Sunday, 23 September 2012

Immortal Space Today Because I Don't Totally Suck

There is a nice Immortal Space update today after all. I spent a bit over an hour doing some writing in it and I wrote about 2500 words. So, I'm going to be a cheapskate bastard. Instead of giving you the full update, I'm going to split it in to two updates. This way, I'm safe if I can't think of anything to write next week. Or I just don't write anything next week. See, barely anyone reads today anyway so there's not too much of a point in giving out a lot. Plus, this way, next week you get about 2000 words. Sheesh if anything I can probably split this into three updates, but I won't be doing that. For now, just enjoy this middle length update, and remember that there's going to be a huge update next week.

A few days later Trent and Geoff were back at the police station. They had done all the bounties they had picked up, but still didn't have enough money. They were looking to have one big bounty that would give them enough money. There were several low paying ones but they were set on doing just one more. Trent thought Geoff needed a break and that everything he'd been through lately was having a bad effect on him.
“Hey I found one!” Geoff said, directing Trent's attention to the monitor. “Steven Albert, worth 50,000 credits. That's more than we've earned so far. Think we can take him?”
“Well it's more if you think you're up to it.” Trent said, patting him on the head. “Remember what happened in the bar with Lena. Are you going to seize up again? This is going to be tougher than that.”
“I won't seize up” Geoff said, swatting Trent's hand away. “I'm not afraid any more.”
“Hey fear can keep you alive. Don't be afraid of being afraid.”
“Yeah yeah”, Geoff said, printing the information and handing it to Trent. “So, where do we start?” Trent took the information and folded it up before putting it in to his pocket.
“Well, first of all, we need to go shopping. There's something I want to buy, we can start work after that.”
“Shopping? Really? Aren't we supposed to be saving money?”
“We are. This is pretty important and with how much this bounty will net us, we'll still have enough.”
“If you say so” Geoff said, walking out of the station. Trent followed him and the two of them walked around town until they found the store they were looking for. An electronics store. When they were inside Trent let Geoff look around while he found what he was after. The shelves were full of things like PDA's, computers, and communication devices. Trent was after these. They were like watches, but with a slightly bigger base and more buttons around the side, as well as a bigger screen. They also had a socket for a headset for more personal calls. Trent picked two up, and took them to the desk. When he called Geoff over he handed him one, and showed him how to use it. All Geoff had to do was press a button and say Trent's name and it would connect to the one registered with Trent's name in it's memory. Another of the buttons allowed them to set the time, so they did that.
“Okay now what?” Geoff asked, still playing with the communicator.
“What, no thank 'you'? I did just buy you something nice.” Trent scolded.
“I'd thank you but half of that money is mine. Mine came out of my share.”
“And when did you become such a smart ass?”
“I've become a lot of things while you haven't been paying attention.” Geoff said quietly, drifting off and looking away.
“What was that?” Trent said, leaning in closer.
“Nothing.” Geoff said, shaking his head. “What are we going to do now then?”
“If you're sure it was nothing” Trent said, sighing. “Well for now we're going to split up, and try and gather some information on this Steven guy. When you find something out, you let me know, and I'll do the same. Got it?”
“Yeah I got it.” Geoff said, waving his hand and walking off. “Thanks for the communicator” he shouted back to Trent. Trent shook his head and walked off in the opposite direction. He was heading to any bar he could find. The best information, especially about the more underground matters, was found in a bar. He found one a few streets away and went inside. He went to the bar and decided to have a drink before asking around.


  1. Well done on managing to get this written up Mark, great writing as always buddy.

  2. "What, no thank 'you'?"
    Your single quotes are kind of off there. ;D

    But geez, Geoff really has gotten an attitude! I don't personally like the way he's becoming, but that's some cool, solid character development you're having there. Also, I wonder what the stuff he was hinting at is foreshadowing.

  3. Great, again! :) Can't wait to find out what happens next :D x

  4. Okay, Mark, now you've done it! I am determined to get some writing in this week - even if the family starves because of it!!!

    Seriously though, I'm proud of you for getting so much writing in - you've been doing a great job!

  5. to be continued... I hope ;)

  6. alrite, good stuff. however, kill gee-off off already. i hate looking at that time, it kills me.

  7. Ohh 2500? Someone's been on a writing spree! Looking forward to the next chapter :D

  8. You've done a good job of showing how like a "father-son" relationship these two have. Now if only Trent would figure out what he's supposed to do next. It's the bane of all parents, knowing what they've done wrong to upset their children!

    Great job Mark!

  9. seems the inspiration muse was with you today

  10. I'm pretty bad like that too, splitting posts up to save for a rainy day.

    Also, he should be like Varys from Game of Thrones. I'm pretty sure having multiple people in multiple shady bars relaying info is much better and easier.


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