Friday, 10 August 2012

Ain't It Adorable?

Because I'm going on holiday like, tomorrow, I'm going to be lazy and just inundate you with pictures I took yesterday when I took my nieces to a park near us. It wasn't a bad trip at all. Very tiring. It got bad at the end when we left the park though and we had to wait for my dad to get his car and pick us up. He took a LONG time and let me tell you little kids can be demonic when given the right amount of time away from distractions.

Baby ducks rock :D

We amassed a rather large army of ducks. Seriously there were loads

We also found a pure white duck that I have now nicknamed Paladuck, as he is the duck Paladin
Much like the French however our army quickly disbanded when they realised we were out of bread

Blonde niece, who is now turning brown, on a swingset. DID YOU KNOW; Swinging a kid can take a serious toll on your arms, and can be very tiring eventually.

She also got to meet a Dalmatian, which was a major highlight for her because she loves them. She wouldn't let it lick her hand though.

The duck army briefly returned to serve their queen when she offered them her final piece of bread

But the filthy scoundrels abandoned her once more, leaving her very dejected :( I actually love how depressed she seems in this picture. She wasn't really depressed at all.

She soon found a pretty flower to cheer her up :D

And my eldest niece found love. Though it later turned out that he was taken and she didn't get his number :(
Overall it was a tiring, but actually a little bit fun day. I'm glad I had beer waiting for me at home though. I sadly possessed no gun, but either would have taken the pain away. Despite what I may say about them, I do love my nieces, I just can't spend too long with them.

EDIT; I found out what happened with the code. It won't let me write hearts because it assumes it's HTML code automatically and I don't know how to turn that off. Which is sad because I like hearts.


  1. This seems like such an awesome day out and I love these photos Mark, I think everyone knows that you really do love your nieces a whole lot. Have a nice holiday man, for some reason I seem to have forgotten that you were going away on holiday but here's hoping it's a good one mate.

  2. As a parent these were the best days of my life. When they are this young the sun rises and sets on you in their eyes. Everything is brand new to them and they show such joy in simple things.

    Looks like Uncle Mark had a grand time even though he got tired. And good one for taking the piss out of the French!

  3. So cute but I can't make out what the last bit says! :P x

  4. I actually refreshed 10 times to make sure that last part wasn't my browser's messup.

  5. oh! a pretty flower cheered her up? cute. so adorable :)

  6. that sounds like an amazing day! i promise, one day you will look back and forget how tired you were at the end of the day!

    and any time you want to flood us with pictures, go right ahead!!

  7. Sounds like you had a nice time!
    I love the little photo time-line of the blonde niece's activities :P

    And yes, pushing kids on swings is NOT as easy as it sounds!

  8. I love these pictures and I'm so glad you posted them. I refuse to believe she was demonic - she is way to cute for that!!!!

    Have fun next week!!

  9. Ahhh! So cute! And duckies!

    Even though children can be demonic sometimes, I still love 'em. Even when they throw fits.

  10. The picture where your niece looks depressed is so cute. She was probably just a bit worn out.

  11. Such beautiful photos and you cant fool me with your tough talk, you adore that little girl. She is just gorgeous. Love the ducks too


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