Monday, 27 August 2012

There's A Whole Lot Of Purple Around Here

I'm not going to do a round up today because last week wasn't really very good, and the only post really of note is last Monday, which most people reading this will have already read. One of the reasons that it wasn't so good is that I was busy for a lot of the week. I was busy Wednesday just doing some stuff, and on Thursday and Friday I was decorating my bedroom with Jessica.

We were able to get a lot of stuff done. We got all the walls covered in paint (and ourselves a little) and we've rearranged some of the furniture. I really didn't realise I had so much room in my, well, room. My room is quite small, so it takes some moving around to make it feel like I do. I also finally got my big ass picture put up. The walls are fine but the floor still isn't, mostly because I'm too lazy to hoover it, and there are still no curtains, and my door is only half complete. We can sort all that out at a later date. We didn't have the proper tools for the door. It's up, but only on one hinge so that we can take it back down later to sand it down properly. It doesn't close, but for all intents and purposes I have a door. Curtains are going to have to wait as well.

We had a lot of fun on the first day, but that was it. We were burnt out on the second day, and I still haven't totally recovered from it all. I need more sleep. So, for now, just enjoy these pictures I took. I don't have any before and after pictures, but I do have work in progress pictures.

It's amazing how much paint ended up on me. It got on my biceps somehow, despite wearing a shirt at all times O_O

I was the only one who could use this properly, and I broke it xD Damn cheap tools!

Eventually Jessica had to climb on a ladder to get the high spots, I'd have done it but I'm afraid of heights. Even stepladders.

One corner of my room. We worked our way around the room.

I painted this myself. Very, VERY BADLY. I CAN NOT PAINT.I also finished painting it, that brown patch in the corner is white now.

Another corner of my room before things were totally rearranged. Yes, that's a litter box on my bookshelf.

The top of the chest of drawers, this picture is also old because things are a bit different.

A complete corner of my room. Spyro is still living on the fridge. He matches the walls now :D

This is what the top of my drawers actually looks like

Jessica hanging my door. I'd say DAT ASS but you can't really see it. But she does have a nice ass.

My picture, finally hanging on my wall. Fuck I hope it doesn't fall down because it's above my bed, and it's fallen before. 
I'm beginning to get tempted to paint the stairs and landing as well but like I mentioned in a picture caption, I fail at painting. Jessica did a much better job than me. I could probably do it, but I don't want to waste paint or anything. I still have half a tin of purple paint too. But I want to paint the walls on the stairs blue, to match the carpet. Plus not everyone shares my love of purple. I'm also going to resist the incredible urge to dip a cat in it.

I now need to get back in to the habit of checking blogs and dieting and working out. I think I can do that not so bad though. Like I mentioned before I've also bought a heart rate monitor for exercising so I get accurate exercise results so I know how well I'm really doing. Sometimes I think I'm doing too well, and sometimes I think I'm not doing as good as I think. Anyway, that's that for now. It felt really, really, good to wake up and see my purple room for the first time too.


  1. Damn, something went wrong and my comment didn't post. I just basically said congratulations on getting the room finished mate, it's looking pretty good and you guys should be proud of all of the hard work. That chest of drawers do look a little dodgy but it's a far better job than I could have done and you seriously have to be commended for all of your hard work in getting everything finished and looking so well.

  2. The purple looks AMAZING both on the walls and on you.
    And as an expert on getting paint on all sorts of bodily places, I have come to the conclusion that it just kinda sneaks through your clothes by magic

  3. Your room looks great! I hope its always fun to wake up in the purple room!!

  4. So if there is a cat, it climbs up the bookshelves and does his/her business up there?

  5. That's a really nice color! I really like the gold frame of that painting with the purple walls. I think purple, blue, and gold go perfectly with one another. Great job on the room!

    P.S. When I saw the first picture on my blog feed, I thought for a moment it was a gigantic bruise for a moment.

  6. Big Ass picture?
    Where'd you get that shot of Rosie O' Donnell?

  7. I'm not a big fan of purple, but that's not a bad tone of it. It actually fits the room really well. Also, I hate painting. Last time I ended up with some in my hair... and didn't notice until it had already dried. Not fun.

  8. Your room looks awesome after that fresh coat of purple paint! I wish I could paint my own room too, but given that I'm renting it, I unfortunately cannot :(

  9. I thought the first picture was of a massive bruise, I was like "aaahhhhh, are you okay?!" Then I read the captions and realised I was being silly...It is a nice shade of purple, and I agree, stepladders are terrifying :( x

  10. I went off purple when my sister used it as her colour of choice when she hijacked my bedroom after I went to uni...

  11. I'm loving the purple. I have one wall painted in a shade very much like that, but it is a suede effect and looks really good. The other three walls are purple with iridescent lilies printed on them.

    Purple is cool!

  12. Looks like you have been decorating like a mad man. Get some rest and I hope you recover.

  13. wow your room looks very ghetto before it got the new paint job. and i tried far to hard to try to find some side boob in that pic of jessica :P

  14. Oh man, I thought that was a massive bruise you got for a moment. Then I found out it was just paint. :P

  15. LOL at DWei.
    It looks neat man. Really nice. Great job.

  16. didn't read the post for context first and thought you had some really nasty bruises
    glad it's just paint :D

  17. Yeah, I also thought it was some shitty wound before I read it's paint, haha.
    A thousand bronus points for the Spyro plush man! Colors nicely with your wall now, doesn't it? ;D

  18. I thought your hand was bruised until I realised it was paint! I like ze colour, very shlurple the purple-y

  19. I'll tell you that it's wise to have a bit of purple paint around for when there are chips. If something chips the paint, which will expose the white underneath, it will annoy you until you fix it. Having dark walls isn't easy.


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