Saturday, 11 August 2012

I'm Going On A Summer Holiday

So I'm finally on my way to the caravan I'll be staying in. I couldn't find time to write, or even schedule a post so I'm actually going to be live posting by email on those days. I set up email blogging before I left because for some reason it turned itself off. Boy I hope it doesn't turn itself off again. I will not rest dammit! Anyway, for now I decided to write a piece of flash fiction based on just the simple prompt of driving. So, enjoy!

I can't believe I was doing this. Again. I know he's my best friend and I'll always be there for him but sometimes I think he just does this to get me to come and save him. Shifting gears, and completely ignoring the speed limit, I thought back to the other times he'd called me in the middle of the night saying he needed my help. A few years ago there was the time when he had gotten in to a fight and he needed me. I got there in time to pick him up and save him. It happened again a few months later. He was beaten and he needed me to turn up and save him again. It hadn't happened for a while, I thought that he might have changed this time. I thought he was happy. I don't mind going to his side. He's been there for me too when I've been hurt. Plus he is my best friend, and that's what friends are for. They're there for eachother no matter what. This time was going to be no different. I had to make a quick stop and pick a few things up. I made it to where he was and found him lying on the floor crying. I was starting to think I might have been too late but he looked up at me and managed to smile. I picked him up, dusted him off, and hugged him. I handed him the pizza and beer, put the movie on, and reassured him that it would be okay. There would be other girls down the line.
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  1. My respect for you which was already pretty high has sky rocketed at finding out you use a Blackberry man. Don't feel too pressured to post daily while you're away though, I mean the most important thing is that you enjoy your holiday so don't worry too much.

  2. yeah, I'm with Matty on this. ^_^ Have fun!!! share some photos, aye?

  3. It's very good Mr fancy pants with the Blackberry! Enjoy your holiday :) x

  4. You have fun while on holiday:)

  5. I'm glad I stopped by today and saw this because if your system fails next week for a day I would have panicked and thought something terrible had happened to you.

    That's a good story just written from a simple prompt Mark.

    Have a good Holiday and don't stress out about blogging too much.

  6. I'm glad to hear you will still be posting on your holiday. That's dedication. I enjoyed the little work of fiction. Although brief it was very touching and poignant.

  7. Have a great holiday! And thank you for a flash of fiction before you go on your merry way!

  8. Sounds like you're enjoying yourself so far. Keep us updated!

  9. Ugh lol... I feel more ashamed than ever about not blogging! You are so diligent :)

    Nice little piece of flash fiction you've shared with us here. I had never heard about flash fiction until a few days ago - very fun! :)

    Enjoy your vacation!

  10. I liked the fiction.

    Have fun! :)

  11. Have a great and fun holiday! I really enjoyed your story by the way :)


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