Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Pi, Strength, And Weakness

So I guess this is my first non-scheduled post of the holiday. While I'm here I'm writing a bit of a diary. Last year I wrote a short write up. Now I'm writing a very long daily one. In fact each day is getting so long I'm tempted to make each day its own post and relive the holiday next week. The first thing I want to make a note of right now is that for a time the population of America hit a very special number. 314,159,265 or pi times 100 million. I had such a nerdgasm when I read that. I really hope that the American population doesn't change at all. You guys rock. So, to make this easier for me I'm going to just answer some of the questions from that huge list. Because I'm writing this on my phone the answers might not be too long though. So, for now, a few answers to a few questions.

Describe five weaknesses you have;
I have severely low confidence.
I'm very anti-social. I'm not saying I break peoples property, I mean, I'm not fond of society and social situations.
I have a serious lack of motivation which leads to inactivity and depression.
I'm not that great at cooking and the biggest problems I have with losing weight tend to stem from the kitchen.
I'm incredibly overanalytical. I can, and do, analyse everything. Not just things that are said to me, but what I say to others. Almost everything I say and do is carefully calculated. I'm also wrong a fair amount of the time in my assumptions.

Describe five strengths you have. Oof this could get a little tough.
I'm empathic. This, coupled with my life experience, means that I'm a very good listener and can offer good advice. Seriously, give me a shot.
I guess you could argue my ability to love and care and go so far for others is a strength.
I seem to have a bit of talent for writing and I guess I do have something of an imagination.
Its hard to believe but I can be motivational and inspirational. I've managed to cheer several people up and I've reminded people of their good points, and helped assure them of who they really were. That can be tough sometimes though.
And lastly...I love animals. No one who loves animals can be a bad person. If you want an actual one then you may be able to argue I'm charismatic. I wouldn't go that far but tell me if you would. Before I start speaking, I'm nervous as Hell, but once I start, I really get in to it.
So, there you go. I managed to name five, even six, strengths.
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  1. It's a real downer dude because four out of those five weaknesses apply to me, the cooking one doesn't bother me at all to be honest with you but the other four I can relate to. It's important that you realise the five strengths are what's most important to focus on by the way. That pi statistic is so cool too, I bet it's changed drastically already though, dang babies and deaths haha!

  2. Your strength and weaknesses are very close to my own anda couple spot on!

  3. Anti social and over analytical too.

  4. He loves animals? I told you he had a heart! <3

  5. Your other strength - you are very lovable!! Not only do YOU love but you are worthy of it in return.

  6. Aww, you give yourself too much of a hard time! x

  7. The American people owe this great accomplishment to all of the teen pregnancies we've had recently! Woo!

  8. My strength list would have pretty much nothing on it and my weakness list would go on for days...its great that you recognize it all. Maybe one day I will look back on this time in my life and see things differently. I hope. Thank you for making me think today.

  9. Dude it's time to feel confident about yourself! You love animals, and that's something you should feel very proud of! =]

    I really don't like a lot of animals. I'm ashamed.

  10. Your strength list is way longer. Just force yourself to write a short paragraph about them everyday. I did this and it helps!

  11. How do you get over your lack of motivation Mark? I feel like I know what I need to do to move forward in life but I don't care enough to try or put forth serious effort... :\

  12. So you give good advice? I'll take advantage of this now.
    There's a boy who lives in another state. There's some interest there, at least in my part. Word on the street is that he is coming to my state for a concert. This is happening next month. So far, he has made no mention of his little trip to me. What should I do, if anything.

    1. Completely forget about him! Take a vow of celibacy, and spend all your free time on blogger, and recording podcasts. Men will leave you, but the internet will always be there.

  13. To me... depression, is the feeling of an inability to act to solve one's problems. When I have what you call "motivation" I don't feel depressed, because I feel that I am actually doing things to change my situation. Though I don't see it as a lack of motivation in my view. I have always wanted desperately to change my life, I was just literally to exhausted, and demoralized to act. Long story short, I have been able to improve the situation by finding ways to increase my energy level. Well, it's a really long story actually...

  14. Mark, I think we might be long lost twins or something, hahaha.

  15. Well, sorry to break it to you, but come Wednesday, the American population will be one person short of a French Bean. C-C-C-Combo Breaker! :P



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