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So Much Bromance

Because I didn't post an update last week this one is a bit longer than usual. Plus I didn't really want to stop writing. Even so, sadly I only came up with one new chapter. But one is better than none. I think I should stop calling them chapters and just call them updates. If I format it into a book, and God willing some day I will, then I think each chapter could easily be several updates long. I guess you can think of it as the difference between a manga and an anime. An anime episode covers about 2 to 3 (or in some cases maybe more) of a manga. Anyway, enough with the brief lesson and writing what I'm thinking as it enters my head, you came to read an update.


“Hey” Geoff said to Trent as he walked back in to the room dressed and drying his hair. “I've been thinking. Is there any possibility that you might be my-” Trent interrupted him by raising his hand.
“I know what you've been thinkin', and I'm sorry but it's not true. I told you, I didn't know an Elizabeth Avery, and I lost my only child. I ain't your father, sorry but that's how it is.” Geoff looked a little dejected at that so Trent went over to him and patted him on the head. “You think he's still alive though?” Trent asked him.
“I don't know really. No one ever told me outright he was dead. Just that he was gone.” Geoff replied, looking up at Trent. Trent started stroking his chin and smiled.
“Well,” he started, “how about we find him?”
“We can do that?” Geoff asked going wide eyed and opening his mouth in a big grin.
“I can find anyone, given enough time, and I've got plenty of that.” Trent replied. “It's going to have to wait until we're done with everything here, including the holiday, but I'm sure we can do it. If you want to.”
“Yes, I'd quite like that. After we're done though, I guess.” Geoff replied, holding up the bounty notices. “So, who do we go after first?”

A few hours later Geoff and Trent were sat in a local bar having a drink. They had decided to go after the lowest bounty first and had managed to track him down to this specific bar. They had a rather simple plan. They thought it would be a bit silly to just declare themselves bounty hunters and try and catch him when he ran away, so Geoff had willingly volunteered to become a victim. Trent wasn't too happy about Geoff putting himself in danger, but Geoff had total faith that he would be in no real danger thanks to Trent. The plan was a simple one. Geoff would provoke the bounty in to attacking him, and Trent would interfere in the fight and take him down before Geoff could be hurt. They looked around the bar and spotted him. He was a total amateur and had done nothing to try and hide his long hair, which made him stick out quite a bit in this bar. Geoff walked up to him and, after taking a quick look at Trent, poked the bounty in the back. Trent worked his way closer to the bar slowly and trying not to stick out himself. The bounty, a man called Max, turned around and looked at who had poked him.
“What do you want kid?” Max asked him, his voice gruff and menacing. “I don't have time to play with brats. Go away.” Geoff was smiling at him and then he opened his eyes and glared at him before suddenly punching him in the face and knocking him off of his bar stool. Trent cursed and started moving quicker towards the scene. He hadn't really planned for Geoff to actually throw a punch. Max stood up and shouted at Geoff before throwing a punch of his own. Geoff ducked under it and Trent grabbed on to his fist. Max looked at Trent in shock and his eyes went wide as Geoff imitated the palm strike he had seen Trent do in the fighting tournament; bending low on his knees he thrust his palms upwards in to Max's chest. Max was winded and fell to his knees coughing and spluttering and Trent dug a knee in to his back and put Max in handcuffs. He punched him again to knock him out, and then lifted the limp body on to his shoulders. He motioned for Geoff to follow him and the two left the bar, leaving everyone else left in there dumbstruck and wondering what they had just seen.
“Jesus boy I didn't think you'd actually hit him.” Trent said.
“I couldn't think of something to say to him, and he annoyed me calling me a kid and a brat.”
“Well you have one mean right hand, and good work on the palm thrust. You really were watching.”
“Of course,” Geoff said, smiling. “So you think I've earned those self defence lessons now?”
“I'm thinking you don't need them anymore man. You could probably teach me a thing or two.” Geoff punched Trent playfully in the side, causing the body of Max to slip a little. Trent shifted to keep him on his shoulders and tutted at Geoff.
“I'll teach you a few things when we get back to the hotel, but let's just get this guy to the police for now.” Geoff nodded and continued walking before he realised something and started laughing.
“What's so funny?” Trent asked him.
“I managed to hit you, and clean at that. You owe me a story!” Geoff said with glee.
“Jeez don't start that again boy. This doesn't count. I wasn't ready and I'm kind of holding a body here.”
“Not fair!” Geoff said, punching Trent again. “You're never going to tell me that story are you?”
“Probably not,” Trent said, laughing, while adjusting Max on his shoulders again. Geoff harrumphed and started walking ahead of Trent in a huff. Trent picked up his pace too and started laughing more as Geoff moved faster to stay ahead of him. They made it to the station and handed in Max and got their money. It wasn't much, but this bounty was more about getting Geoff used to bounty hunting, and something a bit safer, and not about the money. Geoff was disappointed about still not being told the story of Trent's scar, so Trent treated him to something to eat, and some new clothes. He was sticking out a bit in his regular clothes and the climate wasn't treating him well either.
“You stick out a lot more than me you know?” Geoff told Trent, looking him up and down. Trent was still dressed in his coat over his jeans and shirt. Geoff was now wearing plain brown clothes and boots. He also had a light scarf covering his mouth to keep dust and sand out of it. He didn't like the clothes too much, but he did fit in now, and he had to admit that the scarf helped.
“Yeah, but I can handle all the attention, and would you want to believe that you had seen the same exact guy all the time? Oddly enough I get less attention this way. It's better to look exactly like you did, rather than just like.”
“You just like those clothes don't you?” Geoff said in a deadpan voice, not believing him.
“Well, that too.” Trent said with a grin. “Now let's get some rest, and see how we do tomorrow.”
“I hope I get to punch a guy in the face again. That felt pretty good really.” Geoff said, causing Trent to laugh again.
“Don't get too used to it. Some will come quietly, and some will need me to take them out.” Trent said. “Like I said earlier, we'll see how it goes. For now let's just get back to the hotel.”
“ owe me some lessons anyway” Geoff said, picking up his pace. Trent watched him go and shook his head.

Seriously, the bromance levels are so high. I'm even considering not writing in the female character I originally intended to and just leaving this as a two man show.


  1. I for one hope you do format it into a book some day, I love this series man, awesome writing as always.

  2. Damn good writing but we'll need a woman...soon, the bromance is bringing back painful memories!

  3. This needs that sound clip of nigahiga saying "BROMANCE". It'd fit so well.

    Hmm, the fact that Trent dismissed the whole "im ur father" thing so quickly kind of got me suspecting something, but then offering to find him might not be the smartest move if he was.
    The bromance levels would definitely take a hit though if he does turn out to be his dad.

  4. If I have a vote, I will vote for bringing in the female character. It will give the story wider appeal... more characters for people to identify with.

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