Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Getting My Flash Fiction On

Yesterday marked a very important day for me. No I did not finally get my "big boy hair", I could finally close a tab on my browser that had been open for weeks. You see, a few weeks ago, when I first opened this tab of course, I was made aware of something called Lascaux Flash which is something run by the, I'm assuming, good people of The Lascaux Review. Lascaux Flash seems to be some flash fiction competition they hold yearly. Or at least this is Lascaux Flash 2012. Now most of you know that I don't actually hold too much faith or belief in my writing ability. The thought of entering a writing contest would seem incredible to me. But, that is exactly what I did. I used their prompt to write a 250 word story, and yesterday I submitted it to them for entry in their competition. 

This was the prompt
I can't say for sure that the story is something I'm proud of, and I actually don't entertain the idea of winning much. But this is something I never really thought I would do. This is something that really, I don't think anyone ever expected me to do. I wonder how well I'll take rejection. My guess is not very. The prize is 250 dollars (a dollar a word) and to be published in the aforementioned magazine. That would be beyond amazing, but there are so many entries, and like I said, I'm not that confident. I don't regret entering, not by a long shot, but I am wondering what I was smoking at the time. Which by the way was nothing, which makes this whole thing worse. Anyway, the winner is decided by their editors, so I can't ask you guys to go rig a vote for me (and I'm perfectly capable of rigging a vote myself), but, for now, you can enjoy my entry. It's a piece I call "Tulips".

I was walking through the fields when it happened. Something snapped. Something inside me. It took me a moment to realise what it was. I could smell tulips.

Tulips were her favourite flowers, and I hadn't realised how long it had been since I had smelled them, or how long it had been since I really thought about her. She was so young, far too young. I remembered the way she smiled, her blonde curls flowing in the wind while she ran and laughed.

We were at the park, and she was running around. She ran too far though, and wasn't looking. She ran out of the park, and in to the road. I couldn't reach her in time, and she went through the windscreen. When I finally got to her all I could do was hold her and cry. I had already lost her mother, and I couldn't believe I was losing her too.

The driver was apologising but I couldn't hear him. I couldn't hear anything. I didn't want to be there. An ambulance came but it was too late. She was already gone. I would never hold her again. Never see her ever again.

When we buried her we covered her coffin in tulips, and I never went near them again. I found myself walking without thinking, and I guess I just couldn't escape the past and came here subconsciously.

This was that park. All I could do was drop to my knees, and cry once more.
When I saw the picture, I just thought of a shattered mind, and the colours reminded me of flowers, and that's how this whole sad piece came together. I would say wish me luck but that would be a waste of effort and energy. I should just have my own magazine, and publish my own work. Wait, I do, I just call it a blog, and it's not that well known, sadly. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! Then again, if you enjoyed a story about a little girl being run over, I'm not sure what to think of you.


  1. I really should stop reading stuff as if it's me in the story. ):

    Seems pretty okay, but ahh, 250 words is so little! There's no way I'll be able to write something decent in that amount! D:

  2. This story is incredible, it's amazing how you managed to make something so awesome with just 250 words Mark, the story really moved me and it'll move the writers too, I reckon you've a very good chance of winning, congratulations in just having the nerves to even enter though!

  3. I don't really take criticism well either, but I'm trying to improve on that. I mean, if people dont tell you what you're doing wrong, how will you ever improve?

  4. Very touching story! I have a hard enough time writing a 500 word piece of flash fiction nevermind 250. You did an incredible job with it, and you should be proud. Good luck in the competition!

  5. The 250 word limit is rather constricting, so I think you did a great job considering. I liked the short sentence structure, which helped the story move along in such a short space of time. It's also not what I would have thought of from looking at that picture, so it's great to see a different perspective. Good luck on your entry.

  6. I could never write anything in 250 words. My comments are 250 words half the time! You did a great job evoking emotions in such a short piece. Very brave of you to submit something - Good luck!

  7. I enjoyed/was saddend by your story! I'm glad you submitted it, and I think it will do very well!

    Good luck!

  8. Just like Fang above, I need to stop seeing myself as the character in the story. It's so sad, but so so good! You did exceptionally well, my friend, given the 250-word limit!

    I think it's great that you went for it and submitted the story to this contest; don't beat yourself up if you don't end up winning though---your words still have an impressive effect on your readers, and that is way better than $250. :)

  9. I have a tendency to leave tabs open as well, mostly half written things that may or may not be blog posts.

    But good on you. I supposed what I see in that image isn't much better than a car crash but I highly doubt people would be receptive to a story on domestic abuse.

  10. That was really good, I liked it :) And yes, your blog is well known, just ask your 386 followers! :P x

  11. I have sentences longer than 250 words some days! You did an amazing job, and I think its wonderful that you submitted it!! I hope you do well...can't see how you wouldn't!!

  12. Huh... Good job. Good luck with the contest!

  13. This was really good, I can see where the prompt gave you the idea for this kind of story. These kinds of pieces of writing are always really powerful, so I hope you win! xxx

  14. I hope you win. But I personally avoid these types of contests, or submitting anything I create to be critiqued by a board of smarty pantsed knowitalls. All the rejection just zaps out all the creative spirit from you. I just was crushed by stuff like this personally. Though, I guess I really should man up, and stop being a wuss, by now.


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