Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Questions Because I'm Lazy

I figured that after all the work I put in to making yesterday's post, I was just going to be lazy today. I mean, I'm lazy a lot, sure, but there are some times when I'm lazier than at others. Plus I gave my room a good clean up yesterday. And I pulled a muscle in my sleep or something so I've not been doing very good. Fluffy little kitties can only get you through so much. Especially when they knock the plants off your windowsill and make a huge mess. Some of which still isn't cleaned up actually.

So, as I'm being lazy/tired I'm just going to load up that good old list of questions and see what I can come up with.

Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do? (Scenario) 
You might be surprised to hear this but this actually happened to me. Kind of. Me and a friend (best friend status is reserved for Jessica) had a falling out, and then a while later I got a direct message from her Twitter account saying that she had been in a car accident, and had died. It later turned out someone had hacked her account, and she hadn't actually died, which was a huge relief. Before I knew for sure I was panicking like mad. I really don't like when people don't like me. If someone ever falls out with me, I'll be begging forgiveness pretty much straight away. Sometimes it can even bypass my stubbornness and inability to accept I'm wrong. So imagine how I felt at the idea that someone had died hating me. That I would never make up with her. I spent most of the day talking to Jessie about it. Hoping to God it wasn't true, that she wasn't really dead. Don't hold grudges folks, it's not worth it. If you're wrong, then please accept it, and move on. Even if you know you're right, ask yourself, is it worth being right? Sometimes it isn't, and it's better to just set aside pride.

What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?
If I got pregnant I'd be calling the TV studios and not settling for anything less than half a million for the live birth. If I got someone else pregnant, then I would hope it would be planned. I realise that very few pregnancies are planned, but I would like it to be somewhat planned. If you're not ready to accept the consequences of sex, such as pregnancy, then please don't have it. If I got someone pregnant then I would support them of course. I'd like it to happen at a time when I'm able to take care of a kid. I don't want to be having kids until I hit my late twenties/early 30's. I think that 29 is a pretty good age to have kids. So, yes, I guess that's the answer. If I actually got someone pregnant, then I would help. I would try to support the baby. Would I get married? That one I'm not too sure about. I highly doubt I would get married to a girl just because I got her pregnant. I think that you still count as a bastard if you were conceived out of wedlock, plus I'd like to be able to legitimately call my kids bastards. Okay looking it up you only count as a bastard if you're born out of wedlock, not conceived. So, yep, definitely not marrying a girl just because I knocked her up.

A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.
To be honest the only thing I could really think of when I read this was the Magician's Guild books by Trudi Canavan. It's set in a world where homosexuality is basically a huge thing (as in it's very bad) and one of the characters enters in to a gay relationship. They have to lie about it, and say that the High Lord (the head of the guild) told them to do it, and that it was fake because of what could happen to them. There was also another part where a gay man got scared during a healing in case the magician doing it could tell that he was gay, like it was some kind of disease. I guess you can say that it didn't really change my views on homosexuality, but it made me think. I have no doubt at all that there are places where homosexuality is treated like this. That it's a really evil thing, and you have gay people thinking that something is wrong with them, and being scared of a lot of things. I do recommend those books by the way. The gay thing is only part of a subplot, and the books themselves are amazing. I may have to reread them, but I still have so much to watch and read and do and bah I fucking hate it sometimes.

So, that's that for now. Hopefully I'll have something half decent for you guys tomorrow.


  1. I love your answer on the pregnancy thing and I'd probably do exactly the same man. I find that car accident thing pretty disgraceful and wouldn't be surprised if the girl made it up or something. Don't feel bad for the questions concept man, it's something I'm actually pretty damn keen on.

    1. Well she assures me it wasn't her that did it. You'd have to be pretty sick to fake your own death to get back at someone. When I first found out she was actually alive I considered that she had made it up, but we got it all cleared up. It was just a hacker who wanted her passwords and they thought because we were close I would know her passwords.

  2. Good points about if you got pregnant! Don't settle for less then half a million! Heck you could probably get over a million!! Mark the baby birther!

  3. If I got someone pregnant, I'd sue the doctor who gave me a vasectomy.
    If I got pregnant, I'm going on television. I could make a fortune.

  4. That is one evil Twitter hacker. I probably would've freaked out big time.

    And good on you for taking responsibility for your hypothetical, blog survey children. :)

    Hooray for being lazier sometimes.


  5. Lol at the "legitimate reasons to call my kids bastards" bit.
    Yeah, I guess 29 is an ideal age for having kids, but honestly, I'd want to wait until I'm 30 so I feel more of an adult, stupid as that may seem.

  6. Half a million for the live birth would be a bit shabby man. Aim higher, the media these days is crazy and rich anyway!

  7. It would be quite funny if you did get yourself pregnant ;) x

  8. Haha man... my answer to all three of those would be "Jump from a tall bridge"

  9. I like your way of thinking, Mark, particularly regarding the first question/answer. Sometimes it's just too difficult to get over a fight/grudge, no? I'm a terrible grudge-holder, but I'm proud to say I've gotten better and don't stay upset as long as I used to before. :)

  10. I love when you do your questions, Mark. I love finding out a little bit more about you and I always wanted to ask - does Jessica read your posts and know how much you appreciate your friendship with her?

    I love your concept on marrying a girl because she's pregnant. I agree - I don't think a couple should get married just because they created a baby and I say that from experience. If I had married my baby daddy - it would have been a nightmare...for him LOL No, really, it would have been a mistake for us both.

  11. Genius answer to the pregnancy question. Also, it's definitely not a good idea to get married as a direct result of a pregnancy. My parents did and they ended up having a terrible divorce.

    P.S. I think you may have had a muscle spasm (i.e. Charlie horse) while you were sleeping. I get those one in a while and it hurts pretty damn bad. It's best to be hydrated when you go to sleep. And, if that's not the case, then ignore what I said.

  12. I can accept the consequences of sex, because that's why jesus created abortions. WHOA-OH!

  13. Good advice telling certain people to just not have sex. If you think about it, almost all the world's problems began one night when someone just wanted to get their groove on, then didn't want to accept full responsibilities for their actions.

  14. Two books that changed my life: the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene turned me into a cynical, game theory bastard. The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran replaced the bad with good.

  15. lol i think this happened to me before too, but instead of being concerned i lol'd and she got mad. then i got mad, and now shes married(not to me of course) :D

  16. I bet I could out lazy you

  17. Geez Mark - only half a million for a televised birth?? I can actually have kids and I wouldn't settle for that little. You could make a lot more!!

  18. Good answers! I agree with you about not holding grudges, life is too short.
    And It's great how responsible you'd be if you put your bun in someones oven!
    I've not read the book you've mentioned in the last Q, I'll have to look into it.


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