Monday, 23 July 2012

Well This Is Rare

What's rare is that this post is coming to you live on a Monday morning. My dad wanted me to get up early in case he needed me to push his car, which has had trouble starting lately (it's hopefully getting fixed today), but it turned out he didn't need my help. I don't mind really, I wanted to get up earlier. I just wish I'd gotten to sleep earlier last night. My stuffy nose is back in full force, and not even hay fever tablets can stop it. I think it might be a proper cold this time. I wonder if it's possible to OD on hay fever medicine. I take stuff that's so strong, and good, you can only take it once a day. The tablet is tiny too. So I don't buy that you only need one a day, but it really does do it's job for the most part. I'm also seriously considering a doctor about my cough. What this actually means though is that it could still be a few weeks yet until I actually go. If I have a cough for a month, then surely there must actually be something wrong with me. Anyway, that's enough craptacular crap about my crappy life, I'm here to live in the past and tell you what I wrote last week.

Tuesday was a nice bit on if I am in love with anyone, and what my answer to that question will always be. They say that you will know when it's love, but when you've "known" it so many times, you can't trust what anyone, even your own brain, tells you.

Don't you hate it when a comic sums you up in one panel?

Wednesday I shared a story about how my cat made me oversleep (the main reason that I didn't get up early  again until today, and was sleeping late, it threw my sleeping pattern out of order) and then answered the questions of my dream date, if I've ever done something bad and gotten away with it, something I have to forgive myself for, and something I have to forgive other people for.

Thursday was my latest podcast in which I waxed controversial. I ranted for what seemed like forever on my views on gay marriage, religion, politics, drugs, and alcohol. Spoiler alert, I spent the longest time on gay marriage. It's kind of funny in a way that I called it "My Views On..." because that's really what this blog used to be. It was my views on things, and somehow or another, I forgot that, or ran out of things I have a view point on. 

Friday I answered the questions of what I get complimented on the most, and what I get complimented on the least. The original answer to the first one was actually one sentence. Then I stopped being emo and expanded on it. Plus someone called me good looking. Yes I'll mention that every chance I get. It never happens. Ever.

Saturday I finally got back to writing Immortal Space. I got a comment about how I basically skipped the fighting practice and my response is that we already got an example of Trent's fighting style when he was fighting in the cage matches. I didn't want to over-saturate the fighting, and it's not that uncommon to just skip over boring bits by saying things like "Some time later". Though I do hate being common. 

Sunday was just a simple video day. There was a whole week of wrestling condensed to four minutes, and Twilight condensed in to (slightly longer) than five seconds. Five seconds of Twilight is more than enough. Though I suppose it depends on which five seconds. Though it has been so long since I read it I've forgotten why it's so bad (well I know why but I can't really back it up with personal experience anymore) and part of me is tempted to re-read them, just to re-experience the bad. Yes, I do feel shame. No, I really don't ever feel shame.

Anyway (I think I say things like "anyway" enough times to have a drinking game by now) I think that's enough from me. I'm looking forward to a (hopefully) good week. It's the birthday of the niece who actually likes me this Sunday. So now the only girl in the world who shows me any kind of affection will be five years old. That's slightly better, I think. It was the birthday of another niece yesterday, and she certainly seemed quite happy about what she got, so that's good. If I have kids I don't think I'll actually celebrate their birthdays until about their third one, when they can understand what's happening. It's why I don't get the huge fuss over "first Christmas's" and what not. They're not going to remember, and chances are that they aren't going to understand. This is one of the many ways I would fail as a parent. 


  1. LOL enjoy the party!
    For the stuffy nose, have you tried using a steamer? That might help.
    I didn't actually notice that you didn't write last week (the week before the week you covered). I'm sorry.
    And if you need someone to help you do podcasts, or GPs, I'm always there. Just call for me, really.

    1. And by write , I mean Immortal Space.

  2. Ahhh hayfever, you have my sympathy. Oddly enough, I only seem to suffer from it one in every four-five years. This year is one of those years. I spend enough on antihistamines to pay off third world debt.

  3. oh! about the same age with my niece too. oh! the apple of our eyes are growing fast, ain't they? soon you'll have to beat a few guys who'll try to sweep them off their feet.

  4. That comic is amazing Mark and I really agree with it because I'm the exact same haha, great recap as always man. I think you maybe should go to the doctor about how sick you've been feeling because it has been lasting a long time and must make functioning pretty damn difficult. Still hoping that everything lessens though, at least you have those hayfever tablets to help things out a bit, I wouldn't take too many of them though because like with everything overdose is possible, one more would hardly hurt though, guidelines are set to the bare minimum so that nothing goes wrong but it's very unlikely.

  5. My allergies have been horrible this whole summer. I think it's because we had a mild winter. I probably take too much allergy meds but otherwise I'm miserable! Let's hope we both feel better.

  6. I found the last paragraph the most amusing. That will change. Trust me. Once you have kids you will celebrate EVERYTHING! We all say the same thing, what's the big deal? The kid won't remember anything...but...we all over celebrate every second of everything - even their first poop LOL

  7. I even found that 5 seconds of Twilight too much to watch. Watching Kristen Stewart "struggle to find her words," AKA the only thing she ever does in a movie, is so awkward it's like time actually stops.

  8. Sucks not being able to sleep cause of a blocked nose. Hope you're better now :)

  9. As a person who doesn't have kids, I agree - only celebrate stuff when the kids are old enough to remember/understand. However, in this modern world, you can take tonnes of videos and photos and shove it down their throats to force them to remember/understand.

  10. When someone in my family gets a cough, they'll have it for months. And these are non-smokers we are talking about. Very few people in my family smoke. My sister and I were two of them, but I quit.

    Enjoy your niece before she turns six. I've noticed my niece, the six year old, is a lot less affectionate now that she is six.

    The live stream of James Holmes's appearance is about to start!

  11. Speaking as a mom, I think you should go see a doctor Mark. You've had this thing for a long time, too long. I will now stop mothering you!!!

  12. Do as Anne says...she's Irish you know!

  13. Suck it up and visit the doctor, Mark!

    I loath having a blocked nose or cough, but most of my ailments are due to seasonal allergies and the fact that I live in a humid climate.

    Nice recap, and I hope you get to feeling better :)

  14. I tried waking up early to not waste my day before long night at work. TRIED and failed. ha =/

  15. Sorry to hear about your cold.
    My trip to see my brother turned out as advertised.
    Drinking WAS involved.
    But, I didn't marry any dudes.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  16. Funny how you can always tell how strong medicine is by how tiny the tablets are. You'd think it would be the other way round. I hope your cold/hay fever/sniffle is doing better. <3

    Have fun with your niece for her birthday! Did you get her anything exciting?

    ...and there are still 6 books left, so I'd say you've an excellent chance of winning one, if you want one of course. ;)


  17. im not quite sure if i understand that comic...

  18. Run out of stuff you have a viewpoint on? lolz. What's that like?

  19. Well, it's not sunday now but happy belated birthday to your niece :D I don't see the big deal in celebrating kid's first birthday and stuff because like you said, they won't remember anyways. And yeah, I agree with Anne here too. Go and see a doctor, Mark.

  20. In regards to the comic, and the summing up... men have been going online to settle scores with women who dumped them since Mark Zuckerburg invented social networking websites... Don't know if it's right or wrong..just is.


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