Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A-Z Of Me, Part 1

This is something I'm borrowing from the super awesome Althea. Basically the idea is an "A-Z of my life". This is going to have to come in two parts though. You know me, I went and wrote more than I probably should for each letter, and I felt it was already long enough by the time I got to M. Tune in on Friday to find out the thrilling conclusion. PS. Sorry about screwing you a bit and only giving you half of the letters.

A is for animals. Of course. My love of animals, especially of the cute and fluffy variety, is possibly the most well documented thing on here. Of course, despite my love of cats, my favourite animal is actually a variety of dog. That is the wolf. I love all other animals equally.

B is for biking. Thanks to my good old fashioned socia-and agora-phobia, my main form of exercise is my fancy pants little exercise bike. Though in a moment of "oddly enough" I had to walk in to town this week, and I decided to wear my heart rate monitor. Even though my bike takes much more out of my legs than walking did, the walk burned an awful lot more calories. Oh if only I was more able to go out for walks all the time.

C is for confifdence. Something I am sadly sorely lacking. My work here generally gets good praise, but that's only good if you can accept it. Life has beaten the crap out of me, and mental wounds take much longer to heal than physical ones. Some never do. A lot of my problems could be solved with some more confidence really. I hear there are people who will send their stories and such to newspapers or magazines in the hopes of being published. God only knows how that works.

D is for Doctor Who. I hope to do a proper post on this soon enough, because of circumstances, but for now I can mention it. It's one of my favourite shows and actually I'm writing this while watching some classic Doctor Who from the 60's. In the old days they were a serial format, which means that several 25-ish minute episodes formed a longer story. I watched one of those serials. It was seven episodes long. That means I spent about three hours watching Doctor Who from the 60's. Time NOT WASTED.

E is for energy. Despite how much I may sleep, and the fact I am consistently oversleeping, I never seem to have enough energy. You could also say that might be related to my lack of motivation. But the fact of the matter is that I just don't seem to have enough energy. In another "oddly enough" (I should coperate that phrase. Make millions.) I slept for about four hours the night before last, and then proceeded to stay up again until about half 1 in the morning. I was up for about 19 hours. I don't know if that's good or bad. Coffee and energy drinks don't really affect me much either.

F is for fun. Despite my lack of a sunny personality, and my love of all things dark and mysterious, I do actually have a sense of fun. I just don't really let myself have fun much. That's all. It's one of the ways I myself am mysterious. Just kidding, it's only self hatred. Ha.

G is for ginger. I have a ginger cat, and a ginger niece. Although like I mentioned in the podcast where I kept saying "strawberry blonde" sarcastically, I'm not allowed to call her ginger. I personally don't find ginger people all that creepy, and I'm convinced that some of them, maybe about a fifth, do in fact possess souls. I'm not sure who they stole them from, but they have them.

H is for hearts. I've broken hearts and had mine broken. I'm sure exactly how mine still functions is a medical miracle at this point too. To be honest sometimes I am surprised that I haven't had a heart attack yet. There's another h, honesty. But let's stick to one thing, eh? Hearts are fragile things folks, treat them with care. Especially your own. And remember, they taste best when eaten with a rusty spoon.

I is for introverted. I am a rather introverted person. I keep to myself, and I don't let others in. I'm not exactly self centred, and do tend to put the well being of others before my own, but I spend a lot of time alone, retreating in to myself.

J is for jeep. You can say I'm overcompensating, and perhaps I am, but when I have my drivers license (assuming I ever start lessons again) and have infinite money to buy a car with, I want to buy a jeep. I just like them, and I want something that's going to do more damage to someone I hit, than to me.

K is for Kingdom Hearts. A game I am currently in the middle of playing. Except not really. It bugged on me and I lost a few hours of gameplay and now I'm scared to start it up again. Right now I'm actually borrowing my brother's PS3 and playing Final Fantasy IX thanks to the PSN store. Boy I love that game.

