Friday, 7 September 2012

It Wasn't My Fault

I was talking to Jessica yesterday and she asked me a "controversial question". "Do you think the Jews should apologise for killing Jesus?". My short and simple answer for that is that no, I don't think they should. See, there's something that's happening in this world, that's a very very stupid thing. We seem to have this idea that we can blame the people who exist today, who had nothing to do with something, for something that happened some time ago, that had nothing to do with them. One of the biggest examples is the Jews. There are people who genuinely think they should say "Our bad guys, we sold out Jesus. Our bad. We cool guys? Guys? Come on put the cross down, we said sorry."

Another of the biggest examples is racism. Somehow every white person that ever lived ever, and is still alive, is responsible for slavery, and every thing that ever happened to black people that wasn't bad. While it's true that yes, we were dicks, some of us still are, but things are much better now. The amount of people who genuinely have problems with black people are becoming few and far between. Plus they tend to wear white hoods, so it's quite easy to spot them. You need to stop blaming us for what happened. It was the past, well over one hundred years ago. I don't think anyone alive today was personally involved in slavery. Things are still shitty, I can get that, but not every white man hates you.

This is slowly becoming more of a "don't generalise" thing, but it is a bit more than that. I do know the two of them are tied, but there is a difference. While we should embrace the good things our ancestors did, we should let go of the bad things. Let's not blame the Jews for what happened to Christ, let's not blame every white man for slavery, let's not blame every man in general for women's rights, and let's not blame the Germans for WW1 and 2. Let's get over the past. By letting go of the past, and accepting that the people we meet are not their ancestors, had nothing to do with what they did, and couldn't stop them even if they wanted to, we can move on as a race. We can become more civilised, more advanced, and really just become better as a whole.

If you just want a reason to hate, and can't get over the past, then you're holding up our advancement. Please, go away. Or stop. Let us move on. Most people accept that individually it helps us as people to grow and move on to let go of the past. So, it can apply to us as a whole race too. Move on, let go, and get along.

Remember, above all, don't be a dick. It's not hard.


  1. You're right Mark, it's a waste of time and is morally wrong. All some people need is an excuse to hate and to finger point. We need to remember history so we can learn from it's mistakes.

  2. You should sell a bumper sticker or t-shirt with that on it at zazzle: "Don't be a dick. It's not hard."

  3. Legit, dude. :/
    I'm sick of people judging others based on history/race.

    I judge a person for the personality I see in front of me. I don't get what's so hard about that. :/

    Was Jessica angry at your response?

    1. No I wasn't angry, that has always been my opinion. My question was part of a wider conversation and a South Park, I myself am Jewish and did not kill Jesus :P

  4. What a great post, Mark! I think people just feel this need to play the blame game because it's easier to blame others than accept personal responsibility for what's happening in their lives.

  5. Very thought-provoking post, but I am super immature because I can't stop giggling at "Don't be a dick. It's not hard."

  6. "Our bad guys, we sold out Jesus. Our bad. We cool guys? Guys? Come on put the cross down, we said sorry." That made me laugh so much because it's SO TRUE. When you say it that way it just highlights how silly it is to think that people so far removed from history should apologize for it.

    Also loved "don't be dick." The truth of ages, man.

  7. I see why this is controversial in a way but I agree with all of it man. It's like over in Ireland everyone hates on people who are Catholic because of the past despite not knowing these Catholics personally and it's the same on both sides and it's ridiculous. Great post man, well argued indeed.

  8. Could not have said it better myself!

  9. I don't really believe Jesus existed, so I don't see why anyone would apologise for killing him.


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