Tuesday, 28 August 2012

An Eye For An Eye And The Whole World Will Be Blind

If there was ever a case of I can say what the Hell I want and never get any hate mail because I make such good arguments, or no one really cares, then this is probably going to be a good example of that. This post is inspired by fellow blogger YeamieWaffles (sadly NOT his real name. He should consider changing it) and a post of his that included a short piece on Mark David Champman. Otherwise known as the guy who took out John Lennon. Chapman has recently been denied parole for the seventh time, and has now been in prison 31 years. Not bad considering his initial sentence was 20 to life.

Now, there are some people who do deserve a life sentence. I'm not here to really say this guy should be out by now. He got 20 to life, if the parole board really thinks he hasn't changed, and it's not safe for him to be out in society, then the "life" stipulation comes in, and he very well could spend the rest of his natural life in jail. Like I just said there are some people that deserve this. There are some people who never show any remorse, or guilt, or any kind of recognition that what they did was wrong. There are some people who can never truly be punished for their actions because they will not see something as a punishment. Does this mean then, that they should die? Does this mean that we should have a life for a life? No, it does not. I understand the arguments for a death penalty. I understand how frustrated people can get that people they think deserve death are allowed to live, and worst of all, their taxes are paying for it. But I can never agree with the death penalty.

Killing people is wrong. It's why it's punishable by law. It's universally accepted that to take another's life is one of the cruelest things you can do. It's also been a punishment for a long time as well. There are plenty of places that still have the death penalty. America is probably the most well known. It's not the only one though. Because someone took a life is no reason to take theirs. I've felt the anger that makes me want to kill a person, I've felt like given the chance I really could do it, and I've spoken to people who have killed. I've spoken to a guy that told me that after the first time he killed someone, he cried. He even told me to make sure I never kill anyone, because it really messes with you. It can destroy you emotionally and mentally. You need to have a predisposition towards that to be able to kill someone, and if you don't have it then you will by the time that you're done.

I would not want to be an executioner, I would not want to be a judge who sentences someone to death, I wouldn't want to be a leader who orders a war. I wouldn't even want to be a lawyer who failed a case, and had a client put to death. To know I could have saved someone's life, and failed. You can hide behind "justice" all you want, you can say you did the right thing, but when you're alone, there's the truth. The thought that you as good as killed someone. That you became no better than them. If you can accept that you are no better than the people you condemn, then well done. At least you're honest to yourself.

There are also fates worse than death. The denial of freedom is one of them. If I was to be put in prison, and denied my freedom like that, I don't think it would take long for me to wish for death. To not be in control of your own life is something I know all to well, and it's not something I particularly enjoy. Death is a sweet release. Death absolves you of all pain and suffering. Chances are more victims and victims relatives wished for death, not for the accused, but for themselves. If anything, you're sparing a criminal the pain by killing them, while you continue to live in sadness and despair.

I'm not really sure how to finish this, but I do want to stop writing. I would just like to say that Matthew, I have no problems with you, honestly. I just don't like the view that it should be a life for a life. I don't really have anything against the people who think like that, just the idea of it. If you feel personally that you have been attacked, then my apologies, it was not my intention. I also accept that there are people who kill in self defence. There are people who are left with no choice but to kill, such as the victims of attacks or spousal abuse. I will not condemn you, but I will be sad that it came to that.


  1. I pretty much agree with you here man, but like I said in my most recent post I don't feel strong enough about it either way to get upset which is pretty cool. I love the Beatles and John Lennon and find his death senseless but I don't know, he was sentenced to 20 years in jail yet has been in for 32 and soon to be 34 now. Then again he may not be the wisest to leave because of vigilantes, I don't know, I can see both arguments.

    Thanks for the plug as well dude and I'm glad a post of mine actually manage to inspire another one. A quick question though, what's the issue with the Yeamiewaffles name? :P

  2. To me, killing off may not always be the right thing, but it is a damn lot of times.
    See, if we killed everyone that was in jail, even for minute crimes, sure we'd get a backlash, but we'd have so much money not going into prisons, rather going into BALANCING STUPID FRCIKIN' BUDGETS.
    Not a sarcastic or over-the-top thing. Just food for thought.
    So yeah. Not everyone will agree all the time trololol.

