Monday, 24 September 2012

Weekly Round Up: Lazy Title Edition

Yes, I'm too lazy and tired to come up with some kind of name for this weeks round up. Frankly I'm amazed I can do it for every post. Then there's the whole other matter of actually coming up with every post. Yay for my lack of things to do? Though maybe I'd get taken a little more seriously if I tried to have serious titles. Then again being taken seriously would probably take the fun out. I'm not quite ready for my funectomy yet, I'm still young thank you. Even if I don't act it.

Okay I probably act it a lot.

Another thing I do a lot is make segues. Speaking of segues, here's another brilliant one. That counts. Anyway, time to do some writing about some writing I already did. Because that makes perfect logical sense.

Tuesday was about my trip to Buxton Air and War Museum or whatever you want to call it. It was about the things I saw and did there, including mutilating my feet and included in the post is a slideshow of all the pictures I took. Which was quite a lot. My feet appear to be healed now.

Wednesday was the long awaited (from the sound of the comments) conclusion of the A-Z of me. This post was N-Z, and I'm not sure if people were surprised I was able to do it, or if they were just surprised I had actually done it. I always follow through. Which could sound really bad if taken out of context.

Thursday was, quite frankly, weird. But the good kind of weird. It was of course my latest podcast, and I don't know what I was smoking at the time but I just barely remember anything I said. I just know that a part of it was how to fake your death and survive your own Viking Funeral. Let's face it, if you go through a Viking Funeral, chances are people are going to think you died one way or another. It's like faking your own cremation. The safest way to do that is of course to have someone open the coffin in the room it gets burned. If you can see the flames from the Church, and it is actually some kind of big oven, I recommend faking your Viking Funeral. If not, I wonder how many cremated people are actually dead. Who's to say that those ashes aren't just the coffin? Okay where's my tinfoil hat?

Friday was about my recent crowning achievement of actually going outside. For the sake of exercise. I know. Who saw that coming? To some people going outside for the sake of going outside might seem like nothing, but to me it really was a big deal. I know how to get from anywhere in this town to my house, because I really will take a longer route to avoid people if necessary.

Saturday started out being about how I didn't have any new Immortal Space written up, but then became about suicide. Which was surreal. Don't worry folks, I'm not suicidal, I was just comparing my feelings of wanting to just walk away to the feelings of suicide, in that neither of them occupy my mind for too long. Whenever I think that something, especially my life, is the worst thing in existence, I immediately think of something good I have going for me. When I'm truly suicidal you'll never know because I believe the people who say they're suicidal are the ones who would never do it, and want someone to talk them down. I could be wrong, but that's how it seems to me. Being someone who has been talked down, as well as talking others down. I could probably write a whole post on suicide but FUCK that would be depressing.

Sunday was actually an Immortal Space update. It was only a third of one though because the combined thing was huge, but that was the only bit that could be taken out of the whole thing. I almost have everything planned out. I just have one big problem left now, and a few smaller ones. I think even if I haven't worked them out by the time I get to them, I will just find the answers coming to me. It's what I get for foreshadowing things I guess.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm sure there's a village that needs pillaging. TO ARMS!


  1. The Vikings invaded my country once and we kicked their arses off the island! They weren't cute like that kitty though!

    I caught up Mark and I'm glad I did. You went for a walk. I've been with you long enough to know how big a deal that is. You've done the smart thing and not pushed it too far. A little at a time is best and when you get comfortable you can then go in the direction that nature is. It's something I can't live without. It's calming, it's soothing and more importantly, there are no people. That's critical, no people.

    Keep it up!!

  2. I'm glad that you're not suicidal man, suicide is never the option in my eyes. Great round-up as per usual my friend, good luck in all that pillaging too haha!

  3. I'm normally not a fan of cats but kittens I can't help but find got me with this picture, Mark.

    I always love when do posts about yourself, like when you did the N-Z the other day. Just sharing those tid bits about yourself is like taking a peek inside what makes you, you and I always enjoy that. I'm still using you as my inspiration for this week. (As long as my head cooperates.)

  4. My wife and I recently started going on walks. After being indoors for so many years, I was surprised to find that my milky white flesh didn't spontaneously combust when exposed to the sun. Cheers!

  5. Meh...serious titles are overrated.
    Although "The Scarlet Letter" was probably a much better choice than "Hester the Ho".

  6. Another thing I have seen bloggers do, is do a blog roundup of other people's blogs. So, if you ever run out of your own blogs to roundup, you can just rustle up someone else's. It makes perfect sense.

  7. "Whenever I think that something, especially my life, is the worst thing in existence, I immediately think of something good I have going for me." I should learn to do this thing from you, master haha and I as well always agree that people who are saying they're suicidal would not actually have the 'courage' to do so.

  8. With all the blogging you do, you are certainly allowed to have a lazy title day.

  9. Kittens are really cute and adorable ....even puppies too !
    Not really fond of cats and dogs though..
    Love to here about you :)
    keep blogging and yeah somtimes being lazy is good :)

  10. could viking cat survive a viking funeral?


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