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All About The Geoff

Well it's another Saturday so it's time for another update. I even wrote two in one day, which is pretty good. For me especially. You're only getting one though, and I hope I still write one next week. This is very Geoff-centric and I don't know how well it'll be received but oh well. It's my story and I can do what I want.


While this was happening Geoff was walking off in the opposite direction. He was going to go to a bar, and he knew where to go, but he wanted to spend some time by himself first. He asked someone for directions and found out that there was a park a few streets away. He headed there and was surprised when he found it. It was an oasis. The town itself was dusty and sandy but he had managed to find a patch of nature even here. There was a large pool of water and even some greenery around it. There were some kids in the pool and some benches around it. He sat on one of the benches and smiled at the kids playing. He felt like it had been too long since he just had fun like that. He wasn't regretting going with Trent though, not by a long shot. After a while sat on the bench he got up, and walked on to the bar. On the way he heard his communicator go off. He had a look at it and saw that Lena wanted to add him to her contacts. Not really having a problem with that, he accepted. He did wonder how she got his details, and if she would ever actually call him. He'd leave that for later. Trent would probably know. Trent probably did it.

He reached the bar and let out a sigh when he walked in. This was the bar where they had met Lena. It wasn't the best place to be, but it was a good place to get information. He walked up to the bar, ordered a drink, and started nursing it.
“No guardian with you today?” he heard someone say. Looking to his right he saw a pretty girl with blonde hair.
“Excuse me?” he asked.
“The big man who was with you last time you were here. You went out without him?”
“Tch.” Geoff said. “He's not my guardian. I can go out without him.”
“I thought he was your dad or something.” Geoff snorted.
“That man? My dad? He'll assure you he isn't.”
“What do you mean?” the girl asked him. Geoff sighed and after a few seconds started to tell the girl the story. He told her about how he never knew his dad and after a conversation with Trent started to think that Trent was his dad. Then he explained what happened after he brought that up. How Trent had cut him off almost immediately and said that he wasn't his dad. He had seemed so adamant that he wasn't. The girl asked him if he had some kind of reason for acting like that and Geoff said that Trent had only gotten one woman pregnant and she had lost the child.
“So, you're upset that you aren't his kid? Is that it?”
“What? No! I don't care if he's my dad or not.”
“Then what's up? Why are you so upset?”
“What makes you say I'm upset?”
“You're clearly upset boy. I'm surprised this Trent guy hasn't brought it up.”
“Trent? What would he care.” The girl sighed and patted Geoff on the back.
“I was here last time remember. From the looks of it, I'm pretty sure that he cares about you. You don't think he does?” Geoff shook his head and took some more of his drink. “Well, have you told him about all this? Does he even know he upset you?”
“If he cared about me then wouldn't he know I'm upset without me having to tell him?”
“Do you know how he feels?”
“I guess not.”
“Then how do you expect him to know how you feel?” Geoff sighed.
“Say, what's your name anyway?”
“It's Lisa. What's yours?” she said holding her hand out for Geoff to shake.
“The name's Geoff” he said, shaking Lisa's hand. “With a G” he added with a chuckle.
“What's so funny?” Lisa asked him.
“Nothing,” Geoff replied. “That's just something Trent called me once. Geoff with a G.”
“See, you do still like him.” Lisa said, chuckling herself.
“Now what's so funny?” Geoff asked.
“Nothing.” Lisa replied, and the two of them started laughing. “What were you even here for anyway? Fancy some nostalgia?” Lisa asked him.
“It doesn't matter.” Geoff said, still smiling. “What about you? You don't look like the type to come to a place like this.” he said, motioning around the dark and dirty bar. “This certainly doesn't seem like the kind of place you'd find a girl.” Lisa put her drink down and stared at Geoff.
“Excuse me? A girl? Do you remember what the last girl you met did to you?” she asked him with her hands on her hips. Geoff sighed and grabbed her hand. Lisa looked down but didn't pull away.
“I remember that. I meant more that you seem a bit more...delicate than she is.”
“Geez” Lisa said sarcastically. “You sure know how to charm the pants off a girl don't you?” Geoff started blustering.
“But that's-umm-what? No. You see. Hmmm. Wait. I errr.... No, admittedly no. I'm not very good with girls. Or people.” he said, calming down.
“Don't worry about it.” Lisa said, kissing him on the cheek. “I find awkwardness adorable.” She pinched and played with his cheeks. “You're just so cute.”
“Hey stop that.” Geoff said, batting her hands away. “Don't treat me like a kid. I hate it when people do that.”
“Awwww I'm sorry.” Lisa said, not looking apologetic at all. “But you do have to admit that you're cute.”
“You think I'm cute?”
“Sure do” Lisa said with a smile. “You don't?”
“I'm not sure I want to be cute.” Geoff responded.
“Why not? Being cute is awesome.”
“What are you? Some sort of expert?” Lisa looked down at herself. She was wearing a white dress and boots. The dress had a golden pattern around the neck and a bracelet on each arm.
“Yes, I do believe I look quite cute today. Don't you?” Geoff looked her up and down too, and turned back to the bar to hide his blush.
“What was that?” Lisa asked, leaning in to him. Geoff looked around, saw her there, and turned away. Lisa grabbed on to his cheeks and turned him around to face her. She laughed when she saw his cheeks.
“Oh my.” she said. “I think you're developing a fever. You've gone all red, and your cheeks feel like they're on fire. You okay?” She could barely contain her laughter.
“I'm fine.” Geoff said, acting like nothing was happening. “I'm fine and I find you to be very cute. You happy?”
“Very much so.” Lisa said, letting go of his face and turning to leave.
“Wait, you're going?” Geoff asked, holding out his hand to her.
“Afraid so. I have to leave eventually.” With that, she started walking out the door.
“...ber please” Lisa heard Geoff say. She turned around and he was still looking after her.
“What was that?” she asked him.
“Number. Please.” Geoff started. He stood up and dusted himself off. “May I please have your number.” Lisa smiled and walked back to him. She took his hand, which caused Geoff to turn away shyly, and synced up their communicators.
“There, that wasn't so bad was it?” Lisa asked.
“Thanks.” Geoff said, breathing a sigh of relief.
“What are you so nervous about?”
“Well,” Geoff said, running his hand through his hair in a display of nerves, “I've never done that before, and you could have said no.”
“Awww sweety, I would never say no to you.” she said, giving him another kiss on the cheek and a wink. She walked out of the door, leaving Geoff very flustered and wondering just what had happened. He sat down on his stool, ordered another drink, and drank it all in one go.


  1. This really has explained a lot more about Geoff to me Mark, I love the way you go about doing it too, he's had a troubled past by the sounds of it, poor guy, I definitely feel a lot more sympathetic towards him now, great writing buddy.

  2. For a split second there I related to Geoff real bad.
    Also, Lisa, you awesome new character you. <3 Wonder what her deal in the storyline is though. (in before "oh hi geoff son of mine")
    'twas a good chapter Mark, I enjoyed reading it. Also, many feels were had.

  3. as long winded as me, I like it
    though I kinda wish the text wasn't in black, had to highlight everything to read anything

  4. Ahhh...fiddle sticks! This kinda stuff only happens in books and the movies, where a pretty girl practically jumps right into your arms. Lisa practically threw herself at Geoff, with a G. The fish jumped right in the boat. All Geoff had to do was whack it with the oar! (At least this kind of thing never happens to me.)

  5. The awkward cute scene you've written made me smile from the parallels that I see in myself. I may even get the courage to get a number like Geoff. Keep up the story, Mark, it's very entertaining.

  6. Geoff is going to become an alcoholic at this rate if he isn't already.


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