Thursday, 13 September 2012

Oh God I'm So Sorry

Okay before I really get started I want to tell you guys that I did a guest post for the super awesome and lovely Aysh. You can find it here. I really recommend reading it (of course) because it's a story I wrote, and it's something no one would ever expect from me. A love story. Go on, give it a try. Now, for the actual post. I committed a serious sin last night. I recorded this podcast. I know I generally say these things are bad, but this is fucking bad. The special thing I promised to do was reading Immortal Space. Well, the first few chapters, the main start of the story. Partly it was also an experiment to see how well I do at reading things aloud. Say, to see if I should use a script, or potentially interest one of you in having me record something for you, but no, no. I honestly think I did a terrible job, and even with editing it wouldn't have sounded much better. Well, it's not totally that bad. My voice is always soothing and awesome, but I'm no good with character voices. I also don't think I portray emotion too well, but that could have been caused by my lack of privacy. I realise if I keep saying it's shit, no one is going to listen to it, but I actually want people to listen to it. Tell me what you actually think, and please, be honest. I might cry, but I can take it. I already think it's terrible.

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Good voice - Check
Charisma - possibly
Confidence and confidence in using voice properly?

Guess I can't use my voice for personal profit. Yet.


  1. That PodBean advertisement in the beginning, oh God.

    And then spoiler-ish stuff about IS came and I just NOPE'd the fuck out of here.

  2. I love the guest post you made Mark. Even if you aren't a beautiful reader you most certainly are a beautiful writer.

    One thing I'd like to point out is that you shouldn't be so negative about your podcasts. Look at it this way, you make these podcasts wanting for people to listen to them so if you say the podcast sucks then not many people are going to want to wade through it all if that makes sense. I mean you're asking people to spend 25 minutes or so listening to something that you're claiming isn't great in the first place. I don't know buddy, I hope you read this in the good intentions that it's... intended. I'm glad you're not going to kill off all of your characters too, I love Trent!

    1. I get what you mean don't worry. I think people are accoustomed to me saying something is really bad when it isn't, and they're willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. Plus, like I said, my voice is like chocolate, so they'll listen anyway. Thank you though.

    2. No offence but I find it quite annoying when you do that. It's one thing being modest/humble but it just feels like you're fishing for compliments all the time.

  3. Hah okay yeah there sure is a lot of "ugh this is bad" "aahhh I'm not professional" stuff in here. That's okay though, voice acting isn't the easiest.
    "Who wrote this shit? Oh, me." Hahahaha, nice one! 8D
    Cat purr audio books.
    Bootchered the English language enoff. ;D
    At least good you know you sock. ;D
    "Believe what you want to believe." So simple, yet so amazing!
    Oh God this is so brilliant!
    So much gore in that first/second chapter.
    Dumbstruck quite often, ain't you, Geoff?
    Shittiest ringtone man, change it.
    The bet, oh God, beautiful.
    Looking back, they sure were taking the morbid heartstabbing lightly.
    Inspirational speech by Trent there, on meeting people and stuff. <3 Good job, lad.
    Dr Osbourne never re-appeared, did he?
    It was fun to listen. Not the most exciting piece of audio, but hey, you tried!
    We'll always love you! <3

    ...I could do my take of it as well, and we can compete in an audio-book-off?

    1. That was just a little beep to tell me I have an email, though I don't have any custom ringtones anymore. I realised that if I associated a song with something on my phone, I start to hate it. I had a song for my alarm, never listened to that song again. As for the podcast, well, thanks. I know as I went on, I did do a better job of it. Much like with writing. He never did reappear, yet. I had some plans for him that fell through too. Let's not pretend the rest of it isn't gory. Trent breaks bones, gets shot and snaps a neck. I have stepped back a bit from the gore though. It was nice to remember some of the really good stuff I had written too. I'm not being a total downer here.

  4. I wasn't able to listen to whole 45 minutes but what I heard was good. You're so hard on yourself, Mark. Especially as you read, you correct yourself as you go - these are things we, the listener may not have noticed if you hadn't pointed out. You're better than you think.

  5. I'll go and check out the post you've written after I've listened the podcast. Also, I agree with above, you shouldn't so hard on yourself. You're really good, and I don't think you realize that yet.

  6. Ahhh... well, honestly, I don't think many actors perform something for 40 minutes straight without a break. Even on radio there are commercials and breaks. On stage, usually one actor isn't speaking the whole time. There are the one man shows, but even then there are intermissions. So, that is probably why you are finding it difficult. Not an easy task to perform for that length of time. Next time, you could read a little bit at a time, take breaks, and edit it all together. If you want. I think it's fine the way it is, personally. I liked the debate between Trent and the doctor, about the pros and cons of living forever. I wouldn't worry about making the podcasts perfect. Just have fun with it.

  7. Being a blogger means never having to say you're sorry Mark!

  8. I'll have to listen to the podcast later but you're definitely a talented writer!

  9. I'd give this a listen but I'm currently in class. I'll try later. :x

  10. "My soothing and Chocolatey voice....Well no one has said chocolatey"- LOL! What an adjective to describe your voice!

    great chapter. My only critique of your narration would be that maybe you could use more expression when talking? Like in parts it sounded like you were a little bored of reading it (even though you probably weren't!)


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