Tuesday, 18 September 2012

No Trains, But Planes And Automobiles

Even though this is going out Tuesday it was written on the bus home on Sunday, at the extent of my poor thumbs.

Overall I've had a pretty damn good day. A few tantrums from the kids here and there, and very very sore feet, and a rather unquenchable thirst, but a good time. I don't know how well known it is but I really do love aircraft. My boyhood dream was to be a fighter pilot. I don't remember when I gained and lost it but I remember having it at six and holding on to it for a few years. Eventually I was forced to accept the inevitable.

1) I was afraid of heights
2) I was, and still am, in terrible shape
3) It sadly wasn't for me.

I still retained my love of aircraft, and bought many a glider and play as many aircraft games as I can come across. When I was on holiday there was a game that was close to a simulator and I spent too long on that game.

While I may never join the RAF, I still have some hope of maybe one day getting a license and a small personal craft. That's going to take some time though. Especially because one of the activities of the aircraft museum type place I went to informed me my eyesight is not quite good enough. May it be good enough for a personal craft, if not for military use.

That, eventually, brings us back to the trip. It was more like a proper wartime museum and that's really what it was. They had plenty of ground vehicles too and even two boats and a submarine, and several commercial aircraft including a Concorde. They even had a few German planes including one they found in a rubbish dump. Yep, they found a plane in a rubbish dump. It was mostly just the fuselage and they were able to use that to start rebuilding it. As well as one plane that was shot down, crashed, didn't explode, and then the chap flying it was shot on his way out of the plane. That's got to hurt. To survive being shot down just to be shot on your way out. Also terribly rude of the people who shot him. Then to make it better they fixed the plane, just to break it again. Or, as they put it "restored to look how it did when it crashed." I also read about a guy who accidentally turned the afterburners on while a plane was on the ground. He was forced to take off and land it, which he safely managed to do. According to my dad he also passed out on the way up. How exactly does a person accidentally turn on the afterburners?

Sadly I did not get a go on a flight simulator. They only had one and it was mostly for kids, and the little bastards wouldn't get off of it. I also wasn't able to buy anything. But, if I ever have kids, and that place is still there, SO. TAKING. THEM. They let you pay to be taken up on one of the old Tiger Moths they have (a plane that was used to train pilots) and they would even let you fly one. I almost cried because it was so expensive and I could never have gotten to do it.

I hate war, but I still love aircraft. That's going to have to be a rant that waits though. This has lasted enough. Don't worry, it will come.

The slideshow is all the pictures I took. Buxton is the name of the place I went to, it's a little outside Cambridge.


  1. Man I would love for you to someday achieve your dream of being able to fly your own personal aircraft. The photos are awesome too, I have a feeling that you and my father might get along haha, when we accompanied him to America he would constantly drag us around air museums looking at Blackbird's and other planes like this. Honestly I think I may have developed a dislike for planes over that.

  2. Looks like a great place Mark, glad you had a good time, how much was the Tiger Moth flight?

  3. An outing with children is always exhausting but they will never forget the day with Uncle Mark. The pics will make a good memory and best of luck with learning to fly!

  4. Damn kids ruin everything - can't even get into the flight simulator! LOL

    My first hubby flew small planes but found out he was color blind and wasn't allowed to fly another larger than a Cessna so being a pilot in the Air Force was out. Talk about one bummed guy.

    We just had an air show in my area not to long ago. Lots of airplanes, tanks, marches - all that cool stuff. You would have loved it, Mark.

  5. I do love plane museums :) I like tank museums too. Glad you had a good day! x

  6. Don't give up on your dream :)

  7. I have always found those fighter planes to look really badass, but kind of ugly at the same time.
    'twas a good dream while it lasted kid. And don't worry, there's other cool stuff to chase after!

  8. This sounds like you had a great day!

  9. damn kids have to hog all the good toys. I hope you eventually get to fly your plane.

  10. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. :)

  11. I tried so hard to conquer my fear of heights but none of those things worked :(

  12. I don't have any issues being on planes, it's when I'm near a ledge where the fall could kill me when my fear of heights kicks in.

  13. I hope you one day get to fly your own aircraft! There's a rather small community near my town, where people have their own small planes. Every now and then, especially on really beautiful sunny days, I can see the little planes flying around the city. It's awesome.

  14. If it's something you like and have an interest, I wouldn't give up on the airplanes. You could always just do for-fun lessons in those little planes to start out and see how you like it. (Idk if you can do that over there? Here we can take lessons at the smaller airports like where people keep their private planes. 'tis a bit pricey tho...).


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