Saturday, 4 August 2012

Trent The Bounty Hunter

Two quick notes on this chapter. First off, I actually wrote it last Saturday after I got the sudden idea of how I could make it so that Geoff was spelled with a G. Random inspiration FTW. Second, it took me a while actually to decide on Geoff's age. At first I was going to make him like 19 or 20 but I thought that anything above seventeen, and well even seventeen itself, is too old to be called "kid", even by a guy who's five hundred years old. But anything below that and he's just far too young. Still, this could be a detail that may change. Harry Potter was like, 11, and I've read plenty of stories with protagonists who are quite young. So, as per usual, card subject to change. I can even say Geoff lied about his age, like Trent did, if need be. Also, if you don't get the Spike reference, first of all, I feel bad for you, and second of all, Cowboy Bebop. The space cowboy joke is one I knew I had to make as soon as I started work on this, and I had originally planned to have Trent say it when they first went in the ship, and I actually had to work it in here, and apply a few last minute rewrites. With a middle finger that's in a plaster/band-aid/whatever you call them. Still if I can play video games with a broken wrist in a cast (which I did, fuck yeah) then I can type with a finger that's hampered. Enough rambling, on with the story!

The two of them stepped off of the entrance ramp and while Geoff was looking around a man in a uniform approached them holding an electronic ledger.
“Names please?” He said to Trent, causing Geoff to snap back to reality.
“Spike Saxon” Trent replied, taking the ledger and signing his name and entering his age at twenty eight. He then handed it over to Geoff and told him to sign it as well. Geoff signed it 'Geoff Avery' and said his age was seventeen.
“Oh? I didn't know you spelled it with a G.” Trent said, raising an eyebrow. “Aren't you American?”
“Hey, we all have our secrets, remember? What's with Spike anyway?” Geoff replied with a smirk.
“Yeah, but you said you didn't have any interesting ones.” Trent said with a smile of his own. “Well, it can wait for now. We've got to pay our docking fee.” he continued, handing over some money to the uniformed man who gave them both a card that had their name on. “I.D cards, so they know we're legal and so they know who we are in an emergency.” Trent explained, slipping his into his pocket. “Keep a hold of it, we'll need to hand it back in when we leave.” Geoff pocketed his card and the two of them left the port. The city they had landed in was different from Chicago. The buildings were a lot smaller, as none of them had more than two storeys and seemed to be made from the ground. The area they had landed in was very dusty and reminded Trent of his home in the south. Trent motioned to Geoff and the two of them set down the road to what looked like the police station.
“So what was with Spike?” Geoff asked Trent.
“Spike's just one of several names I go by. People would get suspicious if a guy with the same name kept appearing over centuries. I like to mix things up a little.”
“Okay but why Spike?”
“Because I'm a space cowboy” Trent said, smiling.
“Huh?” Geoff asked, looking dumbstruck.
“Don't worry about it.” Trent said, patting his hair. “You wouldn't get it.” The two of them continued on until they reached the building where, upon entering, Geoff realised it was the police station, and wondered what they were doing there. He was about to ask Geoff when he noticed a notice board. When he looked at it he saw that there were a series of wanted posters on it. Trent looked at them and took a few down and walked up to the desk.
“Excuse me,” he said to the woman at the desk. “I'd like information on these guys”. He put the notices on the desk along with the I.D card he had gotten at the port, and another card. “Bounty hunters license” he said quietly to Geoff. “Nearly every planet with people, has people that need to be captured.” The woman handed over a series of files to Trent, who accepted them with a smile and walked out of the door with Geoff trailing behind.
“So where now?” Geoff asked Trent, who was looking at the files. Trent closed the file and looked at Geoff.
“Well, first of all we need to find a place to stay. Then maybe we can work on these bounties. We need some money for supplies and accommodation. Plus we need to refuel the ship.”
“Oh” Geoff said, looking a little dejected.
“Hey, hey” Trent said, noticing his look. “We'll still have plenty of fun. We're only here for a few days, and then I'll take you to another part that's a proper vacation spot. Not every part of the world looks as bad as this. Plus even places like this have their charm.” he added, noticing a child playing with her parents. Geoff looked up a bit at that, and smiled himself watching the child with a big smile on her face.
“Sorry Trent. I should have expected this to not be a total holiday.”
“No problem kid.” Trent replied, ruffling Geoff's hair and laughing. “It will be soon.”
“Yeah” Geoff replied, batting Trent's hand off of his head. “Until then, no calling me kid. I'm a badass bounty hunter now, remember?”
“You got it, Geoff with a G.” Geoff laughed and ran a little ahead.
“I can see an inn” he shouted, pointing ahead of himself, running off towards it. “I was born in England by the way!” he said, leaving Trent a little dumbstruck. He pulled himself together and set off after Geoff, smiling to himself
Spike Spiegel, the most badass man in space.


  1. "He was about to ask Geoff when he noticed a notice board."
    Um, I saw a typo.

    Other than that, brilliant, brit!

  2. Spike for space cowboy? Weird. Haha

  3. I love the writing Mark but at the same time I won't lie, I've never watched Cowboy Bebop haha, I think him saying he lied about his age is a good idea for cover which only the smartest writers can think of, nice one man.

  4. I love your stories and the relationship between these two characters, it's great. I've not been as glued to the games as I thought I would be, which is odd, but it's nice to have the country being positive for a change. xxx

  5. I had imagined Trent to be more like Jet.
    And Geoff being Ed, of course.
    Ein was best corgi, as well.

    I still call people (sometimes a lot older than me) "kid". It works perfectly for putting your confidence and carelessness into the sentence, especially when correcting someone. Not very good at conveying what I mean here into words, but you probably get the idea.
    Geoff shouldn't be really young. His twenties should do, really. Besides, he worked at a mortatorium or whatever it's called.

  6. I'm glad you explained the cowboy bebop bit, I wouldn't have understand otherwise! Brill as usual!

    Please continue!

  8. You think 17 is too old to be called 'kid'? I'm going to narrow your age range to 13-18.

  9. I see you put a lot of thought into this piece! Great, great, great!

  10. I like the fact that you've decided to make the age ambiguous, but will it not involve a lot of rewriting? I thought he was supposed to be already working?


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