Monday, 3 September 2012

God Dam Stupid Sleep Patterns

I realise that's a lot more cursing than you might like to hear from a cadet in peace time (fist bump to anyone who gets that reference) but lately my sleeping has been really annoying me. I'm doing that thing where I wake up for my alarm, but then I just go back to sleep for a few hours. It's not like the few hours extra sleep do me any good either. It's wasted time. Time I could have been writing, or exercising. I'm going to need all the time in the day when I start my Open University program soon, so I hope I can fix it. Maybe having something to wake up for will help me actually wake up.

For all the writers out there, do you ever get that feeling where you have a string of ideas that all seem to flow and fit together to make something work? I got it quite recently, and I love it when that happens. When everything just falls in to place. In fact I've been getting the urge to write a lot lately, so expect some actual real posts this week. The downside of this is that as a writer writing a story, you can't really talk to someone about your ideas. At least, not if you don't want to spoil things for them. It's one of the banes of being a writer, which is one of the reasons we are our own worst critics. We have to be, because no one else can do it for us.

Anyway, despite the fact that all that above could probably count as an actual post, I'll still inundate you with a round up of last week. It may be a little short, but it will be there. Or here. Or wherever. Check under your beds. Don't check the closet though, you won't like what lives in there.

Monday, in lieu of a round up post, I presented the story of how decorating my room a lovely shade of purple went. A problem has since arisen though, in that I got paint on my clothes when I was painting my drawers. These are old clothes I should probably replace, but I can't at this time. So, if anyone has any tips for getting paint out of clothes, please do share.

Tuesday, in a fine example of "I can post whatever the Hell I want and not get hatemail" I posted my thoughts on the frankly barbaric process of capital punishment. Comments were mixed, with some in support, but no one outright called me a wanker for being against it. I like you guys more now.

Wednesday I had writers block and so published something that had been sitting in the draft section for a while now on the subject of influences, and inspirations. The basic lesson being that you should be careful who you allow to influence and inspire you. Choose your role models well.

Thursday was a half decent return to half decent podcasting. I really need to start recording these things earlier. I did find my headset again though, so expect a return to normal volume soon. The problem with recording on my phone is that it's touch or go as far as volume is concerned because I'm no good at holding the thing in front of my mouth and keeping it there. As for what it was actually about, it was a nice little tribute to fellow blogger and writer Megan Adamson. I read out several of her poems (after asking permission to read only one). I wasn't too happy with it, but the lady of honour herself was, so I can live with it. Maybe I'll pick out another one, another time, for some random poetry at the end of a podcast. Or I could just pull a musical and randomly burst into song every five seconds not spent singing a song.

Friday, in an effort to prove I am boring as fuck, I posted about getting a heart rate monitor to track how many calories I lose doing pretty much anything, and how my cat really enjoyed the box it came in. She's slept in there a few times since. Really all I proved was that all you need to make a good post is a cute picture of a cat.

Saturday I posted the latest update on Immortal Space complete with Geoff getting in to a fight, and as the title of the post says, "so much bromance." I'm actually considering dropping the female character I had planned, and really, I can make it work with just the two of them. Thanks to the inspiration flash I talked about at the start of the post (remember that?), I know how things are going to go, and there's no real need for a third person, from a story perspective.

Last but not least, on Sunday I posted a few songs by masterful musical love maker Alice Cooper. Despite his image, he has some very beautiful songs, and those two were prime examples.

If you've actually read all of this, then I really feel sorry for you. You poor, poor bastard. Whoever you are. You're a true fan, and sadly I have no way to verify if you really did it.


  1. True fan reporting in haha. I get what you mean about sleeping patterns too and hopefully you fix it soon. I can't wait to hear about this Open University thing as well, best of luck with that my man, I'm glad to hear that you're making positive steps like this,m it's been a good week for you in general.

  2. I am glad you did this recap although it made me even more awayre how scarce I have been this week.
    As for paint on clothes, no help from me. I have so many tops that are paint splattered

  3. Being a writer is a difficult thing and it drains as easily as it invigorates. Maybe your brain is writing while you sleep and you're not aware of it. Looking forward to the stories.

  4. I have sleeping problems too :S All I could think about last night was X-Men :S x

  5. I know what you mean about the writing streak and the sleep patterns. I tend to wake up at least one hour ahead of time just so my brain can get into "functioning mode." :P

    -Barb the French Bean

  6. I rarely get such streaks, sadly. They do occur to me sometimes while programming, but they're either really buggy, or disappear out of my mind before I can write 'em down.

  7. I hope the sleepping problems go away soon. Sleep is so beautiful and precious :P

  8. Aww I read the whole post like a fanboy (girl). Please excuse me while I go catch up on what I've missed

  9. Well, to be nitpicky you spelled "God damn" wrong, so technically you weren't swearing. But the fact I spelled it right, and put it in the comments section on your site, probably is some sort of sin, so you still need to go to confession. Unless you are Protestant, then I think you are probably good as long as you accepted Jesus as your savior. Unless of course you are a Calvinist, then you were predestinated at the foundation of the Universe. Ok I will stop now...

  10. We must be on the same sleeping pattern, Mark. I haven't slept well in days but, I too have been itching to write after my time off. Open University? Do tell....

  11. i know what ya mean, weekends always fuck up my sleep patterns

  12. I feel your pain man. During summer time I always have wacky sleep patterns.

  13. I have terrible sleep patterns regardless of what I do. :P

  14. Great week, I know the next will be equally great!


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