Friday, 17 August 2012

Today Is Friday

Well this is it. The last day of my holiday. To be honest I am a bit sad its over despite my complaints. But you can read about that next week when I really do relive it day by day. I kept a diary and each day got a bit long. I'm all packed up now but the kids aren't. Once we get all packed and we clean up the caravan we'll be good to go. There's going to be pretty good weather too. A bit of rain but its going to clean up by dinner and stay dry. I will be happy to sleep in my own bed again though. I've been on the sofa (my own choice) and my back is starting to hurt a bit. I'll also be glad to see my cats again of course. I've switched the background on my phone from a picture of Garfield to one of both of them laid together. So yeah I'm missing them more.

Anyway I think that while this is a short post, I can be a bit forgiven for that. I've been doing a bit more writing in Immortal Space too so you can look forward to that tomorrow because its on my phone now. I put it there so I could update. I only got one chapter in but its better than nothing. I've also been watching Naruto movies so I'm probably going to watch Naruto again when I get home. After I finish watching Negima. I've also discovered Big Bang Theory at last. I know I'm very very late to the party but I had preconcieved misgivings about it that turned out to be bollocks. Even my dad was laughing his ass off and asking me if we got it on 4OD. Add in the rest of Red Dwarf, and Star Trek which I also want to watch and BOY OH BOY SO MUCH TV. I may still be watching some of this stuff the next time I come on holiday.

Okay that'll do me for now. It ended up probably about as long as a normal post I guess. Enjoy the rest of your day guys! I'll try to enjoy mine.
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  1. "...and it all started with a big bang!" One of the best things on TV!

  2. I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed the Big Bang Theory, it gets such a bad reputation that I'm almost afraid to admit I like it but it's awesome. Sorry that your holiday's almost over though mate, at least you had a good time.

  3. Yesss, more Immortal Space! Tomorrow needs to come quick!

  4. My holiday still lasts for another 2 weeks (; cheers!

  5. I will have to start watching Big Bang Theory.... Or maybe you could just watch it for me and tell me what happens.

  6. Yeah, you're very late to discover Big Bang Theory, but hey, better late than never right? Anyways that show is hilarious! I haven't read your blog all week because I've been away but I'm going to check out what I've missed :)

    Yes. Mark will be back soon!

  8. Holidays end so quickly don't they? I'm in need of one too, I guess.

  9. Big Bang Theory! I love that show, although I have only watched about four episodes. The problem is that I don't have time, don't know when it's on, or what channel airs the show. It's always by accident that I see it.
    How long were you on holiday for?

    1. Big Bang Theory! I hate that show.


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