Friday, 31 August 2012

The Mundane Existence That Is My Own

In an effort to prove not only that things happening in a person's life can help get rid of writers block, or at least become a post, and to prove that I can write about the most pathetic and mundane things and still have you wanting more, I'm going to post about nothing in particular that happened to me yesterday.

I mentioned before that I have ordered a heart rate monitor. It's the most accurate way to keep track of how many calories you're losing during exercise, and I had some spare money rolling around, so I thought to myself "why not commit one step further?" and bought one. It took a few days to dispatch, and then a few days to get here, but I ordered it on a Bank Holiday weekend and selected free delivery, so what did I expect? What I was not expecting was the huge box it came in. See it came in a proper sized official Amazon box, and the small box the HRM itself was in was about half the size of that box. Though in an effort to be super cute my cat slept in it and then stayed there when I took her to show my dad. She left the box but it was just ever so adorable.

It's a nifty little watch (I've wanted a watch for, like, ever) and the way it keeps track of my heart rate is with a chest strap. At first I saw this chest strap and thought to myself "Fuck, I've just bought an expensive watch and I need to buy one that measures from the wrist" but it turned out that strap really stretched a long way, and I did get it around my chest. It was a bit tight, but it's supposed to be. I theorise that I now know what wearing a bra feels like. It's not comfortable, so I'm now doubling my efforts to burn bras. DON'T LET THE MEN CONTROL AND REPRESS YOU LADIES. Anyway, yes, it got around me, and after reading the manual a few times, I was able to work it out, and program it all up. So much for German engineering. Though I suppose seeing how I got it working, they engineer just fine, they have trouble with writing manuals.

So, I strapped myself up, and prepared for the ride. On my exercise bike. Normally I ride on that thing for a little under 20 minutes, and burn a total of 296 calories (according to the website I track all this stuff on) and today I was meaning to exercise as normal, and see the difference. I didn't though, and managed to stay on there for a total of 25 minutes, burning 502 calories, according to the HRM. If I didn't have the HRM, and used the website, it would have said I had burned 411. Now, 100 calorie difference might not sound like much, but it is when you're trying to lose weight. Plus this way I can keep track of pretty much any activity I do. Such as all my kinect games, or when I go out for a walk (like that ever happens), though actually I am hoping to start going out for walks again when the schools reopen next week.

For now though, enjoy these pictures. Warning, contains cats.
The big official Amazon box it came in. Curious cat is curious.

The little box it actually came in

Cat in a box = BEST PRESENT EVER

She was just way too adorable in there :3
I think all I've really managed to prove with this is cats=instant awesome post.


  1. The monitor is a great idea to keep you motivated and it's already done that. My daughters cat, Hendrix, who is huuuge always sits in the boxes as soon as they're open. Cute pictures Mark.

  2. I hope that the heart monitor does exactly what you bought it for man, best of luck with the exercising. I love the cat too, so cute.

  3. Cats can put so much into an expression or a look, good luck with the monitor and weight loss Mark.

  4. Yep, the monitor works wonders in terms of motivation.
    Now only if I could get something for my skipping.

  5. YES! Women burn your bras! Be free!

    Good luck on losing a lot of weight! And your cat certainly does look cute in that box!

  6. I hope this also motivates you to exercise more. You didn't buy an expensive calometer to see how many calories you burn by being lazy! ;D

  7. I will never get tired of cat in a box pictures. Never.

  8. If I didn't know you were gay, I'd say that there's an ulterior motive for the whole bra-burning thing.

    Also, KITTY CAT IN A BOX. ...SCHRODINGER'S CAT OMG. Cats love boxes, don't they? :)))

    And good luck with the weight loss thing! Here's to hoping you're more successful than me. (But you're exercising so I guess you already are.)

  9. Awww your cat is so cute :3 x

  10. As you know I'm obsessive about my weight and I have one of those gadgets attached to my bike. It clips onto your ear-lobe and shows you your heart rate and how many calories you have burned.
    You can also get one on a skipping rope, but that just shows how much calories you have burned.

    Love your cat...mine fight over boxes too. Maybe they will always be "kitten-like" because I had them "seen to" before they had their first season. {One is male and the other female} So that could affect their lack of hormones...according to my partner who is a vet.
    Oh well, at least they are happy with the simple things! ;)

  11. My ferrets had a crippling addiction to boxes too.

    Except sometimes I used to flip the box over and trap them inside. Yep, I could be mean somedays. :P

  12. You have learned the true meaning to success. Cat pictures.

  13. Ahhh!! Your cat is too awesome for words! Adorableness!

  14. See, if you added a few pictures of a dog to this post, any dog, that would make it awesome. Cats are just cool.


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