Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Ideas That Never Were

Well the original plan for this podcast was me talking about the various ideas I had for Immortal Space that I scrapped and that fell through. As it's me though, I go on many a number of tangents including the woman I'm going to marry, a huge scar on my arm, and many more. I think you can even say this has tips for aspiring writers. At least, one tip. At least, I'd say that. Geez look at me giving out writing advice. That shouldn't happen.

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My latest wound. It looks worse in real life. Crappy camera + crappy lighting = loss of detail.
A better picture of it. Chicks dig scars, right?


  1. You get nervous? ha! I don't think you do :P

    shy??? you??? :P

    I tried to listen carefully while typing this because I was imagining you as my client and if I get everything right by doing two things at a time (typing and listening)..

    forget about that scar thingy. it's not that bad you know :P

    Oh! I thought it is this week that you're having your holiday. my bad :P

    yeah. I can get by without internet either, for hours? a day or two (only)..HAHA!


    al banditos? what? hahaha!

    I'll be a terrible Customer Service Representative for sure because some of your words I can't understand because of you accent :P

  2. Ouch Mark, that scar looks really sore, I think you're right that chicks dig scars though, I hope haha, hopefully that heals up soon man.

  3. I call my friends 'fag' and 'nigger' all the time, :P. I throw them out like I throw out my d/f=2 launcher into 1,2,3~F; 1,2,3,~F; 1,2,3~F; 1+2,4.
    Jesus, I'm a Tekken freak.

    What the hell happened in the ending? Your voice changed like, WOAH!

  4. I also miss the deal where you would respond to every comment. In my own experience, I never responded to comments unless someone asked me a question, because I couldn't believe that anyone would bother to come back to see what I said. But then I realized that there were people who were coming back. Also, I realized that I was going back to people's blogs to see if they responded to what I commented. So, I am getting in the habit of always responding when possible now. Also, it helps me when you explain stuff about "Immortal Space" in the podcast. When I'm reading the fiction it is much harder for my brain to process than just the typical blog post, especially when I'm tired, so a little commentary helps immensely.

  5. after the podcast I was like: "okay awesome, but now it's time for one piece"

    but then I remembered something of uttermost importance...

    just to let you know I listened to your podcast here's a comment you it wise

  6. Did I just write you instead of use well anyhoof:


  7. I've got a scar across the bridge of my nose. Rubber gloves, hot water, grease pan, enraged cook...long story.
    Anyway, maybe chicks dig them. I've been married twice. I don't know what else it could have been....maybe it was my big p...ersonality.
    Probably the scar.

  8. So I've been pretty bad about this, but along the lines of what you mentioned, I always listen, but don't always comment, because I do listen in my own time. Today's a rare day that I can listen right after it was posted. When I can't, though, I feel weird commenting on, say, a Thursday post, when it's already Friday or Saturday and a new post or 2 is already up, so typically I'll just read but won't comment.

    Have a fun vacation (or holiday, as you will).

  9. I could never to a podcast like you do...I'd get way to nervous. For one, I don't like my nasally NY voice and for two, I'd run out things to say. Ouch on that scar, that's from your cat? Geez...

    I love that you spend so much time with your nieces, it's so sweet!!

    I'm glad that I listened to this podcast today since you talked about my comment. I wish I could talk to you about it more..maybe one day you'll write more about it but you've given me an idea for a post...a nice post. I'm glad you have Holly, Mark.

    Enjoy your vacay!!!

  10. Thanks for the comment! It's a shame you're not watching it, it's been really tense and exciting and I'm not even that sporty a person! xxx

  11. I only go back to blogs where I asked a question out of interest, chicks always dig a scar but it's got to have a good background story and told with elan and humour, have a damn good one Mark if you can!

  12. I have a lot of scars on my legs from my dog... She's quite excitable. Also I have a few on my hands... but I think they make me look badass.

    Also, you have a pretty big family! 6 nieces and 3 nephews? Jeesh!

    Your podcasts always make me want to create a podcast or another vlog...

    Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful holiday! :)

  13. hahaha thats like barely a scratch. and as for a guy with as much scars as deadpool...i guess it is hit or miss.

  14. That looks pretty nasty, hopefully it'll heal up without any complications.

  15. If I had a gorgeous voice like you I would do podcasts. I sound like a hillbilly.

  16. You should definitely go up to girls and show them that scar and they're going to say whoa, and like want to marry you right away. That should work. Good luck!

  17. you aren't that weird, toblerones are awesome


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