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Immortal Space: Chapter Whatever

I was able to write a post in between being a bipolar bitch. Though it was written late last night. Anyway, I have a few notes beforehand. I mentioned before that I want this to be at least 30,000 words, and I would like there to be 40 to 50 (thousand) and updates seem to generally be about 1000, and right now we have 24 thousand. So, you could potentially see an end by the end of the year, but don't count on it. It's kind of hard to think about just how long I've been doing this, and how tough it can sometimes be to get something written out in a week. It really helped show me how a book can take a year or two to write. So remind me I can't complain about how long there is between two books. With that out of the way, enjoy another update. It's all talking, again. Oh shit should have given a spoiler alert I guess.


“What the Hell was that?!” Geoff shouted, punching the wall in anger before shaking his hand when the pain hit. They were back at the hotel room and Geoff had stayed quiet on the journey before letting out his frustration when they got back.
“That,” Trent started, shutting the door behind him, “Is something an idiot does when they're angry. There's no sense in getting angry.”
“You don't even know what I'm angry about!” Geoff snapped.
“Well, what is it?” Trent said as he sat down and crossed his legs. “Tell me what's wrong.”
“Everything!” Geoff shouted. Trent didn't react and Geoff calmed down. “Everything” he said again, quieter this time. “First I think I want to get stronger, then I think I am stronger, and I seize up, and then a woman comes along with a knife! I freeze, and someone else saves me, yet again! If it isn't you then it's some random woman in a bar! I want to be able to take care of myself dammit!”
“You handled yourself quite well when you hit Max in the face.” Trent pointed out. Geoff laughed and sat down himself.
“Guess I kinda did, huh?”
“Sure did, kid” Trent said with a smile. “You just never seen someone use a weapon is all. But you have to understand something?”
“What's that?” Geoff said, looking up.
“A weapon don't change a thing, if you know what you're doing. A guy comes at you with a knife, and you just don't let them hit you. The same applies to any weapon really. In fact if you can get it off them, then you can turn the fight in your favour. Don't rely on weapons, and you can always beat the people that do.”
“That's easy for you to say, you're a damn immortal.”
“Yeah but I did my training when I wasn't didn't I? I've also seen enough fighting to know things like this. You ask that Lena chick and she'll tell you the same thing. She pretty much told me while we were there.”
“Wait, you talked to her?” Geoff said with interest.
“Yeah but not about much.”
“Well what did she say?”
“What are you so interested for? You jealous I talked to her?”. Trent burst in to laughter at the look on Geoff's face. He was getting angrier and his cheeks were going red. “You hoping I asked her for her number? Or are you upset because you want me to yourself?” Trent said between laughs. Geoff dived on him and knocked him to the ground. Geoff landed on top of him and tried to punch him but Trent shifted his head so Geoff hit the floor instead.
“Dammit!” He cried out in pain. “Why does that keep happening to me?!” he said while massaging his head.
“Well that's obvious at least.” Trent said, pushing Geoff off and getting up. “You keep hitting things you shouldn't, and keep trying to hit things you can't.”
“You think I can't hit you?” Geoff said.
“I know you can't kid. I taught you everything you know” Trent replied, looking smug. Geoff jumped on him and knocked him down again and the two grappled on the floor for a few minutes before Trent emerged victorious with knee on Geoff's back. He threw his arms in the air to show off for nobody before standing up and picking Geoff up.
“Give it a little longer, and you'll be able to beat me, Lena, and anyone else who comes at you, weapon or not.”
“You think so?” Geoff responded while dusting himself off.
“I know so.”
“What if they have a gun?”
“Pshht, that's easy.” Trent said, swatting the air. “You just walk towards them. Sometimes they won't even shoot, and if they do they'll run away when you don't die from it.”
“Uhhh, but I would die.”
“Oh yeah. Forget I said that.” Trent said, laughing again and patting Geoff on the head. “You leave those people to me.”
“But I don't want to be relying on you!” Geoff said, getting upset again.
“It's perfectly alright to rely on people kid. I do it too sometimes.”
“Really?” Geoff asked, bemused. “You actually rely on people?”
“Of course I do. I relied on your friend Osbourne to put me back in one piece, and what happens if I black out? I'm going to be relying on people to get me to a safe place until I recover. Even the immortal rely on people.”
“Wow” Geoff said in amazement. “I had no idea you could actually be helpless.”
“Some people don't realise these things.”
“What if you really aren't around? And I can't rely on you?”
“If you really really can't rely on me, then keep moving, and look for cover. Or avoid them altogether if you can. No sense in starting a fight you can't win.”
“Don't you do that all the time?” Geoff asked, laughing.
“Actually I promote non-violence. Although, there's no such thing as a fight I can't win.”
“But you just said you can end up helpless.” Geoff pointed out.
“Ah, ah, ah” Trent said, wagging his finger in Geoff's face. “I would have to lose a fight, to end up like that, and I ain't about to lose a fight.”
“That doesn't mean that you can't lose. You also said I could beat you one day. Don't forget that.”
“Oh, I was just lying to cheer you up. You really have no chance, ever.” Trent said, looking away.
“I'll show you who has no chance!” Geoff shouted, and dived on Trent again. The two kept fighting until they tired themselves out, and needed to sleep.
“You really think I could never beat you?” Geoff asked across the room.
“Kid, I think you can do anything you want to do. But right now what I want to do, is get some sleep. So sleep I shall.” Trent responded. With that, Geoff laid back, closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

P.S I need to format this stuff properly. Or at least work out how it should be formatted.


  1. You've developed the relationship between these two very well Mark. Trent is a likable character anyway, but he has his flaws and his treatment of Geoff really offsets that and makes him endearing. I also want to see Geoff grow and develop. Nice writing!

  2. Trent is somebody to have as a friend!

  3. I like it :) I think Geoff and Lena should get together ;) They seem good for each other :P x

  4. " “But I don't want to be relying on you, nee-san!” Geoff said, getting upset again. "

    Geoff's been getting rather violent though. The confidence and the combat training isn't doing his personality much good.

  5. I love this Mark, I actually find myself looking forward to this every week now, can't wait to read what happens next. Trent is a great character too.


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