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This Is It

Well I was going to wait until we set off to post but we got delayed when the hoover decided "fuck this, imma fall apart" and dust went everywhere. We worked hard to clean up too :( But this is it. The day I go home and hug my cats to death. I'd get all sentimental about it but that would shatter my thumb bones. Instead I'll just post the next Immortal Space chapter I wrote and leave it at that.

"So you were born in England?" Trent asked Geoff. The two of them were now sat in their hotel room having a drink together. They planned to stay here for a week, and then spend another week in another part of the planet. Trent had planned to start work on the bounty hunting but Geoff's story had him intrigued. "You wanna tell me about it?".
"Sure, why not?" Geoff said, shrugging. Trent breathed out a sigh of relief. "What? You thought I wouldn't tell you?" Geoff said with a smile. "Not all of us try and hide everything Trent, I don't mind talking about the past much. It's nothin' as bad as yours, if you don't mind me saying." Trent shook his head and motioned for Geoff to carry on. "Well," Geoff began, "I musta been about 4 or 5 when my mom got sick. We were living in England at the time, like I said. My mum says that my dad was a wonderful man, but he wasn't around anymore. I'm still not sure really what happened to him. My mom's sickness was a really bad one. No one in England could help her, but they did tell her that Dr. Osbourne could. It was really expensive, and the treatment was still a bit experimental so we weren't going to go. One day though Dr. Osbourne actually called my mom, and told her that someone had paid for not just her treatment, but also for her to go to America to be treated. We left for America as soon as we could, and he was right. Someone had paid for a hotel and her treatment. She couldn't believe it. When she asked Osbourne about it, he wouldn't say anything. He just said that someone had provided him with the money and told him the situation. So he arranged everything and then got us over. She was going to have the operation a few days after we got there. Her donor wanted her to have some fun just,"-Geoff started breaking up at this point-"just in case something went wrong." Geoff started crying more at this point. "Something did go wrong, and she, she didn't make it. Osbourne told me what happened, but I couldn't really understand. The only thing I really knew was that I wouldn't see my mom, or my dad again. Dr. Osbourne had a kid around my age, and he felt bad for me, so he took me in. He let me live with him and after some time, when I was 13, I told him I wanted to help him out and start earning some money to pay him back for what he'd done for me. He was reluctant, and put me in the morgue to try and scare me out of it, but I toughed it out. It was a bit scary at first, but I got used to it, and I proved him wrong. At first I just worked after school and on the weekends, but eventually I dropped out of school. He wasn't very happy about that, but I used all my spare time in the morgue to study and read so he got over it. So, there you have it really. A few years after all that, you came along and here we are now." Trent had kept quiet while Geoff told his story, crossing his fingers and resting his head on them. When Geoff was done Trent patted him on the head, and gave him a smile.
"You never knew your dad? And lost your mom young? That must have been pretty tough. You've grown up quite well Geoff. I'm glad you had someone like Daniel to keep you on the right track." Geoff wiped his eyes and smiled back at Trent. "Yeah, I figured that Osbourne was more of a dad to me than any other guy was. I miss my mom but I never knew my dad. So, I couldn't really miss him. Did you know your parents?"
"Yeah" Trent said, nodding. "I knew my parents. I moved out young though and we kinda dropped out of touch. After what happened to me I wanted to stay away from everyone, so I never really saw them again. I learnt that the army told my folks I had died. I didn't really want to shock them and I thought that they wouldn't recognise me. I saw them, but I made sure they never saw me."
"Man, that might be tougher than my situation. To know your parents are alive, but that you can't see them. You ever have any other family? Any kids of your own?". Trent shook his head.
"Nah, I was an only child. I told you I had a wife but we never had kids. I was planning on having them when I got back from the war when the world was safe. A bit of a foolish dream I suppose."
"You never got with anyone else after?"
"I never really got over her. I got with people here and there, but it never lasted long, and I always felt bad. I got lonely sometimes and got weak. Something really bad happened once. I got a girl pregnant. She told me she lost the kid though. I stopped after that, and decided to just bear the loneliness. I haven't totally given up on love, but I have decided to just wait until it comes around again. If it don't, then it don't."
"You lost a kid?"
"That's what she told me yeah. Say, what was your mom called anyway?"
"Oh." Geoff said, looking a little shocked. "Elizabeth. Elizabeth Avery. Why d'ya ask?"
"No reason," Trent said. "I knew a few Avery's, and wondered if I knew her. Sorry kid, but I don't remember an Elizabeth."
"You lived in England?"
"Kid, I've lived everywhere. As soon as I figure out time travel, I'll be able to live anywhere." Both of them started laughing at the rather sudden subject change.
"You're really working on time travel?" Geoff asked, laughing.
"Nah, oddly enough I just don't have the time." Trent replied. "Now though, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have a shower, and then we can start work on these bounties."
"You wanna start as soon as?"
"If I can, but people are more open when you're clean and showered. Why don't you look through the info, and see if anyone catches your attention. It's going to be your first bounty after all." Trent walked off to have a shower, leaving Geoff to look over the information he gathered from the police station, and to think about the stories that the two of them had just shared.
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  1. Enjoy seeing your cats again man, I know how much you love them! Great chapter as usual, you should put it all together into one book for everyone at some point.

  2. That bit on time travel and not having enough time made me laugh a bit. Good stuff. :)

  3. Hooray! Home sweet home! I know you are going to enjoy being home in your comfy bed with your cat in your lap once again - purring for your attention. Did you type your story on your phone? Man, you're good!

    1. Nooooo, noooo, I didn't do this on my phone :) I might add some here and there on it but I was able to use a fancy pants wire to connect my phone to the computer and just copy it across :) I have had the nice moment with my cats in my lap and you're right, I loved it.

  4. I'm pleased that you are back and had a good time.
    Loving your story, hope there is more to come.
    I've missed your comments on my blog.

    1. Awwwww :) Well I'm back so I can comment now.

  5. Not to be a Mr. Smarty Pants... but if Trent had a time machine he would have time to do anything he wanted, because he could just turn back the clock whenever needed (kinda like Sabrina the teenage witch...only different).

  6. In before Trent if Geoff's dad. Nah, you wouldn't do that, would you?
    You're pulling it off well as usual, whatever the hell you're pulling!


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