Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hey There

Hey guys. I'm writing this at five in the morning, and I've been up since four. If you're someone that reads me late in the day, remember this is Sundays post. You don't have to read Saturdays though. Meh. Though with how shit my phone internet has been it could be when I get home when you read this. Anyway, you may be wondering what I'm doing up at four AM. I'm going out for the day. And by the day it seems I literally mean from the start of the day. We're having to catch a bus that arrives at six AM. So I get to spend hours on a bus. I absolutely hate buses. I genuinely really do. I also pumped myself with half a litre of coffee when I woke up. I should probably have died by now from it.

I've fed the cat too. She gets three pouches of food a day so I put two out for her (we'll be back in the evening, before her third feed) and she's already eaten one, so I topped food up before I left. She better appreciate that.

What this really means for you, and I suppose me too, is that this is going to be one of those days I can't really read blogs. Hell I didn't read any last night before I went to bed (four hours sleep YAY!). I'll try and read them through the day but the internet on my phone has been awful lately, and I'll be surprised if it even sends this emal for publishing.

So, you have my apologies, for not being able to read blogs. Its a Sunday, so there aren't many updates, but I do read everything, so you know how I feel about being unable to read.

I'm either too nice, or too committed. Either way, I lose I think.

Oh well. Enjoy your day guys.

If you're wondering where I'm going, I'd love to tell you but I'm not totally sure. Its somewhere in Cambridge. I think its some kind of aeroplane museum, and I do love aeroplanes. We used to always visit an old RAF base when we went on holiday. I loved it there. Even though I'm (obviously) tired, the coffee has made me slightly hyper.

Must. Stop. Writing. Just this post though. Okay, done.
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  1. Bus rides suck! I went for a day trip on one, and it was just awful. Maybe a luxury bus would have been better than a coach bus, but they're still not much fun.

    You are incredibly committed to Blogger - I don't know how you manage to read everyone's blogs and comment right away but you deserve a bit of a break. Have fun and get some sleep!

  2. Don't worry too much about not being able to read or comment buddy, just have a good day man, like Insomniac says you have an incredible commitment to us so you deserve a break!

  3. Have a great day and considering all that coffee, a rest room stop before you get on the bus might be a good idea

  4. Sounds snazzy, I love museums! Have a good day.

  5. Hey!!!!

    I've been off Blogger for a while but I still enjoy reading your posts from time to time!!!!

    Could you do me a favour and vote for my friend Disha Oberoi?? I really need to publicize it and people like your blog so much I figured it was the best place!!!!

    Thanks a ton!!!!1

    If you could post it I would be very very grateful!!!

  6. My friend and I went to Bristol yesterday by TRAIN which was just as well because at one point said friend of this friend wanted to go from London to Bristol by COACH and I was like "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!".

    :-) Hope you had a safe and restful journey to Cambridge!! Glad your cat is ok too!

    Take care

  7. We don't give a shit about you not reading, but your comments and such will definitely be missed. Don't feel bad though, we still love you!

  8. You are always dedicated to the people who follow you, and I think everyone understands. I didn't post today, so that's one less blog you have to worry about. Try to get some sleep!!

  9. How sweet that you're apologizing for not reading blogs!

  10. I'm really sporadic with the times that I post and comment so I can't criticize you in any way. :P

  11. three pouches a day? is your cat hefty?


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