Saturday, 8 September 2012

Quite The Character

So I did go ahead after all and create the female character. Though I changed how she was going to be introduced, and she's written herself. I think that's supposed to be a sign of a good writer, when characters, and even stories, create themselves during the writing process. I have a lot of things planned now, and I think that I have pretty much everything planned out now. As such, I kind of want to rush along the story a bit. I hope I can restrain this really, I don't want to move things along too quickly. Right now it's 40 A4 pages long and 23k words, and I'd like it to be at least 30k, to 35. Or more. I wonder how many words are in a novella actually, and the difference between a novel and novella. Huh. Anyway, here's your update.

A few days later Geoff was getting much better at self defense. Trent had decided to take time away from bounty hunting in order to devote all his time to training Geoff. They worked all day except when they had to attend to their bodily necessities, such as eating and sleeping. Geoff was a quick learner, and picked things up very fast. He had already learned how do a palm strike counter just by seeing it once. He also had a surprising amount of stamina. He was able to keep going until he fainted from exhaustion every day. After a week of this, Trent decided Geoff had done enough, and it was time for them to make a little more money. They found another low risk job and found their target, this time called Liam, in the same bar they found Max.
“These people aren't too smart are they?” Geoff said as they entered the bar. Geoff was wearing, after several requests, a long coat like Trent's.
“Not really” Trent agreed. He leaned against the wall near the door, and pointed to Liam. “That's the guy. You really want to do this?”
“Sure do.” Geoff said, nodding. “Remember what you promised. This time you don't get involved. I can handle it this time.”
“Just go for it kid” Trent said, nodding his head towards Liam. Geoff smirked and walked towards Liam and tapped him on the back. Liam turned around and saw a young man with a collar covering half his face, and a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes. Geoff had also insisted on hiding his face in case anyone recognised him. Liam didn't say anything to him and just turned around, getting off of his stool. He smashed his glass bottle on the bar and held it up to Geoff's face. Geoff looked a little scared and backed off a step. He hadn't faced someone with a weapon before, and never really felt like his life was at stake. Trent noticed and started moving forward but stopped when he heard the bottle shatter, and a knife thudded in to the wall. Trent, Geoff, and Liam looked at the knife, and slowly turned to look at where it came from. They saw a beautiful woman with brown hair and a pale face. Her arm was still outstretched from throwing the knife. She was wearing all black. A pair of long gloves, a tight shirt that accentuated her curves, a skirt that went to her knees, and a pair of boots. She was also wearing a jacket with pockets on the front. One of them was open, and was presumably where the knife was.
“Now now boys, place nice.” She said, wagging her finger at Liam and Geoff.
Geoff tore himself away and used to the distraction to hit Liam hard, knocking him out. He slumped forward and Geoff took his weight, holding him up. Trent walked over to the knife and took it out the wall. He looked it over and then walked to the woman and handed it her.
“You should play nice with your toys too little lady.” He said. She took the knife and placed it back in the pocket.
“Lena will do thank you. That is my name after all.” The woman said, folding her arms across her chest.
“Trent. Pleasure to meet you.” Trent said, holding out his hand for her to shake. Lena kept her arms across her chest and stared at the hand.
“I don't appreciate people touching my knives.” She said.
“Well,” Trent replied, pulling his hand back, “I don't really like people throwing knives at my boy.”
“Which one is your boy?” Lena asked, looking around Trent. Trent followed her eyes and pointed at Geoff, who was watching them both. Liam was still slumped on him.
“The one still standing” Trent said.
“He did good” Lena nodded, “But you want to keep a better eye on your son. Did you want him to get hurt?”
“He's not my son, but I wouldn't want to see him get hurt. I didn't expect him to tense up like that. He did pretty good last time.”
“What's the difference?”
“Never fought someone with a weapon would be my guess.”
“Weapons don't really change much.”
“True enough,” Trent nodded. “But why do you have them then?”
“Hey, they're pretty fun. Plus sometimes you can avoid fights with them. Look at your boy, he wouldn't have fought then, and he wouldn't fight me. He's afraid now. He's going to need some work now.”
“Well it's my work to do ma'am. Thank you though for breaking it up. Rather he be saved by you than by me. Would have ruined his confidence more.”
“Probably” Lena agreed. “Plus this way, it's me he blames, not you. Well,” she said, clicking her heels together, “It's time for me to go. Maybe we can meet again Mr. Trent.”
“Maybe indeed, Miss Lena.” Trent replied, tipping his hat to her and giving a theatrical bow with his arms by his side. Lena giggled and started to walk out the bar. On her way out she passed Geoff and gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered in to his ear.
“You did good knocking him out kid, but you can do a lot better. See you again some time.” She walked out of the bar leaving Geoff staring after her, the blood rising to his cheeks. He heard Trent laugh at him and when he looked around Trent was poking his own cheeks. Geoff felt his cheeks and turned away before walking out of the bar himself, carrying Liam on his back.

Geez this looked and felt a lot longer in OpenOffice. Though it did take a while to write too.


  1. Sounds great man! I specifically came on teh internetz to read your story! This shows how much I love it, and describes my willingness to read it.
    ARGHH! Too much English stuck in my head! Need to stop studying for it. :(

  2. I love this man, great writing as usual buddy. Is it weird that I always read Geoff as Gee-off? I have to be the worst British person ever, I still love the spelling of his name like I told you before

  3. I like Lena. She's my kind of character :) x

  4. No offense, but the whole deal with Lena felt pretty.. lame. The scene seemed kind of unnecessary at this point, though it may prove of future relevance.

  5. I wonder what the difference between a novel and a novella is too?? I love that your work is just flowing for you right now, Mark.

  6. Feisty little thing isn't she? :P

  7. I think all great writing writes itself. I suppose a professional writer with a deadline has to force it sometimes, but once the creative juices get flowin' it should write itself. Though, when I watch Bersercules' movie reviews, I can see that those movie and tv scripts didn't write themselves, unless they were written in a drunken stupor.

  8. Lena's a bad ass! Minus the giggling. Bad ass women don't giggle. Or maybe they do. I wouldn't know. My only knives are for butter.


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