Saturday, 20 October 2012

Glad This Was Already Written

Like the title of this post suggests I'm glad I already wrote this last week. I've not had a good week really, and yesterday I was wrecked. I had a really bad headache, and I was tired as Hell. It's a little shorter than a regular update but what the hell. I'm tired and at this rate I'll probably need a physical examination as well as a mental one when I go to the doctors. 

“So how do you know so much about Steven?” Trent asked Lena. The two of them were walking towards her ship. Lena was choosing to stay in her ship rather than at a hotel.
“Did I not tell you I'm a bounty hunter too? I saw how much he was worth and wanted that money for myself.”
“So what changed?”
“I learned a lot about him, and then I got scared really. He sounds too dangerous for me.”
“But not for me?” Trent asked her. Lena smiled at him.
“Well, you seem more confident in yourself. I'd say it's too dangerous for the boy though.”
“I told ya, I'd keep him safe. Don't worry about him.”
“Yeah yeah yeah” Lena said, picking up the pace. “I wouldn't worry about you anyway.”
“Why not?” Trent asked, catching up to her.
“If I worried about you, it'd mean that I care silly.”
“You don't care about me?” Trent asked, looking hurt.
“Give me a reason.” she said, picking up the pace again. Trent caught up to her again and she set off in a run. She ran down an alleyway and Trent kept up. Dodging around people and jumping over boxes and other obstacles. He kept calling for Lena to wait up and ask her why she was running but she ignored him. Every time he got close to her she would take another quick turn, or try and block his path. He didn't have much trouble keeping up, but it was getting hard to actually catch her. Lena hopped over a low wall but Trent was able to get over it too. She looked back and laughed at him which spurred him on more. She ducked into another street and when Trent went down it after her he saw that she had lead him to the shipyard. She didn't stop running though even when she reached it and Trent almost lost her as she ducked under and around the ships there. She ran past his own Piranha and soon she finally came to a stop next to a large black ship with large white writing on it proclaiming it was called the “Lillehammer”. When Trent caught up with her she was opening the door panel. He was sweating a little but not too out of breath. He could see Lena was sweating a lot more and was more out of breath. She turned around and was grinning at him.
“Nice ship.” Trent commented, looking it over.
“Thanks.” Lena replied. “Nice work keeping up. You chase every girl who runs away from you?”
“Only the ones who confuse me.” Trent replied. “What was that all about?”
“I wanted some fun, and to see if you could keep up.”
“Do I win anything?”
“You get a chance to look at the greatest piece of machinery on this planet.”
“What would that be?” Trent asked with his arms folded.
“You're looking at it.”
“What?” Trent asked, confused. “You some kinda cyborg now? It would explain a lot.”
“Like what?”
“Like how come you're so cold.” Lena threw a sheathed knife at him and the handle hit him on the head.
“Not me you idiot! The ship!” she shouted. Trent grinned and looked the ship over while rubbing where the handle hit him.
“It is a fine machine.” he said. “What's the name about?” he asked when he saw the name.
“That? Lillehammer is where I was born. This ship is my home now, but it's got the name of my old one.”
“I guess you can be sentimental after all.” Trent said.
“Why do you sound so surprised?”
“Well, because I am.” This elicited another cry of “Idiot!” from Lena, and another sheathed knife handle to the head for Trent. She was laughing though.
“Well either way it's about time I went inside. If you don't mind, I think I could do with a shower” Lena said, fanning her sweat soaked clothes.
“Aye aye ma'am. I should consider having one too I guess. I'm not too far away.” Lena nodded and opened the door of her ship and stepped in.
“You can keep the knives” she said, motioning to them on the ground. “Who knows, you might need them.” She turned around and entered the ship before she closed the door. Trent sighed and picked up the knives. He slotted them into his belt and set off for his own ship. On the way he sent a message to Geoff telling him that he was going to stop by the ship for a shower, and then head back to the hotel. He'd explain everything that had happened when he got there. He walked to the Piranha and opened the door. Going in to the crew quarters he had a shower and changed his clothes before heading back to the hotel to meet Geoff. 

For those of you who don't know Lilliehammer is part of Norway. Also I think that contrary to everything I've said about how I like to use short sentences in action scenes, I kind of proved you can have complete sentences in them, and if anything it can help make it all flow better and make sense. Proving that I'm still learning as I write. Sorry to bring up a subject that should have died long ago, it was just a little interesting behind the scenes note I guess you could call it. Also what's fun to note is that I wrote this on Firefox, which doesn't have a copy as plain text function and that means I had to manually change the font to this colour. What does this really mean? That means that this whole paragraph was typed out, in this colour, on a white background. I didn't really think to just change the colour back after I wrote it out until I started writing this.


  1. Lilliehammer on a side note is now a TV series featuring a mob informer relocated to the area from the U.S.

  2. I'm sorry you've had a bad week with headaches and things Mark but on the plus side at least you've wrote another incredibly awesome chapter of Immortal Space, I love it as usual buddy!

  3. You KNOW I feel your pain Mark!! I am right there with you today...its all I can to to stay awake right now!! I liked it a lot...and Firefox is stupid. I don't even use it anymore. Comodo Dragon!! Get you some sleep, so you don't end up like me!

  4. I really like these characters and the story is good fun. Please keep writing these! xxx

  5. Lena is so tsundere for Trent right now. ;D
    Okay not really, but a little bit at least.
    'twas another cool chapter. The short sentences do leave the scenes pretty clear and self-explanatory, as well as giving the reader some freedom when it comes tot thinking up the details. Nice.

  6. Ugh, I hope you're feeling better, Mark. Like Mel, I feel your pain. Please get yourself some rest. Shit, I hope it wasn't my long ass comment from yesterday that pushed you over the edge..that sucker was a novel =P

    Feel better!!!

  7. wow i am so far behind, I have some catching up to do now


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