Thursday, 11 October 2012

500th Post Non-Extravaganza

This may actually be my 500th post but there's not much going on about it. I didn't realise it was that post until some time in to the podcast, and then I went in to why it's not actually that much of an achievement because I did it in such a short amount of time. Also included is the fact that I'm using a fancy looking microphone and of course several appearances by my cat, who is becoming more fluffy and lovable lately. I think it's because the weather is getting colder. But this is fine, we're warming each other up. And she's adorable. Anyway, yeah, 500 posts, wooooooooo. I'll try and actually do something better about it all some other time.

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  1. Congrats pal! Downloading your podcast and will listen to it as soon as I can.

  2. Pride Rockapalooza! Get going on it! "Dress in drag and do the hoola!" I bet plenty of bands would donate their efforts. Set up a site, and create a petition. Promote the f**k out of it.

    And a big congrats on the 500th post, Mark! It is quite impressive, and takes a ridiculous amount of dedication. It's not a lack of life as it's something you enjoy doing and you're essentially mastering the craft each time you put up a post. Think of it like experience points in a video game... well, that's how I see it because I'm a psychopath. But it helps!

  3. Congratulations, Mark! As usual, I'm with someone while Blogging so I can't listen to your podcast at the moment, dangit. I hate when that happens. I'll be back when he leaves for work.

  4. I loved the podcast Mark, congratulations on an incredible 500 posts. I think that the quicker you reach it the better an achievement it is because it shows dedication so well done! Oddly enough I'm currently sitting on 300 posts exactly haha.

  5. know what I am going to tell you about the podcast, so that's all I'm gonna say about that!

    Congratulations on the milestone. Its pretty big - even if you think you did it fast! Not everyone can say they have accomplished such a feat! Plus, you've done it very well.

  6. I love listening to your podcasts, but I'll have to read this one later.
    Congratulations on reaching 500 posts! Here's to your 1,000!

  7. You started off the happiest I've heard you in a while and then dipped in and out of it, the former mate who contacted you out of the blue was a bit of a shock though, congrats Mark on the 500 and hopefully many more!

  8. Nice landmark you hit (and yet almost missed) there. It's no small achievement though. That's over 1.5 years of blogging dude!

    Woo new mic! Stop buying stuff for the design though. That's just terrible. There's way more quality to it than that. Bet it looks awesome though.
    I heard a real soft "meow" there~
    "I have no direction". First thing I imagined was you sitting in a car with no steering wheel driving a thousand miles an hour.
    >playing with your cat
    >involving your pants
    No comment.
    Talk about dogs next time. Talk about dogs and how great they are.
    "It's about *~nothing~*!"
    ^ I want you to say that again, except with "It's *~fabulous~*!" ;D
    As a said, no matter the timespan it took, a milestone is a milestone, and you'd better be proud of it! It's a huge deal then. Also, once you hit 1k posts, you have to throw a party. (Sure, virtual is allowed, like a chatroom session or something. (That's actually a pretty cool idea!))
    ...or just do a Rambling Person world-tour.
    The amount of cat in the conversation is like a sine wave man.
    Yes, I'm arguing that. And it's no lack of life. I'm up here, too. (Yes I passed that milestone already, silently.) ;D
    I've read blogs that didn't even last ONE month. Kind of weird to see that happen, but hey.
    "The great, powerful" I thought "Trixie" there.
    You're relatively old, compared to the younger blogs.
    A wild douche randomly appeared!
    Did she ask you how you were doing?
    >implying small-talk is for women only
    What's with the background noises?
    How are you not trustable again? And how is trusting you silly? We all know you're a cool guy!
    Being nice can carry you much further than anything else.
    Yeah shove her off whenever she sleeps on you.
    Nah you can have your dog know you're the boss, and still have him sleep on you.
    Are you a sub Mark? ;D
    You're a man of useless superpowers, haha! ;D
    G'night, chap.


  10. thats awesome, you're right on my tail. i think im up to 640ish... good job. keep it up. get money, slam bitches :D

  11. Congratulations, Mark. It's a great feat to think of 500 things to say. Bravo!

  12. Wow, I can't wait til I turn 500!


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