get back to writing, and even reading. If I read more then I should be able to fix my book. I need to think of it how a friend of mine did. That I'm taking something good, and turning it into a masterpiece.

The white space on the post editor really does taunt me with it's blankness. It is daring me to keep writing and cover it's shame and nakedness.

I'm going to cheat and just add another paragraph to help cover it up. Remember this trick kids.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend folks. As always my nieces are here and have been here since Wednesday which is also going to be something I'm blaming my current mental state on. Plus it's freezing cold here. My window isn't attached properly so a lot of cold air gets in. I'm sat here in two shirts and a jumper and I'm cold. On the plus side my cat's claws aren't going all the way through and pricking my skin again.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had much time to write Mark, don't feel bad though because you'll catch up. I hate making short posts too so I have to commend you on how well you did managing to thicken it out, hopefully you have a good weekend with your nieces over and don't worry about the writing too much.

  2. Yes, Mark, don't beat yourself up for not having time to write. Stuff like this happens to all of us every now and then, so it's okay :)

    Have a good weekend! It seems like the cold weather decided to visit all of us at once haha!

  3. No worries Mark, your university work is more important!

  4. le fucking le kill le yourself. have u seen that meme yet ? lol protip: eat some fruits

  5. It happens Mark, real life comes in and fecks things up!

  6. There's a reason why I use pictures in my blog posts. Fills things up and makes me feel like I've written more.

  7. I agree with Anne and The Lurker. We'll all be here when you do find the time so fret not. I often struggle with feeling "obligated" to post but never knowing what to say. Late summer I realized, it doesn't matter. You can't force posts.


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