Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Hell?

Okay so this wasn't what I wanted to talk about at all, in fact I was in kind of a haze so I'm not sure just what I mentioned. Enjoy! On the plus side uploading wasn't a bitch for once, and I was able to get it uploaded safely after recording so for once a podcast is going out not just on time, but early, which is a real shock. Some topics that were covered include:
My inability to cry
Final Fantasy IX being the greatest game ever
The freakishness of white noise
An almost intro (I have plans for a real one I can't bring to fruition just yet)
How to fake your death and survive a Viking funeral...yep that's really in there.
and....a bunch of other stuff. The file for this podcast was simply called "DAFUQ I say?" because I really did just phase out. On the one hand that's good because I keep talking, I find something to talk about, on the other it's a little bad because I don't really speak up much. Oh, that was something else I covered, what makes a person counts as a "professional". I also hid a secret codeword at the end as proof that you really listened. Although, now I've said that, you're free to listen to just the end. Especially now I've said that. I don't know if you can tell from my voice but I did actually have fun with this. Enjoy, and as always (even though I've never said it) share with other people. Everyone loves a British accent. 

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  1. I didn't really read the description so I was confused when I heard you discussing Viking funerals while doing my other blog comments. Great podcast Mark, I'd love to fake my death and piss people off from beyond the grave even though it's really, really, really evil haha.

    I also understand your fear about public transport although everything in Northern Ireland is simple and it's hard to get lost, I'd probably have your fear if I lived in London though.

  2. So I'd be dead either way, because if I managed to escape the flames, I'd just drown since I can't swim. Guess I'd better not fake my own Viking funeral. :(

  3. Dude. My interwebz suck. One week I can listen. One week I can not. Like this week. And with that killer intro. Dammit.

  4. I think you said the codeword was "duck"... But couldn't people just read the other comments to see what the code word was?? You need a better system. Well, I don't use facebook because no one really cares that I am there to begin with. Seriously, it gets embarrassing after awhile. I am a lot like you with the crying. I never cry, but then occasionally I do. So I guess that means I don't never cry. I guess I could say "I don't not never cry", and maybe that would be true. I'm not really sure.

  5. Is that the one with Squall and his ridiculous swordgun? I've actually heard the most praise for FF6 but that could just be because Theresa likes that one the best.

    1. "Is that the one with Squall and his ridiculous swordgun?"
      God no...

  6. I'm downloading to listen offline. I wish I had the codeword, but since I cannot phathom what it is, I'll guess.

    "Zombie jiggles".....I hope that's it. I hope I'm psychic. I'll listen, though.

  7. Sorry man, but FF VII is the best FF (;

  8. Maybe you'll be like chandler in fiends. You can't cry at all, and then one day, you'll just cry over EVERYTHING!


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