  3. Have you watched "Cabin In The Wood"? A bit of spoiler, don't continue reading if u don't wanna ruin it.......it's about a sacrifice of a number of people for a 'greater' purpose.

    Perhaps there are some stories of sacrificing selves, but to kill another in the term of sacrificing or even punishing is indeed never easy and absolute.

  4. I totally agree with you on this Mark! A murderer came to my grade 12 law class to talk to the class and he pretty much said the same thing. Its important for people to realize most murderers are just people who make mistakes. I believe in forgiveness!

  5. Sentencing a murderer to death makes us no better than them. I honestly believe there are more humane and impressionable ways to deal with this situation, but implementing them is easier said than done.

  6. There's only one reason why I wouldn't support the death penalty and it's simply too costly. After all the trials and fees that go along with sentencing a person to death, it would have been cheaper to keep them alive.

    Though something tells me I may be against the death penalty for the wrong reasons.

  7. I'd like to point out that not all states in the US enact the death penalty. It's mainly states in the south, and even then, the men sit on death row for decades before they're even executed (man, that's such a harsh word).

    As to whether or not I agree with capital punishment... I don't know. In some cases, especially the death of children caused by rape and molestation it's so easy for me to want to condemn them. "Mistakes" like that don't happen on impulse. It's usually something that's plotted and planned out. It makes me physically ill to think that people like that are allowed to live.

    But I also don't think it's my place or right to sentence them to death. Along the same lines as what Damien was saying though, it is super expensive to keep men on death row. A lot of money is wasted on resources that aren't even necessary.

  8. I agree with you here. Being in prison for a looong time is worse than getting sent out of the game early.

  9. I live in Massachsetts where we do not uphold the death penalty. Though, I am a supporter of capital punishent, myself. Capital punishment correlates with reduced murder rates in the states it is implemented. However, I don't know enough about the statistics to be a hardcore supporter. It could just be that these particular states have better environments. I don't know. This cubicle is making me dumber. Anyway.

    One instance where I can only imagine the death penalty as the prime solution is a fairly recent case in which two men broke into a home, tied up the husband and cut off his ****, forced him to watch as they raped his wife, then brutally killed the two of them just for the hell of it.

    Some people just like to murder. It is those people I feel need to be removed from humanity permanently. Though, I respect your opinion and I'm sure you could argue me under the table since I haven't done much research on the subject.

    I suppose extended solitary confinement could also do the trick.

  10. My working assumption is that police and the judicial system are so riddled with self interest and corruption that you can't trust anyone involved with it to make a 100% infallible decision...especially where life is involved.

  11. I'm in favor of capital punishment, but more for the open and shut cases of the type Chiz wrote about. The exceptionally heinous kinds of murder cases involving people who like to murder. I'm not all that fond of the "insanity" plea, either. In my mind, you'd HAVE to be insane in most every case to murder someone.
    However, in MOST cases, life imprisonment at hard labor with no chance of parole.
    Let God, some other deity, oblivion, or that huge man in the next cell take care of them.

  12. Im half and half on this. There are areas of Capital Punishment I agree with. Some crimes are just unforgivable, but you hear stories where people are proven to be innocent a few days before they where due to be killed, or in some sad cases, found innocent after they've been killed. It makes my head hurt :(

  13. This post reminds me a bit of Death Note. I am only three episodes into it, so if anyone has seen it, no spoilers. Light argues that what he is doing by killing criminals is truly what society wants. Publicly people judge him, but when privileged with anonymity, society applauds his actions. I hate to admit this, but as he wrote down the names of thousands of killers and rapists, knowing they would die soon after, I was happy. Of course, this is just an anime, and when the state of California (California!) killed Tookie, I cried.

  14. Wow, this takes me back to one of the very first posts I ever wrote. (Hi, Mark. Been a while.) In principle I'm supportive of ending the lives of unrepentant killers. Incarceration only works in systems that have extraneous resources to waste on monitoring and containing dangerous agents. In practice, I don't trust the system to actually enforce justice.


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