Monday, 17 September 2012

A Little Late

I am running a little late today with this round up in case you couldn't tell. But I think at least one person probably did. I have no names, you guys are just like that. It seems that if you're going to get four hours sleep, then follow that up with being awake for 21 hours, you're going to sleep, and sleep long and hard. I did have an enjoyable time yesterday, so I consider it worth it. More on that some other time though. For now, I'll just give you the round up and let you get on with your day. A funny thing has happened though, even though I post once a day, I've now found myself with more posts to make, than days I can make posts. This is one of the upsides to a podcast I guess. Should the ideas still be relevant, I discuss several things at once in the span of half an hour.

The week started well with Tuesday in which I posted about how I had taken a giant leap, and submitted a short story in a flash fiction contest. I shared the story too, and it's a total of 250 words, so I recommend going back, and giving it a quick look. Despite accidentally spelling the name of the company wrong four times in my submission email (They're called Lascaux and I always read it as Lascuax, Fang pointed this out for me) I checked the website and my entry is on there, along with one comment saying they found it very poignant. There are also over one hundred entries. Possibly two hundred by now. Fuck. Mental note, enter a smaller competition if I ever do it again.

Wednesday I kept the rhythm going with an A-Z of me. I only went to M though, and I still owe you N-Z and this is one of the reasons I have too many post ideas. This is something I can fit in to a podcast though, so I can sort all this out. Spoiler alert, J was not Jessica. Which I got so shocked by I mentioned it at the end of the post.

Thursday was when things took a turn for the worst with my latest podcast. Which I immediately dumped all over. No wonder barely anyone listened to it. Sheesh. It wasn't all that bad, and I think still worth a listen for the comedic and camp value. What happened was that in an experiment I read the first big chunk of Immortal Space, covering from Trent's crash to when him and Geoff leave the hospital. Things didn't go how I thought they would, and it depressed me, but I know I can get better with practice.

Friday was me admitting that actually. as well as asking for more criticism, and ways to improve what I do. When I first started writing it wasn't very good. But, because I was receiving healthy and constructive criticism, I was able to improve and now my writing does get praised. Which is super cool. I want to be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them all- sorry wrong tangent. But I do want to improve, and I can only get there if people tell me what I'm doing wrong. If you think I suck, then tell me I do, just make sure you tell me how I suck, so I can improve.

Saturday was another Immortal Space update. It was only when someone said what a dick Geoff has become (I don't think that was there actual words) I realised just how much the characters have grown. Geoff at least. How about that, I had characters develop without even realising it? Fuck I'm awesome. I have several ideas for how to move the story along and I have all the major things plotted out. Not bad considering I didn't even have any backstory or history when I started. Now I just need to work out how to drag all this out.

Sunday was a nice little ditty I wrote at five AM on my phone, and spent about an hour trying to email it on a very bad signal on my phone. For some reason, the mobile internet hasn't been working at all when I'm not hooked up to the Wifi. No amount of restarting works either. Oh well. I explained that I was going out for the day, and had to wake up at four am to get a bus. I went to a war museum that had been converted from an RAF base. I had a lot of fun, but more on that another time. A major downside of all this is I don't know if you knew this, but those bases are HUGE. My feet and my legs are still sore, which is very annoying because I was hoping to go for a walk today. I'm going to have to go for one tomorrow. No excuses dammit!

Enjoy your week folks :)


  1. Congratulations on the nice compliment for your awesome story Mark, great round-up as usual dude, I love the way you do that for us all and it's great to know that you enjoyed yourself at the museum too.

  2. Missed a piece or two, which I will rectify!

  3. I noticed that you weren't in Mark. I can usually set my watch by you!

  4. You know you're doing something right with your writing when your characters do something unexpected, even just becoming a dick (which he kinda is now). That's the sign that they've taken a life of their own, which real characters always do. So cheers to that! Also, we hope you're enjoying zombies, so thanks again for helping us out with the Kickstarter.

  5. I wondered where you were. I'm glad you caught up on a bit of sleep. I missed a ton of posts because I'm sick as a dog. Stupid change in the weather. I love these recaps!

  6. I love to read these round-ups. Gosh, my blog is SO boring, not that I've not got anything ready to post...just not enough traffic to make it work :(

    I'm pleased that you had a great week. Keep those legs going, or get yourself a bike! You'll feel stiff, but it will soon pass.

  7. Speaking of late, I'm always late. Late with the comments, late with the guest posts, and late being born. Maybe I'll be late to my own funeral? No matter, I'm here now.

    I love your round-ups. It makes me feel like I've not missed as much as I've actually missed. I've missed a lot.

    It seems as if we may have been speaking with telepathy because for the life of me I've been searching for a book to read aloud as a podcast/book on tape/series to earn rent with.

    For you to also be reading aloud for performance, I have to support it. I'd love to split chapters up of something we could both agree to narrate. Either way I'm glad to see you progressing and getting better with both writing and creating.

  8. i know that feel, sometime there just isn't enough time in one day

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how much and how frequent you post. You criticize yourself for being a touch late and yet other bloggers go for week long hiatuses

    You're too harsh on yourself. :P


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