L is for love. That elusive little bastard. If you've seen it let me know so I can continue my hunt of it. I want to shoot it and have it stuffed and mounted on my wall. Who needs love when you have a badass hunting trophy, right? I don't really know what to feel about love. At the time you tell yourself you're in love, but when it's all said and done, were you?

M is for minecraft. A game that, once again, I find myself going back on. Damn you and your addictiveness! I'm too lazy to even try and make something, so why do I try? I have so much fecking dirt too. Who needs all that dirt? Damn my hoarding tendencies. I have no need for dirt, why do I keep it all? Why can't I hold all this dirt?

PPS I've just noticed I didn't make J "Jessica", by far the biggest J in my life. The biggest of several things in my life. Oh well, it's less predictable this way, ne?

PPPS If you're wondering why you have to wait until Friday, and not getting the answers tomorrow, well tomorrow is podcast day and even though I've missed out on prime time for privacy, I still intend to do the cool thing I had planned to do for it.


  1. I have to admit that I was pretty shocked J wasn't for Jessica but like you say buddy, it's good to mix things up a little plus jeeps are awesome. Great post and concept man, I understand what you mean by the heart thing, after all the heartbreak I've had I'm surprised it's still working. Agh maybe I should be easy mentioning hearts after what happened to Lawler last night, hopefully he's okay.

  2. Hopefully, when I fully sculpt and mold the teachings of Fung Fu into a cohesive, and digestible philosophy, it will solve all your problems of lack of motivation, confidence, and energy.

  3. M is for Mai Yang. hehe

    but yeah, F is definitely for fun and L for me would be Laziness :P

    I miss you Mark :( this is the only time I can comment, though I wanted to comment on your previous post but I can log in to my friend's account (since I've been using her phone to check my blog) during workdays :)

  4. Okay, first let me get this out of the way, I am still laughing at this: "G is for ginger. I have a ginger cat, and a ginger niece" - It caught me so off guard - and then when you said you weren't allowed to call her ginger...I bust out laughing! To funny!

    You shared a lot here and I learned much about you. I didn't realize you had socia-and agora-phobia. I thought you were introverted. I didn't know it was a phobia. I'm sorry to read that, Mark.

  5. I love exercise bikes, Kingdom Hearts, and Minecraft! I think Minecraft is an outlet for those who have a subconscious hoarding addiction. I do way more mining than building, myself.

    Also, I'd love to have a Jeep. I'm not big into gas guzzlers, but my friend has a jeep, and it's a lot of fun to take off roading. That would definitely be my car of choice should I stumble upon some disposible income.

  6. Aww thanks for saying I'm super awesome :) Most of my exercise comes from an exercise bike too. That and rugby. But I don't think rugby counts as it's mostly thrashing around! And Minecraft! It is soo addictive. Even after my little mishap with a facebogey! I have tons of dirt too, and cobblestone! Arrgh :P x

  7. That's not biking man. Biking is riding a bike, not an exercise bike. ;D

    Of course L is for love, Jon Guan!

    I may set up a personal Minceraft server in a month or two. Would be cool to have you on it!

  8. GINGERS FOR THE WIN. Oh, how I want a ginger cat. Beautiful, beautiful! I haven't actually gone bike riding in quite some time, perhaps two years or something. I must do it before winter comes! I never see people say bad things about Dr Who. I must watch it. must. I didn't know you had socia-and agora-phobia ;o This was a awesome post, Mark. Got to learn a lot of new things about you :)

  9. b is for beer, its always for beer

  10. This looks like fun. I may try it.
    Guess what my 'P' would be! ;-)

  11. You and I actually have a few things in common.

    I was noticing your message to subscribe to comments for a response, you should enable your email, so you can respond to your comments. If I subscribed to comments on every blog I commented to... my email inbox would explode!

  12. I've been thinking about getting an exercise bike, but money is tight.

  13. why don't you let yourself have more fun? Stop hating on yourself and have fun with you :D


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