Friday, 28 September 2012

I'm Not The Ideas Guy

So, as most of you would have learned yesterday, I plan to take a week away from everything and live as a writer. I'm going to do as much writing as I can, and so I'm taking myself away from all distractions such as blogging. There's one thing about this though, as brilliant a writer as I am, and lets face it I am, I'm still not very good at the whole concepts thing. I get random inspiration, and I can add to already existing work, but original ideas themselves are sadly not my forte. I don't know how well known it is but the concept for Immortal Space was actually thought up by you guys. It's kind of a shame that only a few people who were around when I started that are still around. I have come up with original ideas of course. When I had to do the 100 word stories and such, and I do plan on expanding upon my already created work, but this is your chance to get involved.

If you can think of any plausible ideas that you would like me to do, then now is your chance to say so. Of course, I will aim to give you as much accreditation as possible in what I hope will be the final outcome of everything; a collection of short stories. So far I have two actual short stories that I plan to expand upon and make longer. That of Tulips, the 250 word flash fiction I wrote (which is now over ten times as long, and still only half way in really) and the as of untitled story I wrote that Aysh used as a guest post. It's called Fate on my computer, but I don't really like that title. I can use the stories themselves as a middle ground, and it's going to be easier with Fate. That was already over 1000 words long. It's not like I have to massively expand upon it. I really like the ideas that I have for those two pieces, but that's still only two pieces. I can expand upon a few of the themes explored in my poetry, and use them as inspiration, but even then that's only a few stories at most, and of questionable quality.

So, like I said, this is your chance to get involved. Throw some ideas at me, and let's see what sticks. Or, if you want to test my flash fiction abilities, then feel free to just throw a picture my way. Anything really is acceptable. If I can make it work, I can and will make it work. I'm fucking awesome, and she's a screamer.

By the way if you saw my joke on Twitter that awesome is kinky then that's the joke I originally wanted to make but that tweet was also going to my Facebook, and I have young relatives on there. Yet I still included the word "fucking"...I'm a terrible influence.

Also, mentioning flash fiction has reminded me of the little piece I wrote on the way to my holiday, so that is three ideas. Originally I was planning on ten five thousand word stories, or 50,000 words in total, but I think I will accept 30,000 words in total. Or eight 5000 word stories. I'm flexible on that too, I don't want every story to be exactly 5000 words but that's what I'm going to aim for. I can write roughly 1000 words an hour so if I can really get the inspiration bug then I can complete one story a day and be done by the end of the week. Then I'll need to understand how to format it and submit it to Amazon or somewhere for publication, and then pray to God they decide to publish it. Oh God I've just realised they can deny publishing it. Ohgodohgodohgodohgodwhatdoidothenohgod.

Minor freak out occurring, continue with your day.


  1. Don't freak out buddy, I'm sure they'll accept it. I'm not going to offer any ideas but considering all the hard work you've put in over the entire time I've been following you with a post every single day you definitely deserve a week off, plus you'll benefit heavily from a break too just like I did in June.

  2. Take a week off is a great idea. Good luck!

  3. I don't know about asking other writers for ideas. We are very selfish bastards, and if we come up with a good idea, naturally we want to keep it for ourselves. But if you could write something about burritos, that would be cool. I haven't had time to listen to the podcast yet. I am trying to make up today for all the things I havent' done, that I shoulda done, so I plan to listen to it today some time...

  4. I think you should write about....
    Oh god. I have no ideas either.
    His is why I will never be or a writer.

  5. A short story for a magazine is usually 1,500 not counting words of less than three letters.
    My advice to you would be to get hold of a Writer's Handbook. They are published every year...I had one, but lent it to someone and didn't get it back. But it has all the magazines and what they are looking for in it. I'm sure you could easily do that, and sometimes they pay quite well.

  6. Alright, I'm going to toss a bunch ideas at you:

    - A salesman tries to sell shoes to a man with no feet.
    - A young girl's blood possesses the power to heal.
    - A doctor has a secret heroin addiction and hides the tracks on his arms.
    - Exposure to radiation pool causes man to go mad (Kind of stolen from Z for Zachariah).
    - Two patients in a psychiatric ward talk about escaping.
    - A clown who is terrified of clowns.
    - A machine that allows you to have dinner with anyone who ever lived.
    - A god drops the Earth and cracks it? (I'm pulling these out of my bum)
    - A researcher discovers a modern day human fossil that's however-many-years old (proves time travel is in future)
    - Sherlock Holmes is actually a criminal.
    - A misunderstood monster that destroys cities (presumably looking for someone/something)

    Alright, I'm out of steam. Sorry if these aren't great, I was just firing them off at random. Hopefully it'll help get the creative juices flowing at least.

    1. Ooo,ooo,ooo! I got another idea. If you can pull it off I think it could be interesting. Alright hear me out.

      Two brilliant chess masters square off. Well narrating the chess match, correlate each significant move to an important event in each of their lives. Seeing as both men live and die by chess, they take each hit much worse than you and I might. Anyway, say one man gets the other in check, essentially that's like being back in a corner. Correlate that move to a moment in the man's life when he felt cornered (i.e. man-in-check=financial problems earlier in life /or/ man-who-out-opponent-in-check=moment as soldier in combat over seas cornering enemy [ok none of that made sense]).I don't know much about chess strategy. I'm just throwing it out there.

  7. Dude if they reject it at least you tried.
    " I'm fucking awesome, and she's a screamer." Best quote in ever. And you're the best influence, since their parents don't plan on having "the talk" for quite a while still. educate 'em while they're young and eager!

    So there's this boy. And he jumps through time at random intervals. Or at least, that's what he experiences. He doesn't experience life linearly, instead it goes from here to there and then way back again. Because of that his memories build in a scattered way.
    Try and work with that. ;D

    Also, pony fanfiction. Do it. (Don't you dare write lemons or smut though.)

  8. I try, I still try, to give up blogging for a day or two to concentrate on my other writing. I've got this story laying fallow which I haven't really touched since August. But, as I learned last week, this blogging monkey on my back is a tough habit to break. Enjoy your writing!

  9. idea: write a romantic short story about how kayfabe AJ Lee falls in love with a low tier video game blogger


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