Thursday, 27 September 2012

It's Amazing This Is Going Up

Frankly I'm kind of amazed that I'm putting this up. Not because it's bad, oh no it's quite good, it's just...emotional. When I told Jessica about it she asked me if I was sure I wanted to put it up, and I said that I would react the same way talking about what I talked about, and there was no point in not putting it up. There was nothing else I wanted to talk about. I have a bit of an announcement to make. I'm not going to be reading blogs at all next week. I'm not going to be online at all. I'm taking myself out of the world, and I'm going to do a lot of writing. Full details are in the podcast, and even though you know that, it's still worth listening to. I'm going to warn you now though, I cry. I actually cry for a few minutes. There's a whole lot about me in this, and like I said, it's kinda remarkable I'm putting it up. I really hope the family doesn't listen to this, even if I do think it's the kind of stuff I really wish I could just say to everyone who knows me, and get it all out there.

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Also this is something I've never asked you to do before but it would help me out if you guys checked out my actual podcast website (which has a new look!) and give me a good rating. I didn't really understand why people asked their listeners to give them ratings, but I'm getting it, and I'm actually allowing myself to ask you to do it.

Please, in any way you can, help me. I need it. I really do. This 37 minute manic-fest really proves that.

I really was making heart hands at my computer. I'm really, really manic sometimes


  1. "okay okay here we go then"
    /podbean ad
    hahaha no fuck you podbean :D

    That was supposed to be a note?
    Was that a train honk?
    5:06 AM, "maybe I need breakfast". DUDE WHAT
    There's no stopping people from getting sick man. Don't take it on yourself like that.
    "Let's follow through on this shit." That's going in my quotes book.
    A man needs his daily dose of wrestling, right?
    Wasn't Jessica being over?
    Short story collection woohoo! Sounds cool, I think you'll come up with some good stuff! Utterly amazing indeed!
    We'll be missing you while you're on internet hiatus, but I think it may just do you good, especially if you're being creative all the time. (Just don't overdo it with the writing, take regular breaks and do other things in between.)
    Such a motivational speech there! And yes, if you ever get something released, I will buy the living shit out of it, and have my mom buy it as well.
    They grow so fast. :')
    You wouldn't be writing for the money though, would you?
    I'll see if I can look around a bit for you for some publishing opportunities for you while you're on break. Can't promise results, but you never know!
    He feels something good. <3 Hold that feeling man!
    Lazy ≠ worthless dude. Most geniuses are hella lazy.
    Flopping? You? You haven't flopped since... uhm... well, never, really.
    Dude Immortal Space is really cool, you should know that by now. ;D
    Yes I am sort of swearing, hahaha. Exactly what you said!
    :C I feel you Mark.
    You can even succeed. There is even a point in trying. If you fail, at least you tried, and there's more stuff for you to try out, you just don't know what yet.
    Stop what if-ing. If you were never born I wouldn't even be here right now. I may not have become the me I am today. You're responsible for me Mark. You're responsible for all of us. We couldn't have done all of our actions without you, and that makes you, partially, a God. And Gods don't bother with negative thought-loops.
    And then you started crying and I just sat there for a while, "shit I need to get me a ticket to England and give the guy a good hug" :C
    Feels bad, awful to hear you like that, and I still wish I could do more, be more than just some lines of text on the internet. I want to help you overcoming those thoughts and depressions and shit, but part of me says that's may be better fought out by yourself. That doesn't mean I won't be willing to be a support pillar made out of lines of text, or hell, even audio and video. As usual, you know where we are if you need us.
    "You can't edit life." Good one.
    That's okay man, sometimes you need to let everything out for a bit.
    Your bro and you may both need to open up a bit.
    Woohoo IS on Saturday! 8D
    "Who really knows?" Time to replace that weird "scaring the children" slogan ;D
    Looking forward to it since twenty minutes ago dude! 8D
    Yeah that sounds good! I won't have enough money to buy 50+ copies, but I may just buy a few and hand out in town, or leave a few in school. Maybe I'll ask if they want to take one into the school library?
    The insane clowns are hella scary dude.
    Yeah that's because you don't want buyer's remorse. I try to do it here and there, but often fail.
    See you Mark! Stay strong, and good luck with your writing!
    (secretly expecting a podcast anyway)
    Walking his ass off: literal edition. Cool!
    Love you too Mark! I made a heart with my hands in response! <3
    You said five times that you really have to go, and only on the last you left. Haha, bye Mark! <3

  2. I'm not going to be as awesome as Fang with my play by play commentary here but I had to point out how "I'll be using the internet to keep up with my wrestling," made me laugh because I'd be exactly the same. Breaks from the internet is a great idea because you can really revitalise your entire life by taking a break, they really are that useful.

    Aww ballocks, I'm at the bit where you're saying how you're a writer and the joy in your voice is really moving me Mark, you are a writer and not just that but you're a damn good one too! Haha, I'm going off the tracks here of why I said awww ballocks in the first place, I've got to shower and write a post later but I don't want to stop listening to this, I'm at the 20 minute mark and I'll definitely come back later, sorry buddy, we all love you though.

  3. GOOD LUCK MARK! I believe you can do this :D just stick with and believe in yourself, believe in your words and believe in your talent.

  4. I can't listen to the podcast at work but I totally support your Internet break! I'll be here when you get back! Enjoy your free time!!!

  5. "To all those mutha fuckas who doubt me." Haha, awesome line! And, Missing Link distributed 20,000 copies?! Wow! That's incredible.

    Anyway, when I look at my writing (and partially the reason I haven't released anything beyond comedy pieces on my site) I become very self-conscious about it. Though, I watch interviews with writers who've sold millions of copies of their literature and they still admit that they wonder what they're doing different. However, now I've really begun to get into my novel again. A little break has made it fun for me again so hopefully I'll release a chapter on my site sometime soon.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is that everyone looks at their writing critically. I believe that's the process we go through in order to improve our writing.

    I hope you release something on Amazon because you'll most certainly be receiving my support, and I'll spread the word as much as I can. Looking forward to what this week break brings out of you! Write, write, write.

    P.S. I have admin rights at work so I can finally listen to the podcast!

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  7. Didn't you say a couple of days ago that you never cry? Hmm...

  8. It takes a strong man to show his emotions this way, and I really admire you for doing it.
    Take a break, but come back soon.

  9. We'll miss you when you're gone :) <3 x

  10. Oh goodness, this was extremely painful to listen to. I had to pause and take a break several times before I could finish this.

    Take all the time you need. Look, if you need someone else to talk to, send me an email, and I can add you to Skype. Up to you, I've been told I make a good listener.

  11. I truly hope the respite invigorates your creative side, Mark. I loaded this yesterday and didn't get to dl or vote, but I'm here today and will be for a long while. After this transient wifi goes away, I'm gonna listen and do the heart with my hands as well.


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