Monday, 13 August 2012

Here's Your Letter

It's day...3? of my holiday, or at the very least it's Monday, and I have a nice little treat for you. I was talking to a friend before I left, and I told her that essentially we were pen pals without all the waiting when I told her that I would send her actual mail if I knew where to send it to because she rocks. Which we are really, she hailing from the Land of Ice And Snow, Sweden. After that we joked around for a little, about how if she sent me actual letters I hoped it contained more than a few words, and then told her to write an email to me as if it were a letter. For a bit of a laugh. She said that she couldn't because she's just not that social, but I challenged her back, saying that you don't have to be social to write a letter, just classy, and then I proceeded to show her how easy it is. I suppose you can count this as part of my series of proving people wrong, but I think it only really counts if she sends me a letter style one back. So here, for shits and giggles, is the letter I sent her.

Dearest *her name removed*
I was very happy to see that you had sent me something. I felt like it had been far too long since I last heard from you, and I was beginning to worry about how you were. I am now content however to believe that you are doing fine.

As I write I have my cat on my knee. I fear how I will survive a week without her when I am on holiday next week. I shall miss her terribly so, and her adoptive big brother.

I had a rather tiring day today as I spent it with my nieces in a big park. We saw many ducks, which we fed, and even a dalmatian which the youngest one really enjoyed as she loves them so. She was not prepared to let it lick her hand though, which I found to be a bit of a shame. I tried to get to lick my hand to show her it's okay, but the dog didn't seem to like me much. Why does nothing love me? Even the ducks abandoned us when they saw we were out of food for them. Treacherous little creatures they be. I suppose that's what you get for hiring mercenaries in your war to control the pond.

I must confess I have not done much else other than that. I did propose to someone yesterday though. It was a bit of a jest and sadly she turned me down, citing that she is too young. Apparently you can't marry at seventeen where she lives. Perhaps we can work on that one when we have secured marriage for the gayfolk.

I shall have to leave it there for now my dear, but I hope to talk to you again soon.

With love, and hugs,

Sadly it didn't actually end up as classy as I wanted it to be. I planned on going 18th century gentleman all over that, but it didn't quite work that way. That makes me sad :(

P,S She did write back so I can include that quickly. We kept up this style a little but I'll just share these two with you. If there's someone you only correspond to in email, you HAVE to do this, at least once.

Dear Mark

I have no idea how to begin this so I'll start with saying that in Sweden we never start a letter with Dear, we start it will a Hello so it feels a bit odd to read a letter who starts with Dear :P
Now to answering the rest of ur letter. It has been a long time since the last letter and I think it might be cause of my phone has been abit weird lately.
I'm happy to write to you and ye, I think I'm ok. Things have been much better now with my illnesses and my bf came to visit me this summer for 3 weeks, but it feels empty without him.
aww its understandeble that you are gonna miss her, but why cant u take her and garfiled (I have no idea how to spell Garfield without checking it up D: ) with you?
I tink lots of animals and people love you, same thing has happend to me, especially with dogs. Dogs doesn't like me. I prefer cats :)

You proposed? :O To who? were is she from? Are you two gonna wait a couple of years, until she is older?
In Sweden it's allowed to get married to a person with the same sex as yourself and I think thats good :)

*name removed*

She didn't quite get that my "proposal" to Holly was, for now, just a bit of a joke. Maybe one day.


  1. Haha it's so awesome that you've got a pen friend or whatever man, both emails really made me smile, this is a great idea dude.

  2. Aww that's sweet! Your sounded very proper! :) x

  3. Well, real friendship or pen pals(Not that pen pals are not real friends), it's good that you're having fun.

  4. I got a kick that she doesn't start a letter with "dear". I've never heard of that before - you learn something new everyday!

    I hope your vacation is rocking and rolling, Mark and you are fairing well without your kitty...

  5. I used to write to a guy in Norway and he always started his letters by "Hello" too.
    I think it makes it more personal that way, as if you are really talking to someone. You wouldn't say "Dear ...." to a friend in the street!

  6. That's pretty awesome. I barely send personal emails anymore (except to Theresa when one of us are away) and I haven't sent an actual letter in years.

  7. im so far behind that i dont even know where to start reading

  8. Real letters are an art form. When you die, your real letters will hold so much more weight than mere e-mails.

  9. It's been awhile since I've seen a dalmation

  10. I used to complain about friends and family that sent e-mails in lieu of physical letters, but now I have become those I once criticized. The closest I have come to sending anything through the post is when I throw trash in a mailbox to be an ass. Oh, not true. I wrote James Homes. How could I forget my love?

  11. That reminds me nobody has ever written me a letter. Which is sad. :( Oh nah, scratch that, my cousin once wrote me a letter from London, back when I was 10. But it sounded nothing like those 18th century letters.
    Sad. :(

  12. I used to receive and write letters when I was in middle and high school--I was one of those girls who would draw pictures and use crayons and markers to make the letter colorful and pretty. My first year of university, I would write weekly letters to my boyfriend and add a hint of my perfume, hoping he'd miss me more by remembering that scent...needless to say, he was pretty dumb and rarely wrote me any letters back :(


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