Thursday, 6 September 2012

Episode 31: Back On Form

As far as I can tell this is episode 31. I have two pages of fifteen episodes at least so by logic this has to be 31. It's half an hour long and I talk about nothing in particular. As always. So I'm "Back on form."

For some specifics though I talked about advertising, doing this using my computer's microphone and how it seems to be much better quality, the open university, and some of my actual goals in life. The last two are related. Please let me know first of all if you hear adverts, and second of all when, and if they seem intrusive. When I first joined podbean all those years ago, they said I could pick where the adverts go, but so far I have found no function like that. Also in case you're wondering why even though free accounts automatically have adverts (they don't get any money from them though) but I've never had adverts, the podcasts were never formatted in the way they wanted, and they never called me on it.

Anyway, for now, enjoy.

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  1. The laptop's on board microphone sounds pretty good man, the Open University thing is a great idea and I wish you the best of luck with it man. I'm a bit of a loner as well so studying at home doesn't sound like a bad idea at all, don't be surprised if I end up copying you haha. I want to learn about psychology too so let me know how it goes for you. I'd probably consider buying the book if I had a job and money if that makes sense because I'd really love to have it as a proper copy or whatever.

    No advertisements played by the way, at the start or throughout the blog. Not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing.

  2. Yeah, the quality actually sounds really good. And it's a great volume. In fact, I'm used to having to turn my speakers up quite a bit to hear your podcasts, so I did that, as usual, before playing... and then when it started, it blasted my ears.

    Oh, and I've never heard a single ad either.

  3. It sounds really good...and you sound so much like my cousin it is freaking me out.

  4. It would be a lot easier to read "Immortal Space" in book form, so I don't see how that is being money grubbing if you were to make it available. Anyway, I like your idea of selling your own products. When everything is relevant to the blog it doesn't even seem like you are selling anything at all...which is a good thing.

  5. the quality sounds really good! also, this might come out really weird but I've always found your voice to be really comfortable to listent to.

  6. If you feel like you're nocturnal you should come to the US! Then your sleeping patterns would be normal :P

    Also, the sound quality is really good with your laptop mic! And I haven't heard any ads... so I don't know.

  7. "god I hope I don't lose the latino crowd"
    you sound like conservative politicians in America lel

  8. Your podcast was great and (BUY NEW BLA BRAND SHAMPOO!) it did not have any ads interupting it or at the end!

    I heard the car/truck at the five minute mark! It was loud!!

    Yup the recording quality is FANTASTIC!! Keep using that mic!

    Yup the pursuite of financial gain does suck!

    RANDOM Meatloaf refference! But I wont do that!!

    If you want to know about peoples mind, don't go into psychology, go in to neurology!

    I got a question for you: How do I find a good job?

    Your latino croud is one person? Thats quite the crowd!!

    I too want to be a doctor, but a medical doctor!!

    oh so you wont kill me?! Darn.

    Maybe the FBI is listening in on this podcast!!!!

    If you've forgotten what you said in this podcast then my comment wont make sense!! (which isn't new.)


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