Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Don't Ban The Dog

So Jessica asked me something odd yesterday. No she didn't finally pop the question. Besides, girls aren't supposed to do that except on February the 29th, and I'm a conventional guy. She asked me if I think that some breeds of dogs should be banned. It seems that there are people who want certain breeds of dogs banned. It's not something that's that new to me, but I didn't realise really how big it was becoming.

While I do get that there are some dogs that seem to be bred for fighting and violence, I don't think it's the dog's fault. For the most part, nearly all animals can be domesticated. Or at the very least in some regard. They can be taught that certain humans are important to them and shouldn't be harmed. There may be dogs, and other animals, with a predisposition towards violence, but I think they can still be taught not to be like that. I accept, to a degree, that it's very tough to fix a mentally damaged dog, and it's very tough to break the programming that a bad person will ingrain in to them, but I think it can still be done. If someone goes to a cult, and gets out, you don't just put them down because you can't reverse the indoctrination, you try and do it. You try and save them from what happened to them. With a dog, you can just put it down because it's not like it's human. Like I said, I can, to a degree, accept this. I was there when my dad drowned one of my hamsters because it's leg was broken. It's not like you can really perform surgery on a hamster. Those things are tiny. Still traumatised me to fuck though. Now I'm older I can appreciate how tough it must have been for my dad too. I really could never hurt an animal.

Now that was mostly about when it's too late to "save" the animals. But you can still stop them from growing up like that. Even a really tough and angry breed of dog can be a kitten in the right hands. I don't think you should ban certain kinds of breeds of dogs, you should ban the people who breed them for fighting. Who breed them just to have them and scare people. I mean, German Shepherds are used by the police. Police dogs are VERY aggressive. Except with their handlers. Outside of that environment, they can be very soft. Should we say people can't have German Shepherds because they have this predisposition towards violence? No. The police raise them very well, and they get good results.

For those of you who are old enough, or nerdy enough, to remember, it's kind of like the episode of Pokemon where the Pokemon (which btw Firefox isn't redlining as a non-existent word, even though it's spelled wrong without the accent) end up on an island and Ash's Pokémon (which is spelled right but DOES get red lined...huh...) actually cooperate and become friends with the Pokemon of Team Rocket. There's no such thing as a bad Pokemon, only a bad trainer.

I really believe the same applies to animals.

P.S I'm aware that my arguments have lost all credibility because I referenced Pokemon.

P.P.S If you're wondering Jessica says I have good points, but doesn't really know how to feel about it. She's not as big an animal person as me though. She openly states she hates them, which is something I just can't understand at all. She's only ever really loved one animal I think.


  1. Love the Pokemon reference, but it's very true, it is the trainer/owner's fault that dogs turn out this way, they are encouraging violence in them. x

  2. Sadly there will always be people who selectively breed dogs to be violent. A lot of the times, the reason a particular breed is proposed banned is that the size, combined with the aggressive/unpredictable tendencies make it very dangerous to people and other dogs.
    I have met some pretty nasty small dogs but they are more unlikely to cause serious injury.
    After all, a grown adult might be able to fend off a snapping Maltese, but a pit bull is less likely to be swayed by an umbrella or boot
    That said, I agree that proposing to ban certain breeds is more a knee jerk reaction, than a solution to stopping dog attacks.

  3. I loved the Pokemon reference too. I think that banning certain breeds really isn't going to do much to prevent attacks from animals but at the same time the whole breeding thing really gives me the creeps so I haven't looked into it in any great detail so I'm not sure, great argument all the same Mark, very well presented for sure buddy.

  4. I owned a doberman for eleven years and she didn't have a mean bone in her body. She rocked! My sister breeds Shutzhund dogs for police and for protection and you would never know they were Shutzhund trained dogs until the commands were issued from their owners/trainers. If the training is done correctly, the dogs can still be loving animals regardless of the breed. It's the owner not the breed...can you tell I'm a bit biased LOL

  5. I remember that episode. They had translations and such. It was quite heart-warming.

    Anyway, I agree. No dog breed should be banned. People should be banned from owning dogs should that have some sort of violent record. Pitbulls, in particular, learn from their owner's actions. If the owner yells at the neighbor, the dog's going to see that person as a threat and attack.

    I think people should have to take a class or something if they want a certain dog breed. Then again, I owned a black lab when I was younger and that thing put a 3 inch scar on the side of my head. So, all breeds are capable of being viscious. But, like you said, it's all on the owner for the most part.

  6. I agree, certain breeds do have a predisposition to violent behavior and the like, but it is the interaction with humans that has a greater effect on them. People who breed and raise their dogs for unnecessary aggresion should be punished.

  7. >Jessica hates animals
    >anyone ever hates animals
    Mind = blown.

    But eh, then they might as well ban people who want to ban dog breeds. It's looking kind of like the whole "non-white people are illegal" thing, really, since there actually is no real difference between breeds and races.

  8. The owners treatment of the animal dictates it's behaviour in my opinion...always!

  9. I think in the Western democratic type countries there are too many dog lovers, and banning breeds of dogs would be considered monstrous to them, so it would never happen.

  10. I wholeheartedly agree with you Mark.

  11. You've disappeared off my dashboard yet again. Sigh. Anyways, I agree with you. I love animals though I usually don't get near them :P and hell yeah at "There's no such thing as a bad Pokemon, only a bad trainer,"

  12. Its not dogs fault for sure as you said.They behave the way you want them too or the way you behave because everyone (your children and even you pets) behave the way you behave because they learn from your actions only :)

  13. I remember a lot of talk a few years ago about "banning" pit bulls in some areas after repeated attacks from that breed.


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