Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I Proved A Girl Wrong, What A Day For Feminism

So I was traipsing around the old Facebook lately (traipse and Facebook are two words I never thought would co-exist) and I came across an old friend who had posted this status;

"Dear girls: make this your status and i bet NO boy can write a paragraph in your inbox to make u smile. Lets see who the sweetest boy on facebook is. So girls copy and post this. And guys, no matter if ur single or not, prove us girls wrong"

You know me, I would be all over that. And I was. At first I tried to negotiate a prize (she did say it was a bet) but that didn't go well with her not responding, so I got bored and just sent it her in a message anyway. This is 174 words long, which may make it a bit long, but it still fits with the parameters of a paragraph.

"You are a sweet and kind young woman who has been through more than any one person should do, but still has the strength and pride that a lot of people don't. You're talented, funny, and if I like you, which I do, you must be something special. You have your talents, and you have your success. You let what happened to you shape you in to a good person, when it could have easily destroyed you. You took the time to talk to me, which, again, is more than most. You're able to see who a person really is, and that is a rare and beautiful talent. Even if you care sometimes about what other people might think, you still do what you want to do, you don't let other people stop you from being you. You're wonderful, which makes that a very good thing to do, and a good way to live. I truly believe you could do anything you set your mind to, even smile at something I said to you."

Her response? Dawwwwwwww. And she confirmed that I made her smile. So, I proved a woman wrong. I'm not sure which one, because this is one of those chain mail statuses I usually avoid, but I proved there are still nice and sweet guys out there.

And that I fucking rule. Fuck yeah. I won.

I've done things like this a few times really. I can only remember doing it once in public though. I can not bear to see a person put themselves down. The only time I remember doing it in public was when I left a comment on NellieVaughn's blog. I'm too tired to find the actual post, plus she never replied anyway. I'd offer to say something about you, but it would sound the same as everything else so it's not really worth it. Plus there are some people I just don't know enough.

P.S I am the greatest man that ever lived.

P.P.S I'm single.


  1. You definitely know how to charm a girl for sure, I bet that's the nicest thing she heard from that status. I mean I get that those kinds of things are posted on Facebook are sort of attention seeking and I probably wouldn't have went out of my way to give her any attention but it's still lovely that you'd do that and hopefully it made her smile for the entire day.

  2. I'm not one for doing such stuff, as I'd rather be studying Baek in Tekken (I'm a freak, I know), but yeah. If you do it, that's good, but I wouldn't do it myself.

  3. You could have just sent her a chocolate vibrator.

  4. Haha, you're right, you won :L x

  5. I think Nellie Vaughn has caught blogger burn-out. It seems to be going around. Good job on making a girl smile. That is a talent which one can always make good use of.

  6. lol, you're awesome! :D
    And yeah, I usually get annoyed by those chain messages/statuses, but I see why you went ahead and took the challenge.

  7. Jimmy Fungus may be right - Nellie has been MIA lately..maybe she's enjoying her summer...

    I did notice you wrote this, Mark; "I can not bear to see a person put themselves down." I just wanted to mention you kinda, sorta, maybe did that yesterday when you said no one needs your love... =))))

    1. And you are the greatest man alive!! I'm glad you made the girl smile....

      I haven't been on my FB forever - my ex SIL has been sending me crazy messages and driving me nuts!

  8. That status doesn't sound right at all. Glad to know you proved it wrong though.

  9. Hhahahah Mark!!! I've missed your blog, but glad to know that you're still pretty much the same.

  10. You can have anything from women or girls if you make them smile or laugh!

  11. "P.S I am the greatest man that ever lived."

    I srsly died reading that (in a very 'i still have to figure out how thats positive' way). it's a great story, but those words really made you my super hero, tough you still need a costume.

    "P.P.S I'm single."

    Is it even possible to die twice I mean in all the 18 bilion years I lived, I never died. I didn't even die once. but today I died twice.


  12. Unless Theresa posted that as her status (and she wouldn't) I'd probably respond with a horrible, crude and innappropriate joke/comment. Which in turn might make Theresa smile.

    No need to be sweet to anyone else.

  13. If I was a guy, I'd probably do the same thing that Damien said.

    I'm not a fan of chain statuses, but kudos to you for taking it on!

    You're a better human than I!

    Also, your post scripts made me laugh, but maybe it's because I'm hyped up on green tea and gummy bears. You seriously do need a super hero costume though.

  14. I must say, well done. I don't think those feminist chain status messages do anything good for anyone. It just makes everyone feel terrible with the conditions they set. So, good job for proving her wrong. I hope she doesn't feel too bad to be wrong. Girls can't stand to be wrong most of the time. But if she fell in love with you, then there's no problem. So good job, all in all.

  15. Every post of yours made me smile. Even a single sentence of "P.S I am the greatest man that ever lived" did make me smile. And I'm a girl.

    Ah, nevermind. You're too great.


  16. Fine Fine Fine! What else can I say? You said it all. You have it all. Oh my! words are your greatest weapon Mark. The things you've said there will surely make a girl smile even if her heart is breaking. It made me smile.

    P.S You are the greatest man a live.
    P.P.S indeed!


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