Saturday, 22 September 2012

No Immortal Space Because I Suck

Yes, sadly I did not do any writing in Immortal Space this week. Which is a little odd because this week has been a week of ups in a lot of ways. I was even doing university work in the car. I would have written then but I placed uni work a little higher. I would write something right now, and it wouldn't be the first time that I've written more when it's time to write an update, but that wouldn't end up very well. I can only hope to have a chapter up tomorrow, but I can't make any promises I can't keep. Or, should I say, I won't make a promise I don't know if I can keep. I really need to start writing more than one chapter at a time so I have backups if necessary. That would require more effort though, which is a bit silly. The concept of me putting more effort in to something that is. You can argue that I'm putting effort in to this, and I kind of am, I guess, but I'm not really. I'm going to avoid a depressing rant though because I won't feel the same way in the morning, or throughout the day. At least, I don't think I will.

That's one of the worst things about scheduling posts. When they're written on very current events and feelings, they can be irrelevant by the time they're read. There have been several times I've wanted to make a post that amounts simply to "Fuck this and fuck you" but I never did it because the feeling doesn't last very long. If it did, I would have written a suicide note by now. Hell if the feeling lasts I'd have probably planned it all out and potentially done it. They say that a person isn't truly suicidal until they've made a note or a plan. I doubt I would ever make a note. No one would really read it. I wouldn't want anyone to blame themselves either and if you're going to say that to them then of course they're going to blame themselves. Then again, suicide is the ultimate selfish act, so if you're going to do it I really don't think you care about anyone, or what they might think, at all. If you actually did, you wouldn't do it at all.

This is getting longwinded and delving into realms that are best explored at a later time. Though it does kinda shit on my "It would be rushed and crappy if I wrote it now" theory. That was quite well written.

Anyway, I shall see what I can do.


  1. Sorry to hear that there's no Immortal Space this week Mark but it's okay, it's extremely hard to write a story and you're doing a great job with it so don't feel guilty.

  2. One of my oldest friends hung himself last year. He didn't leave a note. But he did leave behind 4 children, a wife and many sad friends. You can never really tell when someone means it until they've done it. Then it's too late.

  3. good that feeling does not stay long

  4. Aww dude don't go talking all suicidal again. It's no fun topic, and you know better than to pull one of those fast and dirty ones on us.
    Well, you do, so I shouldn't be getting my shit worked up here, but eh.

    Also, no IS, bummer. It had better come soon and it had better be good. ;D

  5. Hey no suicidal talk please !
    Live life happily yeah ups n downs are there but that doesn't mean to be sad all the time :)

  6. Many blog posts are like a snapshot of a brief moment in time, I suppose. Whenever I write something, I always ask myself...would I write this if I were running for president of the United States? That helps me to avoid saying something I regret too much.

  7. I've written posts the day before and scheduled them to post and by the time they posted, I've worked through a lot of my feelings but let the post go anyway so I'll have a record of how I felt. I did that the other day with my amends post.

    I also had a friend who committed suicide and didn't leave a note. He planned it for three years and didn't say a peep. He wanted to make sure his family got the life insurance but didn't think about their emotions after leaving them fatherless and husbandless. Awful.

    I haven't written in my book in far to long, Mark. I've allowed other things to take it's place. I need to be more inspired by you! You always post something.

  8. "I'm going to avoid a depressing rant"
    see, you think you would, but as it would turn out...


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